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138 Lost Courage From Hearing The Wind, Bombs Yourself?

 On the side, Lord Rong and DaMu from Tovelo's team had already baited them in half way.

Initially, their plan was that after they baited them far enough, they would form a crossfire with Tovelo and Obang on the tall building, giving Liu Zilang and the others on the wheatfield no chance to use their vehicle as cover.

However, they did not expect that at a time like this, Tovelo, who had been providing covering fire, was suddenly knocked out.

"Obang, be careful, somebody's heading to you."

"He's already downstairs. If you can't make it, kill that person first!"

Lord Rong and DaMu shouted anxiously in their team chat.

At the same time, they no longer had the thought of baiting them any further away, instead, they quickly ran back to support their teammates.

After all, it would be a futile attempt without the pressure given by Tovelo from above, even if they were to successfully bait them to the side.

The people behind the car on the wheatfield could very well move to the side of the car for cover, and the situation would just be deadlocked once again.

Moreover, given the distance between them, both parties could only rely on their snipers for a showdown.

When Lord Rong and DaMu gave a thought about it, their hearts sank again.

This was because their sniper had just been struck down in the showdown moments ago.


On the tall building.

Obang stopped firing almost immediately after Tovelo was hit by the sniper, and he waited until Tovelo crawled to a slightly safer spot before he crouched to revive him.

Nonetheless, quickly after, he heard footsteps coming from downstairs, and the exclamation from his teammates. At once, he became vigilant.

All together, GodV, who was downstairs, had arrived at a closer point.

Instead of rushing to attack, he retrieved a frag grenade.

Pulled the pin!


3, 2, 1!

GodV swung his hand as he threw the frag grenade to the rooftop of the tall building.

Nonetheless, he was unsure of the position of those two players. GodV was only "testing the waters"; the frag grenade was not exactly meant to bomb those players.

Next, an explosion was heard!

Once the smoke dispersed, there was no kill feed shown. Obviously, GodV's frag grenade was thrown at a wrong position.

After Obang saw the frag grenade explode on the rooftop, even though he felt lucky that they were not bombed, he was frightened as well.

He stopped reviving Tovelo and opened the door to the rooftop so that Tovelo could crawl down the staircase for the time being.

Concurrently, he retrieved a frag grenade too.

'Trying to bomb me?

'Did you think that I've got no temper?'


'The grenade didn't hit anyone.'

GodV had a rough idea of what was going on.

After all, the space on the rooftop was only this big. If his opponents were still on the rooftop, it was impossible for them to move around so quickly since one was already knocked down.

Since he had just eliminated one area, he planned to try another side.

There was nothing a frag grenade could not solve.

If there was, he could just throw two.

From the way GodV looked at it, it would definitely be the best if he could just kill them by the grenades as it would save him from the instability of attacking into the building.

At the end of the day, he had set a quiz for this match. If he were to die from attacking into the building, he would be done for the next round.

Other than that, looking at his current kill count, it was impossible for him to surpass Liu Zilang.

When he thought about that, he took another frag grenade out.

He prayed to himself, then pulled the pin, and cooked it.

For all that, simultaneously, what GodV was unaware of was that Obang was doing the exact same thing at the edge of the rooftop.

Followed by that,

GodV threw the frag grenade up to the rooftop.

Through the screen, it could be seen that the frag grenade kept rising up in the air.

However, just as it was about to reach the rooftop, another frag grenade was suddenly thrown down.


At the edge of the rooftop, both frag grenades unimaginably hit each other!

The frag grenade thrown by GodV was hit to another side, whereas the frag grenade thrown by Obang from the rooftop was hit back to himself!


Downstairs, after GodV threw a second frag grenade.

Without looking at the outcome, he had already run through the door.

This was because it would be great if the frag grenade bombed his opponent, but if it did not, it could only mean one thing.

That was his opponent had already crawled down from the rooftop.

If that was the case, his opponent certainly did not have the chance to revive his teammate, thus GodV must utilize this small window to attack the building.

One thing was for sure; in terms of close-range battles, GodV always was extremely clear and sharp thinking!

Unexpectedly, soon after,

When GodV entered the building, a "dang" sound came from the rooftop!

The sound was crisp, loud, and very real...

Over the period of time as GodV played PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, he almost never heard of any similar sound as such.

The moment GodV heard it, he was confused.

Despite that, at the next second, something else that happened made GodV even more confused.

An explosion was heard coming from the rooftop!

After the explosion, a system notification appeared on the bottom left corner of his screen.

"Obang knocked out himself with Frag Grenade!"

'What's going on?

'Even if he's bombed, shouldn't it be my kill?

'How did he bomb himself?

'Was it a mistakenly thrown grenade?'

Once GodV ran into the building, he was instantly startled as he was about to run up the staircase.

Currently, the spectators in his live streaming channel witnessed the scene as well.

Many of them were also clueless as to what just happened, and were all at a daze!

"F*ck, what's going on? How did he bomb himself?"

"GG! That is quite a show, he bombed himself because of a disagreement!"

"Is Wei-chan so powerful now? He actually managed to scare his opponent so much so that his opponent bombed himself! Win, win, win, let's lift him up high!"

"Speaking of which, didn't you hear the sound just now?"

"I heard it, but it was really an odd sound, I've never heard it in the game."


In actual fact, it was unsurprising that everyone had never heard of that sound. After all, frag grenades were so small, and the collision of two frag grenades in the air only existed as a theory.

Even if one were to practice catching a frag grenade with a pan, one could probably just succeed twice of thrice out of ten times under testing conditions.

However, to perform "catching a grenade with a grenade",

The possibility was tremendously low as one might not even succeed once out of all ten times.

In the game, GodV went up the staircase and met Tovelo, who was kneeling down. Obang was at the rooftop.

"Hey, hey, hey, can you hear me?" GodV asked in All Chat.

"Mmm, is this GodV? Hello."

Tovelo who had a rather naive character was very polite even when he was knocked out.

On the other hand, Obang just froze on the spot after experiencing such a bizarre incident!

After hearing GodV, he replied snappily, "I hear you, I hear you, we're not buying any pig's head meat."

"..." GodV was speechless.

'Who the f*ck is selling pig's head meat now!'

Nevertheless, as he listened to Obang's tone, he felt that things were not so simple.

GodV could not help but laugh. "Does pig's head meat taste that bad? You shouldn't bomb yourself just for that!"

As soon as Obang heard the words "bomb yourself", his eyes twitched, and the spectators in his live streaming channel almost laughed out loud.

He could imagine what would happen if he did not explain what just happened.

If that incident were spread to others, the title would surely be "Lost courage from hearing the wind! Obang met GodV in a random matchmaking game, and bombed himself!" This...

Obang felt uneasy.

While the building was currently filled with a lively atmosphere, Lord Rong and DaMu, who were initially baiting to the side, had returned to back their teammates up.

At the same time, Liu Zilang let Chen Yifa and Zhang Xiaotong were on the wheatfield to provide covering fire.

He carried his AK as he quietly arrived at a path those two players would definitely pass by on their way back.