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136 A Lightning Shot!

 Jumping out of the car at the speed of light.

Being faced with a hail of bullets fired from Pochinki, the four of them pushed and shoved one another as they squeezed around for space in the overturned car and used their utmost effort to avoid being hit by the bullets by using their car for cover!


Zhang Xiaotong's calf suffered a hit that slipped through the car's gap, that caused blood to splatter everywhere, and her health reduced significantly by a section.

"Ah!" She shrieked and was frustrated. "You, you...why did you turn the car over!"

"I, I..." Liu Zilang was at a loss for words.

Similarly, he was surprised at how easy it was for him to turn the car over on the wheat field. When Liu Zilang saw Zhang Xiaotong feeling anxious, a bright idea sparked in his mind, and he quickly explained, "Don't panic, don't panic! This is not the car being overturned, it's a tactical rollover."

"A tactical rollover?"

Both Chen Yifa and GodV's mouths twitched.

It was their first time hearing somebody using such a fresh and new excuse for turning a car over!

"That's too damn shameless of him!" They wondered.

On the contrary, Zhang Xiaotong who had a naive character failed to realize what was going on at the time being, she asked while being confused, " that so?"

By the looks of it, she seemed to even be feeling slightly sorry for what she said just now.

Upon hearing Zhang Xiaotong's question, Chen Yifa and GodV were even more speechless.

"Damn it, how can this little girl trust Liu Zilang's words so much?"

Nonetheless, this was not the time for it. Seeing that their car was burning right now, Liu Zilang and GodV yelled at the same time.

"The car is going to explode!"

"Quickly move back!"

After they moved away from it, the two of them fired at the car, which created "tu, tu, tu" sounds.

A blast was heard!

The sedan car that was flat on its roof bounced on the spot due to the explosion but did not turn around after all.

At the next second, the four of them quickly swarmed to behind the car and crouched as they squeezed together.

Currently, after the car explosion, the gunshots from their opponents slowly reduced and eventually paused.

Only when they accidentally exposed a part of their body from behind the car, their opponent would fire a few shots.

"This squad has fixed their target on us."

GodV took a deep breath, took a smoke grenade out, and mentioned seriously, "Our spot is not in the safe zone, we'll have to run as soon as the circle shrinks, we can't just stay here. Can you snipe the one who's covering fire for their squad? I'll throw some smoke grenades to sneak my way to the front."

When Liu Zilang heard GodV, he glanced at Pochinki where the gunshot came from, then squinted his eyes as he replied, "Mmm, I just saw someone moving to the left to bait, be careful."

"How about us?" Chen Yifa and Zhang Xiaotong were rather nervous when they asked.

"Stay still." GodV turned and answered sternly.

"..." Both Chen Yifa and Zhang Xiaotong was speechless.

Although this was the reality, it was too hurtful.

Upon seeing the situation, Liu Zilang could not bear to let them feel that way, so he comforted them. "Don't worry, later when GodV goes out, you can help to throw some smoke grenades too."

Subsequently, he paused for a while to remind them. "Oh right, remember not to misthrow a frag grenade instead."

Out of all things, Liu Zilang mentioned that.

Having already thrown a smoke grenade, GodV who was ready to bait their opponent instantly shivered.

He opened his mouth and wanted to ask them to forget about it.

However, when he considered the fact that he should not strike down his teammate's enthusiasm to fight, he held his words back.

That being said, he dashed out and while he ran forward his vision was always facing behind.

When the spectators in GodV's live streaming channel saw this, they almost burst out laughing.


At Pochinki.

Tovelo took a look at the bullet screen on his split screen, then suddenly felt bewildered. "Eh, I just took a glance at my live streaming channel, my spectators are saying that the players opposite are GodV, Sister Fa, and Xiaotong-chan."

"Aren't there four players in the squad opposite us? Who's the other one?" Obang asked.

Tovelo shook his head. "I'm not sure, I think it's a new streamer in Douyu, his name is Vic."

In an instant, Lord Rong who was baiting to the side was startled when he heard what Tovelo said. "Wait a minute, who's the other player that you mentioned just now?"

"Oh, Vic." Tovelo was somewhat confused. "Lord Rong, you know him?"

Lord Rong's face changed slightly, then replied in a serious manner, "Do you remember the tournament at the University of Jianghai that I commentated for? There's a player with this ID, Vic123, which is similar to the one you mentioned just now."

"Vic123?" Obang seemed to have recalled something. "Oh right, when I landed during the beginning of this match, I saw this ID flooding my screen."

"That's him." Lord Rong clapped his hands together, then raised a question oddly, "Why is he with GodV?"

DaMu was curious as well after what Lord Rong had said. "What's wrong? Is this Vic very strong?"

"Mmm." Long Rong nodded heavily. "In the previous tournament, Panda TV's Brother Haiou was there too, yet Vic led his squad to two consecutive chicken dinners, and his final accumulated point was in first place, which was far ahead of the second place's!"

"That's exaggerating, how can there be an expert in an intramural seeding match." Obang laughed as he shook his head, then continued. "Besides, given the distance between us now, Tuzi is the invincible one."

Who knew, right after Obang said that...

In the game, while he was standing together with Tovelo on the third floor, he suddenly heard a deep humph!


At the same time, the sound of a bullet piercing through a helmet was heard as well!

When Obang turned to look, he was immensely shocked to see blood splattering out of Tovelo's dark Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet.

On the squad list as well, Tovelo's health was seen declining all the way such that he was only left with a little red health!

'What's going on?'

Obang was struck dumb!

Tovelo who had been aiming at the destroyed vehicle on the wheat field was a bit stunned too.

He quickly crouched as he retreated, looked for a cover, then healed himself with a first aid kit.

Not far away from them, DaMu who was baiting to the side with Lord Rong turned to take a look at the building that their teammates were in and was puzzled. "What's going on? Obang, did someone make a sneak attack at you and Tuzi?"

"No, it's that squad behind the car on the wheat field." There was a complexity in Tovelo's tone when he answered while patching himself up.

"Ah?" Obang was at a daze, he asked, "Haven't you been keeping an eye on the squad behind the car?"

"Was that a quick snipe?" Lord Rong suddenly popped a question.

Tovelo was stupefied as he had no idea how Lord Rong knew about it, but he still nodded and replied, "Mmm."

Just a while ago, although he was talking to the few of them, he had always been aiming at that car on the wheat field through his scope.

If everything were to go according to plan, he would instantly fire a shot with his M24 as long as someone dared to peek at him or attempt a shoot-off with him.

Despite that, Tovelo only felt a figure flashing past his vision in the previous situation.

Due to their ongoing conversation that distracted him a little, he failed to fire in time, then his health dropped at once.

When he was about to make a shot,

Nobody was behind the car?


"The quick snipe!"

"It was really too fast!"

At this very moment, if not for his declined health and his Level Three Spetsnaz Helmet that currently had a durability of less than half.

Tovelo would even think that nothing had happened and that everything was just an illusion.

After he was done healing himself, he looked toward the wheat field, and an extremely strong will to fight rose in his heart!