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141 Attack on Xiaotong-chan

 Title Translator Note: It's a reference to the popular anime Attack on Titan. Note that the correct translation should have been Attacking Xiaotong-chan, just as how the correct translation for the movie should have been Attacking Titan. However, to preserve the reference, I followed the mistranslation of the title the author is referencing.

In the game, as soon as GodV heard the shots, he immediately found a high slope and parked his car. Scoping down on his SKS, he immediately started clicking heads!

Chen Yifa also aimed down the 8x 98k she had looted back in Pochinki as she tried to look for targets.

Moments later, the two's comms could be summed up as below.

"Where's everyone! Wei-chan, don't just keep firing by yourself! Report coords!" Chen Yifa said.

"Oh, my bad, there's one behind that slope, SW240." GodV said.

"Ah? Where!" Chen Yifa asked.

"I just killed him." GodV said.

"Hmm??? Then where are you firing at now?" Chen Yifa said.

"Behind that tree, NE75." GodV reported the coordinates once more.

"I see the tree, but no one's there. Chen Yifa was questioning his own vision at this point.

"Downed him, he just crawled behind the tree." GodV answered.

"..." Chen Yifa was absolutely speechless.

This entire time, Chen Yifa's job was basically to do a 'post-mortem' with her scope after GodV reported the coordinates.

If she saw anyone that was still alive, she would just finish them off.

Even with a beautiful 98k in her hands, she did not get a chance to fire at any 'living' players.

In the liivestream chatroom, the countless viewers were all laughing their *sses off this entire time.

"666, Wei-chan's all warmed up huh?"

"Wei-chan Wei-chan! I beg you, pls let Sister Fa play the game a little bit!"

"And the MVP ('Most Valuable Pathologist) goes to... Chen Yifa!"

"Let's go Wei-chan! I feel like I can finally come down from my balcony!"

"Come one! Come on! You must catch up with your kill count!"

"Breaking News! Popular Douyu streamer GawdVee saves countless youths from tripping off balconies!"


In the game, after GodV finished up his 'target pratice'. He looked up at his kill count which was now at 14. Seeing that he was now only one step away from reaching Liu Zilang who was at 15 kills, he could not help but grin happily.

Just as he was happily thinking of his victory, a soft "thunk" could be heard by his ear. It seemed like something was rolling over.

Hearing this, GodV got startled.

'This sounds... very familiar!'

The next instance, he instinctively yelled out, "Sister Fa, RUN!"

If this was a scene in the movie, normally, the man would have jumped over to the woman, using his body to shield the fair maiden from harm.

That was because...

What GodV heard was the sound of a Frag Grenade rolling over!

Even though she heard GodV's warning, Chen Yifa did not manage to react before a loud "boom" was heard.

Instantly, she was knocked down to all fours!

Truth be told, Chen Yifa was not the only one who was caught off-guard. This grenade came too abruptly and it went off too quickly.

Although GodV managed to react to it, in time, he did not have time to dodge it. He was also hit directly by the impact of the grenade, knocking him down.

'What was that?'

The instance they were hit by the explosion, the locked eyes, both being utterly shell-shocked!

Then, the next moment, further adding on to their surprise, a guy in a Ghillie Suit crawled out of a nearby bush.


That's right!

The guy crawled out.

With his gun out, he slowly crawled over like a caterpillar to where the two were downed.

Seeing that, GodV and Chen Yifa's faces frowned so hard that it was completely covered by wrinkles!

This was the ultimate f*cking camper b*tch!

Then, this guy first crawled over to Chen Yifa who was downed next to the car, looking at her silently with a dumb look.

Chen Yifa was startled at first, then she was overjoyed. She immediately went into all-voice and screamed, "Oh! I know, you must be one of the fans from 67673! I'm Sister Fa! Chen Yifa!..."

"Pew pew pew!"

The reply she got was a merciless M4 spray to the face!

Chen Yifa's mouth twitched as she ate her own words on the spot.

Seeing her "PlayerPopularity's Battlegrounds" plan fall to shambles, the stream chat was instantly filled with laughter as tons of messages popped up on screen.

After that, unsurprisingly, GodV who was knocked to the side by the explosion had become the second victim.

Looking at the player who kept crawling between their two corpses looting, GodV and Chen Yifa were still stunned.


'This guy...

'What the f*ck was his deal?'

"666, Haha, LMAO. This guy truly is the ultimate camper!"

"Speaking of which, why was he crawling? Or does all campers move with their prostates?"

"Holy sh*t! This guy just got a double kill on two famous high-skilled streamers with a single grenade! This guy is gonna be famous overnight!"

"Two famous high-skilled streamers? Hehe, this guy is kissing up their *sses all the way up till the anus, That's a 10 from me!"


In the game, after he finally got the airdrop over to the housing area, the first thing Liu Zilang saw was GodV and Chen Yifa's obituaries in the kill feed.

Seeing that, the two did not even have time to check the airdrop, they immediately headed over.

On their way back, they suddenly heard some gunshots, Chen Yifa and GodV were both finished off.

Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong immediately exclaimed in unison.

"We will definitely avenge GodV and Chen Yifa!"

"We will serve this evil camper the punishment he deserves!"

However, when the two cautiously headed up the slope, they were utterly surprised.

The guy in the Ghillie Suit was still prone in between Chen Yifa and GodV's boxes as he happily focussed on looting without a single care in the world.

It seems like he was facing a huge dilemma. It looked like he had run out of inventory space, he was tossing out items left and right.

Even when Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong managed to literally sneak up all the way next to him, he still did not notice them.

Looking through the POV of his squad mates, GodV's eyes started to twitch.

A lifetime of glory, all destroyed overnight!

Looking at this scene, Chen Yifa felt like this person reminded her of someone. Suddenly, she made the connection.

'This is just like the Zhang Xiaotong every time we duo together!'

However, saying this out loud might be too much of a personal attack, so she held back her words.


Seeing the guy like this, even Liu Zilang felt bad to ambush him.

Walking up to him and seeing him still sorting out his inventory, he could not resist the urge to speak in all-voice, "We're already at the last circle, take less ammo. And a couple of Med Kits should suffice, Remember to bring more drinks."

"Oh right."

A young lady's voice replied from the other side.

Then, she suddenly stopped everything she was doing.

'Something's not right here...

The next moment, she instantly jerked up, readying her gun to shoot.

Seeing that his opponent was a girl, and a newbie at that, LiuZilang could not help but propose, "Hehe, I suggest you don't fire. How 'bout we have a little fistfight? In the name of friendly competition, friendship comes first and competition comes later."

The lady obviously did not want to hear Liu Zilang's nonsense. She immediately held up her M4 and prepared to fire.

However, the next moment, a series of "ratatatat" rang out from behind her!

Blood instantly spurted out of the lady's body as countless bullet wounds appeared.

Then, she helplessly fell to the ground!!

Liu Zilang was stunned.

Looking back at the SCAR-L-wielding Zhang Xiaotong, his mouth suddenly twitched.

Zhang Xiaotong just let out a light "hmph", not saying a single word.

It must be said, in this engagement, from her reaction speed all the way down to her spray accuracy, there was nothing that could be faulted.

The livestream viewers were all shocked by the scene they were witnessing!


'When did you become so good?'

...Commonly in Chinese forums, the act of "going onto a balcony" means that a person is on the verge of losing their bets on certain matches, since they would be losing an entire fortune and hence have the urge to commit suicide by jumping off a balcony.