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142 180 Shot!

 After avenging GodV and Chen Yifa, the two started looting the boxes after this round of engagements.

However, the feeling of looting a squadmate's bag can only be described by a single word... Awesome!

Once they finished looting out all three boxes, the two just took the car GodV parked on top of the slope and went back to the airdrop.

In the end, it just proved that the more you want an AWM, the more it would not come.

Inside the airdrop lied a single Groza, some attachments, and some meds.

Speaking of which, Liu Zilang had never used a Groza before.

Since Zhang Xiaotong was not going to use it and Liu Zilang had a motto of not wasting, especially after all the trouble they went through to get the airdrop, Liu Zilang switched out the AK for the Groza.

However, when he was trying to match the attachments, Liu Zilang discovered that despite the Groza being an AR, it could not equip the AR's compensator.

After asking GodV, Liu Zilang learned that this gun can only equip a suppressor.

Coincidentally, Zhang Xiaotong's SCAR-L had a suppressor equipped, so Liu Zilang started negotiating a trade deal with Zhang Xiaotong with a huge smile on his face.

After equipping his newly acquired suppressor, Liu Zilang fired a few test shots. He found that this gun's feel was not bad.

In the current patch of PUBG, the advantage the Groza held over the other ARs was that it had all the damaging capability of the AKM but with a 7.62mm ammo chamber.

This was already much better than the ARs with 5.56mm ammo chambers, after all, the higher the caliber the better!

At the same time, the Groza also had a better recoil rate than the 5.56mm, so it did not have that violently irregular spray pattern the AKM had.

These were the reasons why it was released as airdrop only weapon.


With his new gun equipped, the circle started to close once more.

The next circle got even smaller, it now only enveloped the hill areas at the side of the gully. The only buildings left in the safe zone were the six abandoned small wooden houses with the red roofs and yellow walls.

Liu Zilang motioned for Zhang Xiaotong to come over. Once they were both in the jeep, they started driving towards the safe zone, attempting to get a good place to camp inside.

If he were playing solo, Liu Zilang could stop and fight his way through anything, there was no need to try to find a good camping spot.

However, after taking into account Zhang Xiaotong's safety, he felt like playing more defensively was the more appropriate course of action.


However, what Liu Zilang did not expect was that just as soon as they started driving, loud "tinks" and "clanks" could suddenly be heard from behind the car!

Liu Zilang immediately shifted his vision. He immediately found that there was a person on top of the hill behind them spraying his SCAR-L at them!

'Why so aggressive?'

Seeing this situation, Liu Zilang could not help but rais his eyebrows.

He immediately switched over to the passenger seat. Without anyone driving, the car's speed also started to slow down.

The next moment, Liu Zilang's head popped out the window as he aimed down his M24!

Aim down the scope!

A precise flick!


The low M24 gunshot suddenly rang out loud in the middle of the plains!

Immediately after Liu Zilang fired, without even checking the aftermath, he went back into the car.

Instantly switching back to the driver's seat, he stepped on the gas, accelerating the jeep once more.

From start to finish, this moving jeep did not even stop moving for a single second!

The next instance, the kill feed on the bottom-left of the screen has a single obituary pop up!

"Vic123 killed ThisIsMyMountain by headshot with M24!"


Seeing the kill feed, the livestream viewers who had been watching Liu Zilang this entire time could not help but feel a chill down their spine!

"666, this is some god-tier showing off!"

"Holy sh*t! That flick shot was too clean!"

"I beg you, please stop showing off! My brain can't take it anymore!"

"Has anyone clipped this down? This is definitely montage-worthy material!"

"No joke! Vic's plays in these two rounds can definitely be put in a montage reel!"

"To tell the truth, I think Vic's technical skills are probably on par with that Shroud guy in NA!"

" I know right, this Vic has been showing off like crazy! Never in the history of the attractive section was there a streamer as good as this! Subbed! Subbed!"


At this exact point, GodV, who was already dead in game, was looking at this through Liu Zilang's POV, he was completely shaken up by what he witnessed!

Not only was Liu Zilang moving as he fired due to the moving car, but he was also driving offroad, causing the ride to be extremely bumpy, largely affecting his aim.

However, as GodV looked at Liu Zilang quickscoping just now, it was an immediate flick and fire!

The exact moment the M24 was fired, the crosshair of the 8x scope was precisely placed on the target's head for exactly one instance!

Immediately after that, Liu Zilang immediately holstered his gun.

The man on the hill dropped to the ground.

Every single movement he made felt so natural, almost as if it was supposed to happen.

In that instance, GodV felt that if Asia's Top Three Snipers Gods Shen Zeyan and Bai Shaobin were in Liu Zilang's position, they might also be able to pull it off after a few tries.

However, they would never be able to reach the fluidity, and more importantly, the confidence Liu Zilang had just demonstrated just now.

That was because what Liu Zilang just demonstrated, was the pure self-confidence ingrained in his veins. It was a sort of confidence that not even most top class players had.

That exuberance of confidence that seemingly told everyone, If that shot doesn't land, it won't be due to a problem on my part, it would be due to a problem by the game!'

With that, GodV's judgment of Liu Zilang was once again messed up.

'This bastard...

'What the hell is he?'


In the game, after Liu Zilang switched back to the driver's seat, he started whistling as he smiled at Zhang Xiaotong in the backseat. "Cool, right!?"

"Ahh? What?" Zhang Xiaotong asked in a confused tone.

"You didn't see it?" Liu Zilang's mouth twitched.

"See what?" Zhang Xiaotong replied.

With that, she suddenly asked, "Oh yeah, why did you switch to the passenger seat just now?"

"Did you not hear the gunshots?" Liu ZIlang could not help but ask.

"The car was too noisy, I usually mute the game whenever I'm on the car." Zhang Xiaotong explained. Then, she suddenly realized, as she anxiously and timidly asked, "Were... Were we attacked just now?"

"No one, I was just asking."

Liu Zilang was speechless.

Seeing Liu Zilang's dumbfounded look, Chen Yifa and GodV could not even hold back their laughter.

For a cheeky and arrogant person like Liu Zilang, it seems like only someone like Zhang Xiaotong could leave them dumbfounded...

At this point the jeep had just charged up a small hill, flinging the car into the air!

Then, the car started spinning mid-air and crashed into the grassy plains with all four tires in the air...

The coolness did not last more than three seconds?

'This is f*cking awkward!'

In the car, Liu Zilang was feeling a bit embarrassed...

Unexpectedly, after Zhang Xiaotong was startled briefly, she suddenly asked softly, "This... Is this a combat roll?"

Liu Zilang was stunned, but he smiled wryly, "Yep, of course! With my skills, how could I accidentally flip a car?"

"Oh." Zhang Xiaotong nodded before asking curiously, "Then, what do we do now?"


Liu Zilang took a look at the map and realized that the two of them had entered the circle.

Hearing ZhangXiaotong's question, he suddenly had an idea. He smiled cheekily and said, "We watch!"

...Reference to a Chinese movie quote "This is my mountain, I planted these trees. If you want to use these roads, first pay the road fees.