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143 A Tutorial-style Chicken Dinner

 As time passed, the circle got smaller and smaller.

Gunshots could occasionally be heard in the game as the number of players left alive slowly decreased. There were merely 7 players left.

In the flipped car behind the hill, Zhang Xiaotong was nervously looking at the quickly shrinking circle.

The moment the circle reached the safe zone, she suddenly screamed happily, "Wow! It's over here! It's over here!"

In reality, Liu Zilang had was actually extremely worried.

However, when he heard Zhang Xiaotong's excited scream when the next safe zone updated, Liu Zilang let out a smug grin and calmly said, "I told you so, and you still didn't believe me!

"Hmph! How did you know?" Zhang Xiaotong pouted.

"I..." Liu Zilang choked on his words. He immediately tried to change the topic. "There are a lot of algorithms at play here, kids like you won't understand. Based on my calculations, someone will be coming over soon."

"Ah?" Zhang Xiaotong was shocked, she asked nervously, "Then what should we do?"

"It's fine, they won't be able to see us." Liu Zilang reassured her.

Vision was not important in eSports!

Just as he finished, as he prophecized, two players in Level-three armor suddenly ran over from the other side of the hill.

At the same time, gunshots rang out from another hill as the bullets were sprayed in their general direction.

Suddenly, under Zhang Xiaotong's surprised gaze, the two serpentined all the way till the hill behind the hill.

In actuality, if this were even ground, Liu Zilang's jeep would be the best cover one could hope for. However, this was a hill, any area on the other side of the hill would give better cover than a jeep.

From start to finish, they did not even catch a glimpse of Zhang Xiaotong and Liu Zilang who were chilling in the car.

This was not surprising, it was a flipped car at this kind of circle.

From other people's perspective, their first reaction would be that a lower-skilled player flipped the car and left it there.

No one would expect that someone would still remain in the car after they've flipped it!

Not to mention that they were both being shot by the players on the other side. At that point, they did not have the mental capacity to bother checking whether a flipped car on the side of a hill had two people hidden in it.

Of course, this trick by Liu Zilang was truly scummy, completely playing their opponents like a fiddle.


Then the snipers from the two sides started their sniping duel.



The two sides both had their respective hills as they started shooting each other every time they could. This final circle was filled with the tense atmosphere of a life-or-death battle.

Of course, this did not include Liu Zilang and Xhang Xiaotong, who were still in the car.

The two were casually watching the battle from the car. Hearing the bullets whizzing above their heads, they were even tempted to start getting some popcorn and drinks.

Seeing their calm and relaxed expressions, GodV and Chen Yifa were utterly speechless.

The livestream audience also started to complain, calling Liu Zilang scummy.

This guy was already so f*cking OP, but yet he still decides to hide in this sort of place to set up an ambush. This largely went against their ideals of a final circle.

In the game, a last "Bam" could be heard!

One of the players in the duo on the left seemingly got into the zone as they used their 98k and got a headshot on a player on the right.

"Haha! F*ckin' b*thch! Think you can out-snipe me!

"Beautiful! Let's charge! They have the numbers advantage, it'll be a problem if they manage to revive that guy."

"Yep, but excluding us there are still five people left. So no matter what, there'll still be another team, right?"

As he asked this question, the two were stunned.

However, at that point, they had to first deal with the situation at hand. While the other squad was still reviving the downed player, the duo immediately threw some smoke to obstruct the enemy's sightline as they moved in.

When they had gotten close enough, both sides were crouched down as they cautiously used the third person exploit to look over the hill, secretly observing each other.

From Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong's position, they could clearly see the duos on both sides holding their ARs as they cautiously crouched down trying to locate their enemy.

Their current position was no doubt the best seat in the house!

The next moment, the battle began.


"Pew pew pew..."

As soon as the two sides saw each other, they instant started spraying rapidly up close in each other's faces.

One of the players from the duo who had just made their way there was no match for his enemy, he was instantly knocked out as he crawled back behind the hill.

From the looks of it, the three-man squad had once again obtained the numbers advantage. They were in a 2v1 situation now.

However, just as the winner of that bout was about to finish off the loser, the last man standing of the duo used his fallen squadmate as bait as he wrapped snuck up from behind!

"Pew pew pew..."

Instantly the tides turned once again.

With the ambush by the remaining player of the duo successful, he managed to take down the two remaining members of the three-man squad in this 1v2 clutch. The player who got sniped earlier, yet to be revived, also died because of that.

"Quick! Crawl over to me."

The surviving player immediately called out to his downed squadmate before confidently saying, "The remaining two must be on the other side."

This was based on a simple and logical deduction.

They had come from the other direction. The entire way over, they did not see a single soul, there had been zero engagements.

Naturally, anyone in this situation would think that this was the safest place possible...

However, the truth was not as simple as it seemed.

In the car, as Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong saw the player clutch the 2v3 and that the two players left alive decided to crawl in their direction to revive, they were instantly ecstatic.

The winner of the last engagement was just crouching there in his black Level-Three helmet, motionlessly reviving their teammate.

Liu Zilang smiled slyly and said, "One more time?"

Zhang Xiaotong was initially stunned by the question but she immediately snapped out of it. She happily nodded her small head and replied, "Mmhmm."

The two immediately hopped off the car and stood side-by-side.

Liu Zilang held up his M24!

Zhang Xiaotong held up her 98K!

Scope-in, and fire!

They moved as one, their actions were completely in unison!

The next moment, two loud "Bangs" could be heard!

On the side of the hill, the player who was crouched down reviving his squadmate heard two bullets hit his head!

The Level-three helmet had been annihilated as the player dropped to the floor.

"Better luck next time!"

Seeing the black and white game over screen, the two players were stunned!

'How could that be?

'The gunshots just now, how could they have come from behind!

'Did they take the long way around?

'That's impossible too!'

When they were reviving, they did not just sit there idly. They were carefully using the third person view to cautiously peek over the hill. There was not a single person in sight.

That instant, the two suddenly started to questions their own eyes...

At the same time, Liu Zilang's side was greeted with the winner screen.

"Winner winner chicken dinner!'

Seeing this screen, the livestream viewers went wild!

This was too f*cking shameless!

"666, I'll give this ambush a 10/10!"

"GG, Douyu struck gold this time! This Vic is the motherf*cking reincarnation of a master tactician."

"Wow! The kill was awarded to Xiaotong-chan! Vic is truly a master Sister Booster!"

"Those who bet that Xiaotong-chan could not survive till the end, you guys should go buy the tickets to the balcony now, I think it'll sell out soon."

"Luckily I was smart, I bet that Fa Mama would not kill anyone. It is impossible for pacifist players to kill anyone!"


After this game ended, GodV queued with them for two more rounds before leaving for training with his teammates.

However, when GodV was saying his goodbyes to the group, he asked for Liu Zilang's contact info. Hence, they added each other on Wechat.

"Beep beep!"

Immediately after they added each other, Liu Zilang instantly received a message.

It was GodV who messaged him.

The message was short and concise.

It was just straightforward.

"Friend, are you interested in playing for the pro leagues?"

...Commonly in Chinese forums, the act of "going onto a balcony" means that a person is on the verge of losing their bets on certain matches, since they would be losing an entire fortune and hence have the urge to commit suicide by jumping off a balcony.