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134 Speed And Character!

 "Hang on!"

"And I'll get chicken dinner!"

In Sosnovka Military Base, that person who escaped through Building One's rear window had been searching for a long time, while the blue circle was getting closer to him. At last, he managed to find a UAZ on the lawn in front of Shelter.

"God doesn't want me dead yet!"

That person was elated; thus, he quickly ran over to drive the UAZ and drove his way out of Sosnovka Military Base.

He dared not go around C Building, hence he drove toward Sosnovka Military Base's fencing that was in the east direction. He intended to cross the East Bridge that was furthest away from the safe zone, where he would enter the circle through a longer route.

Even though the West Bridge was closer to the circle, there was a very high chance that somebody was blocking the bridge. Since he was weak on his own, if the bridge was blocked by enemies and he was lucky to survive it, his last resort would be to jump in the water.

When he was almost at Sosnovka Military Base's entrance, he pressed the M key to open the map to take a look at the safe zone.

He was thinking carefully as to where he should go after he entered the circle so that there would be fewer people around.

He wondered which location had higher possibilities of being in the next safe zone.

Besides, if he was not in the safe zone, which location was easier for him to outrun the blue circle.

He was immersed in his thoughts the instant he closed the map.

All of a sudden, his screen turned dark and the UAZ that he was driving seemed to be getting farther away from him.

At the next second, he saw a kill feed of a headshot on the bottom left corner of his screen, and the words "Better Luck Next Time."

Right away, he felt uneasy!

"What the hell is going on?"


Outside Sosnovka Military Base, Liu Zilang and the others who had been going around Sosnovka Military Base to look for vehicles happened to be on a hill.

When they heard the sound of a vehicle, they all turned to look.

They saw a player with "upright driving skills" who was driving a UAZ so steadily that he did not even make turns when he drove out of Sosnovka Military Base.

"A car delivery to our door?"

"Or someone called for a takeaway?"

Liu Zilang was startled for a while before he subconsciously scoped in with his 98K and took a shot.

As a sniper bullet was fired out from it, blood was seen splattering out of the head of that player who was at the steering wheel in that vehicle. Subsequently, a kill feed appeared on the bottom left corner of their screens.

"Only one? A solo player?" GodV felt that it was strange.

Liu Zilang rubbed his chin and then made a guess. "Is it possible that he's the one who escaped from Building One just now?"

"Mmm...there's a high chance he is." GodV nodded.

Looking at the situation, the spectators in their live streaming channels were a little stunned but quickly dissolved into laughter as well.

"666, another headshot at a moving target, Vic is truly a human microchip implant!"

"Speaking of which, if that player is really from that squad just now, he's really smart."

"That fellow actually ditched his teammates and ran away, I'm guessing he's likely a randomly matched player."

"That's right, but it was also destiny that they have been matched together, a family should stick together."

"Mmm, actually, I think that he has been regretting it after escaping. Didn't you see that he drove directly towards Vic and the others just now? This is the kind of composure after one sees past life and death."

"Whether you'll kill me or not, I'm right here, I'll neither be sad nor happy."

"23333, after seeing what you said, I almost believed it, that's so damn touching!"


In the game, while Liu Zilang and GodV were trying to guess where that player came from.

Chen Yifa and Zhang Xiaotong had already run over to find the crate behind the vehicle.

"Leave these ammo and attachments to me, Xiaotong-chan, take more boosts." Chen Yifa mentioned when she was looting the crate.

"No! I want some ammo and attachments too." Zhang Xiaotong pouted.

Chen Yifa explained patiently in response, "Don't you know? In this game, if you'd like to capture someone's heart, you'll have to first capture his supplies. You must remember, you're not a frontline fighter now, you're a moving Level Four Backpack."

Once Zhang Xiaotong heard Chen Yifa's explanation, she seemed to be really giving it a thought.

Later on, she suddenly reacted to the situation and was embarrassed. "I...I don't want to! I have a 98K, I'd like to fight too."

As she said that, she quickly snatched an 8x scope away from the crate.

One must admit, even though Zhang Xiaotong was not the best at this game, perhaps due to her skills that came from practice, her looting speed was somewhat similar to Liu Zilang's "shadow-less hands".

Just as Chen Yifa moved her cursor to the 8x scope, it disappeared the next second.

By the time she looked again, she realized that the 5.56 mm bullets were gone as well.

The boosts!

This time, they vanished even quicker.

Chen Yifa was dumbfounded for a short while, she was doubting herself as she took in the situation, and mumbled to herself, "Could it be that...I've really aged?"

When Zhang Xiaotong heard her, she instantly chuckled, then dropped some items out as she felt bad.


She dropped five bandages.

Upon seeing this, the spectators in her live streaming channel were overjoyed.

"666, that's truly Vic's younger sister. Xiaotong-chan's really fast at looting!"

"Fa Mama is not old at all! It's her looting speed that's getting old!"

"Hahaha, I feel sorry for Sister Fa, not only did she fail to trap Xiaotong-chan, she trapped herself."

"Xiaotong-chan is still quite sensible, she gave Sister Fa five bandages, hahaha, this is cracking me up."

"Speaking of which, what did they mean by capturing the heart of a person? Whose heart does Xiaotong-chan want to capture?"

"Sister Fa was just jabbering, Xiaotong-chan is still a child. If she's ever going to capture anyone's heart, it'll be mine when she grows up!"

"Enough, guys, take your swords out! Xiaotong-chan is mine!"


In the game, once they were done looting, they went in the car.

The few of them followed that player's 'final wish,' and decided to go through the East Bridge.

After all, the West Bridge was currently too close to the safe zone, which made it a natural blocking point.

If it was only Liu Zilang and GodV, it would be alright, but the thing was that they were together with Zhang Xiaotong and Chen Yifa.

Regardless, they could not just let them turn from being players in the game into observers.

That would only mean that they would not get any gaming experience and would also make Liu Zilang and GodV feel embarrassed!


After crossing the East Bridge, they passed by Farm.

The four of them traveled in the UAZ as they headed toward the first safe zone, which was located at the west side of the map.

The first blue circle shrank rather slowly, hence the four of them only went through a straight line in the UAZ as they raced against the blue circle and was out of it in no time.

However, when they were approximately 1700 meters away from the safe zone, the minimap turned red!

They were in the red zone.

Looking at the red area on the map, they were somewhat worried.

Which one of them had not suffered the Heavenly Justice?

Especially Chen Yifa who almost got killed by a vehicle after being bombed as she was teaching some "small techniques" to her spectators, she still had a vivid memory of it.

When she saw the red zone, she could not help but tremble. "How about we...stop by for shelter?"

"Mmm." Zhang Xiaotong quickly nodded to agree.

As GodV who was driving heard Chen Yifa's suggestion, he grit his teeth instead. "We're not far from the zone, we can just charge inside right away. If we're fast enough, the bomb won't be able to catch us."


PDD said the same thing last time.

"Ahem...I think it's better that we seek shelter for now." Liu Zilang coughed softly, then continued. "We're quite well equipped from Sosnovka Military Base, it'll be such a waste if we're bombed."

In actual fact, it was up to one's luck if one were to be bombed in the red zone, not speed.

Besides, it depended on one's "character".

Regarding this, Liu Zilang's view on his own character...

It was not worth mentioning.

While the three of them conversed, they heard a "boom" in front of their car.

Flames appeared in front of them!

The ground cracked all of a sudden due to the explosion, and sparks that were ignited almost caused some sod and soil flying into their vehicle.

"Tss, tss, tss!"

GodV who was absolutely horrified instantly hit the emergency brake!

...In PUBG, there's no Level Four Backpack, but Chen Yifa used this to describe that Zhang Xiaotong will be carrying all the supplies, so much that she's like a Level Four Backpack as a whole