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146 Hmpf! It’s All Your Fault!

 The parents who were watching by the seats burst into laughter upon seeing him.

The dean who was standing right in front of the track gave a few dry coughs as he saw Li Mufan. It was obvious that the class teacher standing by the side knew who this mischievous kid was.

He stared at him furiously, as if his eyes were filled with fire.

It seemed like he was saying, "You b*stard. I dare you to scream one more time.

"Get lost!"

Then, Li Mufan who was standing at the center of the group of girls croaked once more with his puberty-induced voice...

The dean was so furious that blood had almost gushed out of his mouth!

Zhang Xiaotong stared at Li Mufan coldly on the track as she had heard him shout.

At the spectator seats.

Liu Zilang glanced at the embarrassed Li Muqiu as he smiled. "He's without a doubt the younger brother of the God Killer Li Muqiu. This eighth-grade syndrome brother of yours reminds me of you."

"Don't drag me into the water. That account was gifted to me from a fan and it wasn't named by me." Li Muqiu tried to clean his name immediately.

As Liu Zilang was about to tease him further, he noticed that Zhang Xiaotong appeared to be looking around the place.

'Is she searching for me?'

Liu Zilang smiled and waved his hands at that thought. On the other hand, Li Muqiu covered his face with his hands.

Since there were not many people near their seat, Liu Zilang stood out when he waved his hands.

It took Zhang Xiaotong only a brief moment to spot him.

When Liu Zilang realized that she had noticed him, he smiled as he shouted, "Buckle up! Xiaotong!"

Zhang Xiaotong lowered her head as she heard him. Her face was red as she gently bit her lips.

Li Mufan who was at the center of the group of girls turned his head around as he saw Zhang Xiaotong's reaction after she heard the voice coming from the seat.

Then, their eyes met!

Li Mufan stared at Liu Zilang as he saw the latter.


Liu Zilang raised his eyebrow as he revealed a smile.

He then discreetly stomped at Li Muqiu who was still covering his face with his hands.

"Ah..." Li Muqiu was in extreme pain and screamed uncontrollably. "What was that stomp for!"

"Your brother is staring at me," Liu Zilang said softly.

"You should stomp him then." Li Muqiu was furious.

Liu Zilang stomped his foot one more time the moment Li Muqiu finished speaking.

Liu Zilang said leisurely once more, "He's still staring at me."

Li Muqiu did not know what to say...

In order to prevent himself from getting stomped on again, Li Muqiu took the opportunity where he had not yet gained any attention to stand up. He then stared at Li Mufan as he showed him his fist!

At the side of the track.

The mischievous boy, Li Mufan felt that Liu Zilang's smile looked extremely evil!

Then, he saw the person beside Liu Zilang stand up.

He took a good look at him.

His pupil shrunk and he immediately ran away!

Liu Zilang was surprised as he saw what happened. "Your brother seems to be very afraid of you."

"Do you know why he's wearing a scarf on his head?" Li Muqiu did not answer Liu Zilang's question. Instead, he questioned him in return with a gloomy face.

"Uhm... Is it one of those hip hop styles?" Liu Zilang rubbed his chin as he guessed.

Li Muqiu answered calmly, "No. That's because he has a scar there. He got it when I accidentally punched him too hard back when we were young."

Liu Zilang's feet halted instantly.

He then slowly distanced himself away from Li Muqiu.


On the track.

The female 4 x 400 relay sprint was about to begin.

Zhang Xiaotong, the first runner, dashed out on the track the moment the judge rang the bell.

Everyone started cheering. A bunch of girls jumped and encouraged the runners by the side of the track. There were also parents who cheered for their own children at their seats.

Zhang Xiaotong looked at the ground as she sprinted with all her might. Her ponytail shook back and forth as she led the game by a huge margin.

She was so cute.

She was so fast.

She had become the highlight of the event in an instant.

Many boys on the field glanced at Zhang Xiaotong anxiously as she ran. They would take their eyes off her nonchalantly afterward.

As Zhang Xiaotong sprinted with all her might with her head down, she would unconsciously raise her head up and glance at a certain spot before lowering her head again quickly.

It did not take long before the first checkpoint was right before her.

Zhang Xiaotong had gained a huge advantage as she was in the lead. Her friends who were in the same class cheered as they watched from the side.

Just as she was about to reach the first checkpoint, her leg gave way. She fell to the ground as her baton went flying out from her hand!


Everyone gasped.

Her female classmates started panicking and swarmed toward her immediately.

Zhang Xiaotong's eyes turned red as she fell. However, she gritted her teeth and quickly picked up the baton. She then ran for another few steps and passed the baton to the next runner.

By then, her female classmates had surrounded her and carried her to the side of the track.


At the spectator seats.

Liu Zilang had stood up and rushed toward Zhang Xiaotong the moment she fell down.

Li Muqiu had stopped hiding and followed him tightly from behind.

As Liu Zilang arrived at the track, he squirmed himself through the crowd of girls surrounding Zhang Xiaotong. He continuously repeated himself, saying, "Make way! Please make way! I'm Xiaotong's brother."

The group of girls was surprised as they saw Liu Zilang. They made way for him.

Jiang Yumeng who had visited Liu Zilang's home multiple times was among the crowd. She told Liu Zilang anxiously as she saw him, "Xiaotong has twisted her ankle."

Liu Zilang looked at Zhang Xiaotong who was being treated by a few people.

Her pants had been rolled up. This revealed her pure and clean thigh that had been reddened.

The teachers in charge of the sports festival had yet to arrive and there were only a bunch of young girls surrounding her. They were eager to send Zhang Xiaotong to the infirmary but all of them looked very frail and did not seem to have the strength to do so.

Although the anxious-looking little boys around the area had the strength to carry her, they did not have the courage to approach her.

They were afraid that they would be beaten after they were done carrying her.


Naturally, there was one who was not afraid of doing so.

He was none other than the mischievous kid Li Mufan.

However, as this kid rushed toward her, someone pulled his ears from behind.

He was dragged back to where he came from...

Liu Zilang did not seem to care about anything else within the crowd.

Liu Zilang looked at Zhang Xiaotong's leg that was dyed in bright red. He then quickly kneeled down and turned his back against her. "Come on up. I'll send you to the infirmary."

Zhang Xiaotong's face turned redder than her leg when she saw Liu Zilang.

She bit her lips as she refused to do so. However, she eventually got onto Liu Zilang's shoulder as her friends carried her onto him.

Liu ZIlang got up swiftly and ran toward the infirmary with her on his back.


Liu Zilang walked at a fast pace as he carried Zhang Xiaotong.

Zhang Xiaotong leaned her head against Liu Zilang back. They did not speak to each other at all.

Liu Zilang spoke angrily out of the blue, "What can you achieve by being tough. You'll need to visit the infirmary no matter what if you've fallen. Look how serious of a situation you've gotten yourself into."

"I..." Zhang Xiaotong pouted as she heard Liu Zilang's words. She then harrumphed softly as she shook her head. "It's all your fault!"

Liu Zilang did not respond to her at all.

Her face turned red on its own afterward.

Then, she buried her face into Liu Zilang's back and did not speak a single word no matter how many questions Liu Zilang asked her...