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135 Express Delivery And A Chance Encounter!

 "Boom, boom, boom!"

Explosions that were heard outside their vehicle gradually became continuous.

Liu Zilang and the others hid in a small wooden house that had a red roof and yellow walls and consumed boosts while waiting for the bombing to end.

Truthfully, it really frightened them when the first bomb in the red zone landed in front of their vehicle.

This time, GodV dared not say anything like "as long as we're fast enough, the bombs won't hit us".

At the same time, four people suddenly appeared on a slope not far behind their small wooden house.

The four of them were not as well equipped. Only two of them had rifles, whereas the other two only had Uzi and UMP9. By the look of it, they probably had no vehicles to outrun the blue circle, thus they could only go by foot.

As they hid behind the slope, one of them took a careful glance at the small wooden house, then whispered, "This squad is so damn well equipped, they're most likely strong players from Sosnovka Military Base."

"What should we do? Should we fight?" Another person asked. "If we're not, let's leave right away, I'm almost out of bandages."

"Mmm..." Another one pondered.

He looked at the UAZ parked outside the wooden house, then giggled all of a sudden. "We're not fighting! We'll steal."

As he said that, he went over the small slope soundlessly, and crouched his way to the wooden house's door. Afterward, he quickly went in the car when the others were not paying attention.



That person was elated and even turned to look proudly at the wooden house.

"So what if you're very well equipped?"

"If I make a move, you'll still have to outrun the blue circle by foot, don't you?"


In the small wooden house, Liu Zilang's ears moved a bit when he heard vague sounds of a vehicle amidst all the explosion that was going on.

"Are there other cars outrunning the blue circle too?"

Soon enough, Liu Zilang realized what was going on and immediately yelled, "F*ck! Somebody's stealing our car!"


The others were stunned and quickly went out of the wooden house to take a look.

As soon as they stepped outside, they saw someone else driving their UAZ to a slope. Just as GodV wielded his gun with an intent to shoot, that car went behind the slope, out of his vision.

"Damn it..."

Instantly, the few of them were absolutely dumbfounded!

Who would have thought that there would be a car thief at a place so far away from the safe zone?


The car thief drove the UAZ over the slope, then hit the brake as he uttered in high spirits, "Brothers, get in!"

The other three players were startled for a brief moment before they quickly hopped into the car!

"Oh my god! That's awesome!"

"Haha, you're good, you're good!"

"You're quite slick, hehe. Let's slip away quickly, don't let them get the chance to catch up to us."

After the three of them entered the car, the person who stole the car drove while he boasted. "That's right, do you have any idea who my spiritual mentor is? Have you heard of the great Che Guevara? Slip away? That's not in my dictionary! Hehe, I'll even honk, hehe! This feels good..."

Who knew, before he even finished his sentence, they suddenly heard an explosion!



As flames were seen, their UAZ instantly exploded!

After the explosion, the scrap UAZ was now burning in flames as it rolled forward without any power.

On the ground behind the car, four crates were seen arranged neatly over there.

For the squad that had just experienced ups and downs, they all stared blankly at the dark screen and felt awful.


Behind them, Liu Zilang and the others ran over hastily after hearing the honking sound from the car. Once they crossed the slope, they were stunned to see what had actually happened.

All of a sudden, they were all taken aback!

When Liu Zilang saw the four crates neatly laid out on the ground not far away from them, he could not help but ask, "Sister Fa, is this your props team?"

Due to having many mediocre friends, Chen Yifa often had mediocre players sending vehicles and equipment to her in the game, and there was a female streamer who played "PlayersUnknown Battleground" like she was playing "Connections Battleground".

Nonetheless, if those four players were really sending her equipment...

It would be a bit too real!

Uncertain about it, when Chen Yifa heard Liu Zilang's question, her mouth twitched as she replied, "Maybe...they are?"

She coughed a little, then regained her composure. "They most likely are. Deep down, I'm actually against those mediocre players sending equipment to me, so some of them will employ some indirect measures like pretending that they were killed by me. I can see through acting skills like this."


Looking at the four crates on the ground, the other three were speechless.

In their live streaming channels, numerous spectators also burst into laughter when they saw that.

"Oh my god, that squad of players are too mindful of their acting!"

"This really cracked me up. Someone was even honking just now, was he informing her to collect the express delivery?"

"Acting? That's impossible! Those people must be car thieves!"

"Hahaha, stealing a car? What goes around comes around, karma is a b*tch!"

"The guy who symbolizes freedom is now dead, I suppose that after the explosion, that squad will never dare to steal cars anymore."



Now that things had played out like this in the game, Liu Zilang's squad could only loot the crates, and consume boosts before outrunning the circle.

Initially, they thought that they would have to run the whole 1500 meters. In the end, they unexpectedly found an orange sedan car parked by the roadside.

The moment the four of them spotted the sedan car, a light of hope sparked inside of them!

It turned out that everything had been predestined.


They got in the car one after another, and Liu Zilang was behind the wheel this time.

Currently, the first blue circle had completely shrunk, and the next safe zone enveloped Pochinki and the areas around it.

They went all the way West and drove toward Pochinki.

They went over hills and passed through the wilderness.

After driving for some time, the finally arrived at the golden wheat field on the east of Pochinki.

Just as Liu Zilang hesitated if they should enter the town right away, "ding ding dang dang" sounds were heard as their vehicle was being hit.

"Ahhh! Somebody's shooting us!" Zhang Xiaotong was agitated.

"It's coming from Pochinki!" On the other hand, GodV remained calm and identified the shooter's location.

At once, Liu Zilang pressed the Shift key to speed up the car, which created irregular orange flares on the golden wheatfield.

Zilang the Fujiwara was online!


At first, Liu Zilang thought that if he relied on his zig-zag driving skills, their opponent should find it hard to hit them.

However, he never imagined that the squad in Pochinki was remarkably steady with their aims!

Given the speed and their constantly changing line of movement, dinging sounds were still heard as their car was hit many times. Moreover, they also suffered a few shots.

Nevertheless, since they were still quite a distance away from their opponents, the other party was unable to fire at them accurately. Therefore, they were lucky to not have been shot down.

As a result of those shots, the durability of their vehicle kept declining, and smoke emitted gradually from it.

When Liu Zilang took a look at their distance from Pochinki, he knew that it was impossible for them to charge into the town by going around it.

Without any warning, just as he was going to stop the car, it shook all of a sudden after passing through a ridge.

Later on, it lost balance, and rolled sideways for a few rounds, then landed on the roof of the car like a tortoise.

At the same time, in the Team Chat of the squad in Pochinki.

"Obang, DaMu, quick, stop looting! That car overturned!"

"Coming, coming. Tuzi, did you hit anyone?"

"No, the driver has some skills."

"How did the car overturn then?"

"Uh...I'm not sure too, come over to finish them!"

"Mmm, Lord Rong, go to the side to bait them, this looks like a 4-man squad!"

"..."Che Guevara is a criminal from China who stole an electric car with another accomplice, and quickly became famous after being arrested by the police as he was unwilling to admit his mistakes no matter what, and kept expressing that he'll never work in his life. Due to his hairstyle and beard that makes him look like Ernesto "Che" Guevara who was an Argentine revolutionary, a guerrilla leader, a diplomat, the netizens of China jokingly called him "Che Guevara". In actual fact, the "Che" in their names are of different Chinese characters with different meanings, such that the "Che" in the former's name meant theft