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139 A God Descends!

 In the dense cityscape of Pochinki, Lord Rong and DaMu were both running speedily through the alleyways.

Suddenly, DaMu heard some footsteps around the corner, in the two-story building up ahead.

"Seems like there are people ahead." DaMu frowned.

"Be careful," After hearing that Lord Rong cautioned, "the guy storming the building is GodV, there's a chance the people from Farmlands are here as well."

The two raised their guard as they hugged the walls. With a quick flick of the mouse to the left, they used the third person view exploit to look over the corner at the direction the footsteps came from.

To their surprise, there was not a single soul around the corner.

'What the hell?

'Did we mishear the footsteps?

'Maybe we mistook our own footsteps as theirs?'

A suspicious look popped up in DaMu and Lord Rong's eyes.


The sound of a door opening rang out loudly.

DaMu, who was still hugging the walls, immediately reacted as he suddenly shouted out, "There's someone! In the house right next to me! He just entered, from the footsteps I think there's only one of them."

"Be careful of the surrounding areas." Lord Rong immediately rotated over.

Listening carefully to his surroundings, he also started hearing a flurry of clear footsteps coming from the room in question.

At this point, Lord Rong and DaMu both started to hesitate.

They were originally planning on rushing in to revive Tovelo and Obang who still had not been finished off, but judging by the current situation, they had no choice but to clear out the entire house.

If they did not, they would end up being down two players even if they managed to make an escape. That would very likely come back to bite them in the *ss later.

Just as the two were still hesitating over their next plan of action, the footsteps from inside the room rang out once more!

"Stomp stomp stomp..."

"They're going upstairs!" Hearing the footsteps, Lord Rong, immediately reacted, "They must've heard us coming so they're planning on camping upstairs waiting for us to breach!"

DaMu raised his head and looked at the window on the second floor. Pulling out a Frag Grenade, he laughed coldly. "Breach my f*cking *ss, let me send them a big one!"

As he said those words, he took a few steps back and aimed his arm towards the window.

With a flick of his thumb, the safety pin of the Frag Grenade was pulled out!

At this exact moment, a figure suddenly leaped out of the window at lightning fast speeds as it descended from above!

This person, naturally, was none other than Liu Zilang!



Before Liu Zilang even hit the ground, his AKM in his hands had already started spitting hot lead as countless bullets were being rapidly fired from the gun's muzzle.

DaMu could not even react in time to toss the grenade. Before he knew it, he had already been hit in the head and body by Liu Zilang's shots, instantly being downed.

However, Lord Rong's reaction was not that slow.

The instance Liu Zilang jumped out of the window, he had already aimed his crosshair at his target and started firing.

However, Liu Zilang was freefalling to the ground, so his trajectory was constantly changing. This obviously affected Lord Rong's aim by quite a bit.

On the other hand, after spraying down DaMu, he instantly swiped his mouse as he flicked his aim over!

In an instant, his body suddenly did a literal one-eighty mid-air as the muzzle flash from the AK was instantly locked onto Lord Rong.

Comparing the two sides at this point, Lord Rong who was standing still was still considered a stationary target, although Liu Zilang was still falling.

Adding that to the fact that he had the advantage when it came to headshots due to his height advantage, Liu Zilang, who had Level-three armor and half-health, started spraying in the air.

Right as his health went down to red, he destroyed Lord Rong!

"12 kills!"

The next moment, Liu Zilang finally landed.

Just as he landed on all fours, he immediately holstered his guns and ran without looking back!

Seeing Liu Zilang's back as he scurried off, Lord Rong and DaMu, who had already transformed into boxes, were completely stunned!

After staying silent briefly, DaMu could not help but comment, "I think just now..."

Lord Rong closed his eyes as he sighed, "Save your breath... I know... Fate! This is all fate!"

Just as he finished speaking, an explosion occurred right next to DaMu's box!

With a loud "boom", all the dust on the ground got sent flying in the air!

As the dust settled, only the two boxes were left...

While drop shooting, he managed annihilate two semi-professional players?

This f*cker is too damn OP!

At this point, the livestream viewers were all completely wide-eyed!

"Holy sh*t! Vic's drop shooting is too OP!"

"There's the proof! Vic is a f*cking walking aimbot! He's so f*cking strong that he's probably invincible!"

"GGWP! That mid-air flick was just epic! Now he's just showing off!!"

"No one said he isn't. Although this bugger Vic talks sh*t some times, he definitely has the skills to back it up!"*

"Kressfire gifted a firework to the streamer - Mister mister! Where did you get these fancy new aimbot implants? Is there an age restriction? I'm 18 this year, can I still get it?"

"Aquarius STB gifted a firework to the streamer - To the guy buying the aimbot in front, get me one as well. I'll trade for it with a hotel suite in Inner Mongolia with a seaside view."



In the tall building, GodV was cheerfully chatting with Tovelo and Obang.

Of course, he was the only one who was feeling cheerful.

Tovelo and Obang who were kneeling on the ground did not feel an ounce of cheer in their hearts.

Just as he was chatting away, GodV was suddenly surprised.

Tovelo and Obang, who were kneeling on the ground, suddenly turned into boxes.

GodV rubbed his nose.

'Did I just... Talk them to death?'

At this time, a chain of obituaries popped up from the bottom left corner of the screen.

"Vic123 killed DaMu by headshot with AKM!"

"Vic123 killed IMBATV117 by headshot with AKM!"

"Xiaotongchan killed ToveloGod with Kar98K!"

"Obang killed himself with Frag Grenade!"

'What the f*ck!

'How did this bugger manage to kill off Lord Rong and DaMu?

With headshots too!'

Seeing the kill feed, GodV was utterly shocked.

Although Lord Rong and DaMu were not top-tier players in PUBG, their potential was not weak at all

GodV had not said anything about all the 1v2s and 1v3s Liu Zilang got himself in when he dropped at Sosnovka Military Base. Those were merely your average PuGs, it would not pose a threat to him anyway.

However, in this engagement, GodV could not wrap his head around how it happened.

'Did those two get ambushed?

'That shouldn't be possible!

'They should've known that we were coming, there's no way they would be that careless!'

Instantly, GodV had completely lost track of how far Liu Zilang's potential could go.

However, at the next moment, he realized something even more important!

Even though all four members of Tovelo and Lord Rong's squad were dead, he had not gotten a single kill out of it!

'That's right!

'That's exactly right!

'Not a single one.'

Liu Zilang got two kills and Zhang Xiaotong got one kill.

However, in this entire engagement where GodV had also played an essential role in, he did not get a single kill out of all of this.

The only one he managed to get with the explosion...

It was counted as f*cking suicide!

At that point, looking at his measly kill count of 6, he felt absolutely shaken.


After finishing their battle with Tovelo's squad, the circle had started to close.

As it seems they might have been camped to death at Farmlands, if it were not for GodV's persistence on breaching the city, forcing them to get stuck outside the circle.

However, from the looks of it, they were only just taking over Tovelo's squad's original position. They started to set up their defenses.

During the next few moments, there were a couple of squads who ran into the area escaping the circle. One out of three unlucky players driving into the safe zone in a car were sniped to death by Liu Zilang who had just looted Tovelo's M24.

Then, he was mercilessly abandoned by his teammates.

On GodV's side, after spraying down a car with his 4x gun until it exploded, he earned three kills.

After they both finished their engagements, he could not resist the urge to ask, "Vic, how many frags are you at right now?"

Liu Zilang casually pressed Tab to take a look. "Should be 15."

Looking at his 9 kills, GodV chose to remain silent.

On the other hand, the only player here who only had a single kill, Zhang Xiaotong, suddenly exclaimed out in awe and admiration, "Wow! You already have 15 kills!"

Hearing the admiration in Zhang Xiaotong's voice, Liu Zilang's trash-talking itch started acting up again. He purposely replied in a humble manner, "It's nothing, it's nothing."

"15 kills is nothing, I can even do a 15x spray control!"