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133 The Satan Who Protected His Sister! Part 2

 Cozy my *ss!

He was speechless upon hearing his words.

However, he had no choice but to crawl out of the room and cross the corridor humiliatingly since he was at their mercy.

After all, he still had a teammate that was still well and alive. Regardless of Liu Zilang's intention, there was still a thread of hope since his opponent did not kill him off.

However, he grit his teeth as he crawled towards them. He told himself that he would not kill them if his squad were able to make a comeback.

He must make whoever made him crawl payback by crawling ten laps around the Sosnovka Military Base.


He changed his mind to twenty laps!


Naturally, Liu Zilang was not aware that his "caring" gesture had brought forward such a strong hatred for revenge.

As the player crawled into the room, the three squad members laid down and trembled together.

Liu Zilang curled his lips as he reached out his hand.

He took out a bottle...

No that was not it. It was a Molotov Cocktail.

The three men inside the room felt a disaster had fallen upon them as they saw the Molotov Cocktail in Liu Zilang's hand...

'What the f*ck!'

'Are you serious...'


Then, Liu Zilang smiled as he asked, "Where's your teammate? Is he not coming to rescue you?"

He did not give the opposing party a chance to respond as he continued on, "What a cold world. Your squad has no warmth at all. Hmm... Let me increase the temperature for you then."

He lit the Molotov Cocktail and threw it into the room the moment he finished speaking.

He had even closed the door that he broke earlier after he walked out of the room.

The three enemies that were crawling on the ground were speechless as they watched Liu Zilang's every move. As they regained their senses, they started spewing vulgarities at him!

"F*ck your mum! I'll f*ck your mum!"

"I will f*cking f*cking your *ss!"

"B*tch. You better not let me see you ever again!"


Outside the door, GodV's eyes started twitching as he stood at one side.

'This guy is way overboard!'

He could not help to ask himself one more time.

'Is he the right choice?'

'Can this man really become our new team member?'

The viewers in the live stream were shocked as well.

After a moment of silence, they started laughing again.

"Despicable! This is too despicable! I love it!"

"Speaking of which, why is Vic so cruel to them. I haven't seen him acting this way in the past."

"Is it because Xiaotong-chan was being attacked? And Onee-chan was angry because of it?"

"That must be it! It must be! This Vic is definitely a siscon!"

"Beep beep beep! Your friend Vic the Satanic Sister Protector is online!"

"Satanic Sister Protector? I like it! It's very realistic!"


The nickname Satanic Sister Protector caught on and had taken over the entire bullet screen in Liu Zilang's live stream at the Attraction Section, in which there were around 290,000 viewers.

Liu Zilang spared some time to read the bullet screen. He thought that his viewers would see him as a cruel man, but he did not expect to see such a scene.

He scratched his head in confusion.

He thought to himself. 'Protecting his sister?'

Was that really the case?


Inside the game, the remaining enemy player in Building One trembled in fear after learning of his teammates' unfortunate encounter from their verbal insult!

Naturally, no one knew how he would feel if he found out that his very action might be the main cause that led to the three's unfortunate demise.

In that instant, he had two choices.

The first one was to rush out of the room and end this revenge induced match.

The other choice was to ignore everything and jump down from the first floor. He could choose to survive and carry his squad to the chicken dinner.

To be, or not to be?

That is the question.

It took him 0.1 seconds of pondering seriously and made up his mind - Not to be.

Hence, he turned around, jumped down the window and crouched towards the Sosnovka Military Base where the safe zone was.

There was a reason why he was able to make a decision quickly.

It was very simple. He had matched with three random players in a squad game.


Inside Building One, the three were warming up inside the room via the Molotov Cocktail.

Liu Zilang and GodV took out their guns and started searching every room in the building.

However, the two of them had ransacked the entire area and could not find him at all. Even his footsteps were nowhere to be heard.

GodV's lips twitched as he could not believe what was happening. "Did he... run away?"

"Most likely." Liu Zilang shook his head as he sighed. "This squad really needs more warming up."

GodV was speechless.

Meanwhile, Zhang Xiaotong and Chen Yifa and sneaked into the building.

Zhang Xiaotong was skeptical as she asked, "What do you mean by running away?"

Chen Yifa butted in, "Let's not talk about that for now. We're in the cleaning up phase for this battle at the moment. Where are the loots?"

"There! The room where the door is broken."

GodV raised his gun and fired at the door one more time.

Chen Yifa and Zhang Xiaotong glanced over excitedly to see three crates in the room arranged an orderly fashion. Chen Yifa was stunned upon seeing it. "Why are they dead in such an orderly manner? Did they move on peacefully?"

The situation did not seem to fit their conversation when Liu Zilang was mentioning something about warming up. It was hard for them to imagine what had actually happened here.

"Cough, cough." Liu Zilang gave off two dry coughs as he spoke. "They're a family. It's better for them to move on together."

"Hmm... Makes sense."

Chen Yifa rubbed her chin as she crouched down and started looting out of habit.

Zhang Xiaotong, on the other hand, was not in a rush to loot the crate. In fact, she stared at the three crates in the room skeptically.

She had a hunch that there was more to what Liu Zilang had mentioned.


This squad seemed to be the victor in Building C as the three seemed to have a lot of items on them, so much so that the items they had, seemed to be obtained from more than just one building.

As the four of them finished looting and distributing everything, none of them were lacking any sort of defensive equipment and healing items.

The war in Sosnovka Military Base seemed to have reached an end as the entire area was eerily quiet.

The vibe was similar to when the lunar new year had just started, where the difference was extremely obvious.

Meanwhile, the first blue circle was on their tails.

The first safe zone was located at the West Bridge, which had included Pochinki and Georgopol. The most southern part of the safe zone had stretched until the petrol station near the West Bridge.

It seemed to be rather tiring to reach the safe zone without having a vehicle.

The four of them could not find any vehicle as they walked around Sosnovka Military Base. It was very likely that the other squads had driven the vehicles away when they realized that the safe zone did not cover the area.

Zhang Xiaotong had finally found a buggy and went towards it excitedly.

Three out of the four tires had been punctured!

The four of them had no choice but to run towards the safe zone while looking for a vehicle along the way.

Then, the sound of a car engine could be heard coming from the Shelter.

What was going on?

Were there someone else around?