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140 Maximum Aggro!

 After the circle finished closing in, the next safe zone was updated.

This safe zone did not end up in the city, in the large uneven gully in between Pochinki and Water Town.

This new safe zone was not big, given that there were merely 29 players left alive.

After taking a look at the safe zone, GodV's eyes twinkled. "This circle's not bad."

When he was fighting in PuGs, he really loved these kinds of final circles the most. It was neither too flat and empty nor as difficult to hunt down players like in a city area.

In this kind of circle, as long as they camped down at a slope, they would be bombarded with enemies from all directions. This instantly gave GodV a chance to catch up on his kill count.

"Where are we gonna camp next?" Looking at her map, Chen Yifa could not help but raise the question.

Hearing that, Liu Zilang suddenly smiled cheekily, "Wanna do something more exciting?"

"What's so exciting?" Zhang Xiaotong asked curiously.

"Mm, enlighten us." GodV said calmly.

"Don't we have two cars downstairs?" Liu Zilang asked with the same cheeky grin, "Next circle, we'll split into two groups and take a car each. No camping, let's test our aptitude for being Wildland Sheriffs, shall we?"

"So roam and hunt?" GodV's eyes sparkled.

"Is... Is it dangerous?" ZhangXiaotong timidly asked.

"Who am I following?" Chen Yifa, on the other hand, asked the important question.

If she were to be following Zhang Xiaotong...

'Yep, we wouldn't be Wildland Sheriffs anymore, we'd be Wildland Feeders."

"No danger, no danger! We're just gonna roam and hunt other players." Liu Zilang chuckled, "How 'bout this? I'll go with Xiaotong, andSister Fa can go with GodV. Thoughts?"

"I'm fine with that," GodV replied nonchalantly.

Chen Yifa jokingly said, "Sure, GodV is still worth trusting."

"I also have no problems." Zhang Xiaotong said.


The two vehicles down there were both UAZs, one Soft Top and one Hard Top.

Liu Zilang and company found them immediately after they entered the city. It seems like Tovelo and Lord Rong's squad drove them here when they decided to enter the city. Well, it was a bonus for them anyway.

The four went downstairs and split into two cars before driving up towards the North.

However, just as they were leaving Pochinki from the North, as they passed by the cluster of buildings to the west of the 'Dragon Inn', a loud engine roared out from the skies.

An airdrop was coming!

The four people in their cars looked up in unison, as they looked eagerly at the plane.

Speaking of which, after these people dropped in Sosnovka Military Base, they started running towards the circle immediately after fighting off all the squads in the area. On their way to the circle, they had their vehicles stolen. On their way trying to enter the city, they were being camped for a long period of time. Basically, all of this had nothing to do with any airdrops.

However, the four right now were all fully equipped and had their inventory stacked. They even had their cars ready...

Once the material needs of a person were met, one could not help but have spiritual wants.

For example, dreams.

This airdrop...

It was a dream!


"Hey, do you guys think the airdrop would land on us?"

Zhang Xiaotong raised her tiny head and looked up as she asked with eyes filled with desire.

Of course, what she desired was the AWM of her dreams possibly inside this airdrop!

Just as she prophesized, the instant the plane flew above their heads, a black dot suddenly appeared right under the plane, slowly entering their vision.

The next moment, the airdrop crate dangling under its parachute slowly started to descend.

The four were pleasantly surprised by this development, it was truly an "airdrop to the face".

Seeing this, Zhang Xioatong excitedly shouted, "Haha, mine mine! It must've heard my summons! This airdrop is mine!"

"Alright, I'm fine with it being yours" Liu Zilang smiled as she said, "But I'm not sure if the others agree with you."

Just as Liu Zilang finished talking, the sound of cars started ringing out from all around the Wildlands.

"You guys need to help me." Zhang Xiaotong pouted.

Hearing that, Chen Yifasmiled as she teased, "You should ask your onii-chan. We've already split up into two teams after all."

Zhang Xiaotong could not help but blush as she heard those word, she was too embarassed to say anything.

She was fine with dealing with a big audience, but when faced with Liu Zilang alone, she could not help having a strange feeling in her heart.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang naturally would not understand the delicate nature of a maiden's feelings.

Seeing the airdrop slowly descending, the sounds of the cars got closer and closer.

WIth the next safe zone being in the gully area all the way out in the open, it would definitely attract the attention from all directions when the airdrop land.

In this kind of scenario, not all squads would be willing to go for this airdrop.

However, one thing was for sure.

They were definitely going to go for the people going for the airdrop.

Thinking of that, Liu Zilang suddenly had an idea.

As the airdrop was about to land, he suddenly started up his jeep and drove up right underneath the airdrop, still in mid-air.

Looking up into the sky, he slowly started to maneuver the jeep to make some precise adjustments.

"What are you doing?" Inside the car, Zhang Xiaotong asked curiously.

Liu Zilang grinned as he answered, "You'll find out soon."

Once he finished talking, a huge "clunk" could be heard on the top of the jeep as the airdrop landed on the top of the car.

"Done, let's go." Liu Zilang immediately stepped on the gas.

The next moment, carrying the airdrop that was still emitting red mist right on top of the car, drove straight towards the buildings east of their current location.

In the car, Zhang Xiaotong's jaw dropped. She was utterly amazed.

After playing PUBG for so long, she had never even imagined this as a way to get an airdrop.

Seeing this play, the livestream viewers all started discussing in shock.

"What the flying f*ck? This was an option?"

"GG! Feels like this Vic still has something up his sleeve!

"This vehicular airdrop transportation will get a 10/10 from me, you should be proud young man!"

"Learned it! I'll just drive the airdrop back to my house! Let's see if anyone still dares to f*cking steal it from me next time."


In the game, as GodV saw Liu Zilang parking his car right below the descending airdrop, after briefly being stunned, GodV immediately understood his intentions.

'This bastard...

'He's pulling these stunts again!'

At the same time, as soon as the squads inside the safe zone saw this, they were all wide-eyed.

'Isn't the airdrop a shared resource given by the PUBG HQ to everyone?'

'Why can someone just carry the entire bloody thing back home?'

'This is illogical!'

Instantly, the squads in the Safe Zone looking on instantly had an urge to start firing at them out of rage!


'Does he know no shame?'

"Bam! Bam! Bam!"

Immediately, a few of the players started firing potshots at them with their scoped guns, trying to teach Liu Zilang a lesson.

This could not continue.

If they even manage to pop a single tire, it would at least be a way to appease their anger!

However, what they did not know was that Liu Zilang had GodV on his side.

At this point, Liu Zilang's stunt of dragging the entire airdrop on top of his car was equivalent to an MT sitting in a dungeon in the middle of a sea of mobs using Taunt. He fully soaked in the aggro of every single enemy in the area.

Next, it was time for the DPS to do their jobs.

...Author uses the specific term referencing Caitlyn from League of Legends' Sheriff Caitlyn skin, which is something along the lines of Wildlands Security force in the Chinese translation.Referencing the movie Dragon Inn, Chinese people use this term to call the large buildings in cities.