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144 Soliciting And Encountering!

 Inside Jianghai 4AM Club's training room.

GodV crossed his arms as he lowered his head, staring at his phone beside the keyboard.

Long Shengjue looked at him as he asked, "So you've decided to choose him?"

"I can't think of anyone more suitable than him."

GodV turned his head around to look at Long Shengjue after he finished speaking. He pondered for some time before he continued, "You've seen it with your own eyes. His marksmanship, reaction speed, and intuition are extraordinary. He's creative and can always make a comeback despite being in a disadvantageous situation."

GodV paused for a while before saying, "There's no question about Lily's marksmanship as a sniper. But you know well that PlayerUnknown's Battleground is unlike other FPS games. What our squad needs is more than a sniper.

"What's more intriguing is that I can't seem to grasp his true strength."

GodV's expression looked rather complex as he spoke.

Long Shengjue recalled scenes of the match as he listened to GodV. He came to the realization that it was indeed what GodV had mentioned.

Long Shengjue took a deep breath before he asked, "What did he say? If I'm not mistaken he's still a student."

"He hasn't replied me yet." GodV stared at his phone quietly. "But I've made it clear that our squad will compete in online competitions most of the time and there won't be much conflict with his school."

Long Shengjue nodded as he listened. "I guess all that's left is that he feels your sincerity and will consider our offer."


Inside a residential building in Jianghai.

'Friend, are you interested in playing in the pro leagues?'

Liu Zilang was surprised as he sat in front of his computer, reading GodV's message which came together with a voice message as well.

If GodV were to ask him this question a week earlier.

"Do you want to have a career in an FPS game?"

Liu Zilang would have rejected him without any hesitation.

That was because he had yet to come in touch with the game PlayerUnknown's Battleground.

However, it was different now. Although he had not been playing the game for long, Liu Zilang truly felt the game's charm.

The detailed graphics.

The rich and versatile gameplay.

The thrilling battles in it were extremely nostalgic to him as they made his blood pump with excitement!

Hence, Liu Zilang had started to unconsciously yearn for something.

He was looking forward to fighting against stronger players!

He was looking forward to conversing with the best players!

GodV's offer and consideration toward Liu Zilang who was a student had indeed tempted the latter.

Liu Zilang was never a person who would beat around the bush when it came to such matters.

He already knew what he wanted and GodV's terms were aligned with him.

Hence, Liu Zilang took out his phone and replied.

"Sure, I'll give it a try."

As Liu Zilang placed his phone down, he recalled GodV mentioning about Douyu's PUBG Golden Legend's Grand Final where the top 24 squads would compete with each other next Tuesday night. There were a few familiar squads and people that he knew.

Liu Zilang's smile gradually turned strange over time...


Liu Zilang played a few games with Chen Yifa and Zhang Xiaotong that night. During that time, he did something unbelievable in his stream when countless players requested him to reveal his face.

He ended the stream and went offline!

Everyone raged while Liu Zilang laughed in front of his computer.

In the midst of everything, he vaguely recalled that there was something happening that day...

Liu Zilang rolled around on his bed before he opened his eyes as he realised.

'That's right, Today is Zhang Xiaotong's sports day!"

He was the one who said that he wanted to see her compete.

Liu ZIlang immediately got up at that thought.

He noticed the house was quiet when he entered the living room. Naturally, Zhang Xiaotong had already left.

Liu Zilang was flustered.

It was obvious that this girl wanted him to see her compete and yet she did not remind him before she left. What if he had overslept?

She was way too prideful.

She needed to be taught a lesson.


Liu Zilang took a quick shower and went out only to come back again to comb his hair and change his clothes before he went out for real.

After all, he was going to the competition to support Zhang Xiaotong. If he were to be as casual as he was in the past and embarrass her in front of her friends, she would definitely hate him for it.


Liu Zilang got hold of a taxi as he daydreamed about the days when he was still in primary school. His primary school was located in the central of Jianghai University.

As Liu Zilang revealed the name of the school to the driver, the latter said cheerfully, "Hey youngster, you look like you're in primary three. My daughter is studying there as well and I heard that Sport's Day is today. I'm too busy to head over there so her mother is attending instead. Are you participating in any sports?"

Liu Zilang's lips twitched as he raised his head and stared into the rear mirror.

He rubbed his chin as he hid his happiness. He had dressed himself up a little bit.

That was enough to make him look as young as a primary three student?

This driver had quite...

Good eyes!

Liu Zilang smiled as he nodded obediently, enquiring about the driver's daughter.

As the driver exchanged a few words with Liu Zilang, he might have realized that Liu Zilang was not such a good person. He then became cautious of his words and refused to reveal anything about his daughter.

Liu Zilang's eye started twitching as he realized what was going on...


Liu Zilang paid for his ride as the taxi stopped near the entrance of Jianghai University.

From the side of the street, Liu Zilang stared at the taxi as it left. He wished with all his heart that the driver's daughter would not marry before thirty.

Liu Zilang then turned around and stared at the school that welcomed him with seven big balloons at the entrance of Jianghai University.

There were words written on the balloons.

Combined together, it read "Jianghai University's Sports Day".

There were banners everywhere. At a glance, they were from corporations that had worked with the university in the past, wishing them a successful and fulfilling Sports Day.

The university welcomed everyone with open arms as it was Sports Day and a weekend as well. Hence, many parents had parked their cars outside the entrance as they had come to see their children compete in the festival.

Liu Zilang stood at the entrance for some time. As he was about to step into the school, he vaguely heard someone scream from behind him.



Liu Zilang turned around and saw a black mini van parked by the roadside.

He knew who had called him from behind the moment he heard the word Langzei.

Other than Li Muqiu,

No one else called him that.

Liu Zilang recalled what had happened in the past as he heard Li Muqiu's voice...

Liu Zilang clenched his fist as he put on a smile on his face and walked over to Li Muqiu.

Li Muqiu seemed to be very excited as he saw Liu Zilang. He waved excitedly in the car, completely oblivious to his impending doom...