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137 The Great Siblings Marksmanship!

 In the live streaming channels, many spectators who watched through Tovelo's first-person perspective were absolutely shocked too!

"Wah! That person was too fast just now!"

"A new streamer from our enemy platform? Does anyone remember what Lord Rong said just now? I'll go take a quick look."

"I think it was someone called Vic, I'll go take a look too."

"You don't have to, I just went to take a look. It's a new streamer in Douyu's Attractive Section."

"What? The Attractive Section? Was that a young lady who hit Tutu just now? I'm surprised, I'm surprised!"

"What young lady! It's a guy, but his hands are quite pretty. I estimate that you can play with it for a year."



In the game, GodV who had sneaked his way into the first cloud of smoke retrieved another smoke grenade and threw it at Pochinki's direction.

At the same time, he asked in the voice chat, "Did you get that shot?"

Though his position was now closer to Pochinki, his view was blocked by the buildings in the middle, hence he was unable to see the situation on the high building that was further away.

"Mmm." Liu Zilang shrugged. "But he wasn't knocked down, he has a Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet. I'm guessing that he has probably patched up and consumed some boosts. His health should be back to a full bar already."

Afterward, Liu Zilang added on again. "There are two people on that building, both with Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet. I can't kill them. Even if I knocked them out, one of them can just revive the other very quickly."

Upon hearing Liu Zilang's statement, GodV hesitated for a while but still asked, "They have someone baiting to the side now, there's probably just two of them on the building, can you get rid of one? When that one's being revived, I'll just sneak in closer to take away their long-range gunpoint."

Right after GodV said that he shook his head.

He realized that because Liu Zilang had too many remarkable performances this match, he had unrealistic expectations.

If those two opponents had Level Three Spetsnaz Helmets, knocking them out would be possible if Liu Zilang had the ultimate sniper AWM.

If it was a 98K...

It would be a bit too dangerous.

Looking at the situation on the battlefield now, GodV racked his brain to come up with an alternate counter.

Who knew, at this moment, Liu Zilang's voice was heard.

"That should be possible, but...I'll need Xiaotong's cooperation."

When GodV heard Liu Zilang's response, he was startled and puzzled.

As for Zhang Xiaotong, she panicked and was rather nervous as she asked, "Ah? Why do you need me?"

"That's because Sister Fa doesn't have a high magnification scope."

Liu Zilang quirked the corners of his mouth, glanced at the 98K attached with an 8x Scope that Zhang Xiaotong carried behind her back, then replied, "Aren't you holding a 98K too? Don't you want to test it out?"

"I, I..."

Zhang Xiaotong became even more tensed when she heard him, she kept opening and closing her mouth.

She wanted to say "I can't" but she was unable to say those words.

Right then, Liu Zilang assured her with a smile. "You can do it, I trust you."

As soon as Zhang Xiaotong heard Liu Zilang, her heart trembled, then she responded very softly, "Mmm...I'll try."

"That's the way. Don't worry, our opponent won't move, it'll be an easy hit. Remember, hit the one who's wearing the same shirt as you."

Right after he instructed her on what to do, Liu Zilang dashed out from behind the car at the speed of light.


In Pochinki's high building.

Tovelo and Obang who were covering fire were startled when they saw Liu Zilang.

Subsequently, they held their guns up at the same time and aimed!

Obang held an M4 with a 4x scope, and he quickly fired single but continuous rapid shots.

"Da, da, da...!"

In a moment, sparks of fire could be seen from his M4's muzzle and he was able to fire nearly 10 quick shots in one breath.

Despite that, Liu Zilang who ran out from behind the car was running in a zig-zag pattern and was even constantly dodging sideways, which was totally bizarre.

Out of the ten shots made by Obang, only one shot made the hit.

On the other hand, Tovelo held his breath and gathered all his focus facing Liu Zilang, the moving target who kept moving left and right.

Besides that, the crosshair of his 8x scope on the M24 was also locked on half a meter ahead of Liu Zilang's body.

However, Tovelo was clueless about what was happening when he was aiming at Liu Zilang.

Zhang Xiaotong who was on the wheat field was also carefully peeking from behind the car and held her 98K up.

She scoped in, adjusted the crosshair, then quivered a little as she dragged it to Tovelo's Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet...

At the next instant, Tovelo who was aiming at Liu Zilang suddenly squinted his eyes and pulled the trigger!


A gunshot!

The barrel of his M24 let out a dull sound!

A 7.62 mm sniper bullet fired out from the muzzle!

Aside from that, it was at this exact moment when Liu Zilang who was running on the wheat field made an unforeseen jump and turned around!

Currently, if the scene could be played in slow motion,

Perhaps everyone would watch in complete shock that the sniper bullet that was shot from the M24 actually unbelievably went under Liu Zilang's armpit when he jumped up!


A spin, a jump,

But his eyes were not closed.

The instant Liu Zilang landed, a 98K was seen in his hands!

He immediately scoped in and fired a shot!

In a flash, along with the unique crisp sound of a 98K's gunshot, a 7.62 mm sniper bullet suddenly burst out!

"A headshot after a 360 degree turn?"

All spectators in his live streaming channel were dazzled!

Additionally, almost at the same time, a familiar gunshot came from behind the car on the wheat field!



All of a sudden, two sniper bullets flew speedily across the sky from two different directions.

In just a brief second, they ended at the same destination, which was Tovelo's Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet!

Followed by that, a system notification appeared on the bottom left corner of their screens.

"Xiaotongjiang knocked out ToveloGOD by headshot with Kar98k!"

When the spectators from their live streaming channels saw it, they were all shocked!

"F*ck! That's Tovelo?"

"You just found out? I went to Tovelo's live streaming channel long ago."

"Oh my god! Vic's jump, spin, and instant snipe was such a performance!"

"A heavenly performance! So coy that he even flew up!"

"Wait a minute! The kill was Xiaotong-chan's, this doesn't make sense!"

"You're all too young! Vic is the ultimate player who carries female players! His shot was a base for Xiaotong-chan!"

"Speaking of which, regarding Vic and Xiaotong-chan's teamwork, anyone has a phrase for it?"

"Uh...a siblings reunited marksmanship? Or merged marksmanship?"

"ZeJW gifted the streamer with a rocket - merge sounds workable, I think it's ok!"

"Teacher A Wolf gifted the streamer with a rocket - the great siblings marksmanship sounds good!"


In the game, Zhang Xiaotong had been aiming for a long time.

As soon as she made the shot, she was so scared that she quickly crouched and had not even calmed down.

That being said, at the next second when she saw the system notification on the bottom left corner of her screen, she could not help but feel stunned for a while, but it quickly turned into a huge surprise to her!

"Wah! I made the hit!" Zhang Xiaotong screamed happily in the voice chat.

"Not bad, not bad!" Liu Zilang praised her with a smile.

On the other hand, Chen Yifa who did not have a high magnification scope could only observe on the side.

Initially, she thought that Zhang Xiaotong would definitely miss, but she managed to hit the target instead.

"Is the opponent a weakling?"

Seeing as how things turned out, Chen Yifa was eager to find out, so she smiled as she said, "Xiaotong, lend me the 8x scope for a while, I'd like to try it too."

Right then, GodV suddenly spoke, "This squad...seems to be Tovelo and Lord Rong's."


When Chen Yifa heard him, her remaining words got stuck inside her throat.

During the time when Douyu PUBG Golden Legends just kicked off, whenever someone shouted "Tovelo is here", other people would simply escape as they were afraid when they heard his name!

As a streamer from Douyu's host section, Chen Yifa had naturally heard about it.

Right now, when she took another look at the system notification on the bottom left corner of her screen, she was even more taken aback.

Her head was filled with the same question. "Xiaotong-chan actually knocked out Tovelo by a headshot?"

As for GodV who had sneaked his way to the edge of Pochinki, he did not have the time to comment on Zhang Xiaotong's shot.

This was because the moment the gunshot from the high building stopped, and he deduced that their opponent was probably reviving his teammate, he ran straight toward the building with his gun.

...There are two lines of lyrics from Jolin Tsai's song Dancing Diva which are 'A spin, a jump; I close my eyes' after being translated. The author used those lines here but since Liu Zilang didn't close his eyes when he did the spin and jump, he changed the second line to go in line with that scenario