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132 The Satan Who Protected His Sister! Part 1

 Liu Zilang was the first to rush into the building with an AKM in hand!

Then, the livestream viewers switched to the first-person perspective at an instant..

One had to know that when players were playing the game in TPP (Third Person Perspective), they were able to freely switch from TPP to FPP (First Person Perspective) whenever they wished.

The player's vision would be blocked when they were firing at their target with the wall behind their back in TPP. Hence, it was much easier to switch to FPP as the number of blind spots would decrease drastically.

This was the main reason why Liu Zilang had switched to FPP.

However, this mode was not something beneficial to players who had motion sickness.

"F*cking hell! Why did he change to this mode?"

"This mode is super convenient when it comes to fighting indoors. I noticed that Guru Qiu uses it quite often."

"F*ck! I'm getting dizzy! Switch it back! Switch it back!"

"Don't switch! F*ck your dizziness! It's more exciting this way."

"That's right! There's nothing to feel dizzy about. The streamer has only switched to first person perspective to see things in 3D. It's not even 36D!"


There was nothing for Liu Zilang to adapt to in this perspective since he was one of the best players in CSGO in the past. In fact, he felt extremely nostalgic!

He heard faint footsteps coming from above as he entered the room.

He then sprinted up the first floor as he stayed to the right of the staircase.

As Liu Zilang was ascending to the first floor, he would switch his perspective between TPP and FPP alternatively, three to four times.

This was because even though TPP could easily create blind spots, it had an advantage that FPP did not possess, which was the ability to spot enemies from an angle.

In reality, it was not necessary for the best players to switch to FPP when there was a battle inside the building.

It relied on if he could find the right time to switch between TPP and FPP instantly whenever he wished.


At the staircase leading to the first floor inside Building One,

Liu Zilang switched back to TPP by the staircase so that he could analyze the situation by the corridor.

Incidentally, a player had walked out of a room and entered into the corridor.

"Da da da..."

Flashes ejected from Liu Zilang's AKM as countless bullets flew across the corridor at lightning speed.

Liu Zilang had managed to hit the player's head and body with his AKM the moment the latter had exited the room.

A thud could be heard by the door before he was able to retreat back into the room.

However, Liu Zilang was not in a rush to kill him off as he retreated back to the staircase to reload his ammo.

He looked at the AKM in his hands and thought to himself that the AKM in the game was quite formidable.

No wonder that fellow Li Muqiu loved using it and had even called himself the Little King of AK. It looked like he needed to make time to learn how to use this weapon.


"F*ck. How did you get knocked out the moment you left the room?" The team member inside the room asked.

"He f*cking ambushed me. I didn't know he's this quick with his guns." He crawled back into the room and immediately warned his teammate when he realized his teammate was about to pull him up. "Be careful! He's at the staircase on the right!"

Their teammate who was at the room opposite of theirs responded. "It's alright. He's at the staircase on the right, yes? I'll cover you guys. He won't be able to go over!"

However, Liu Zilang rushed into the corridor without any hesitation the moment he had finished reloading his ammo.

Any player who dared to run freely in a place such as building C when there were others camping inside the room was clearly not a smart person.

The player who was covering for his teammates was extremely delighted when he saw Liu Zilang rushing straight on by the corridor and thought that the latter was just a muscle brain.

He then took out his SCAR-L as he wanted to shoot Liu Zilang.

Who would have imagined that his vision trembled greatly the moment he started aiming at his target.

He groaned a few times as his health sank to the very bottom!

'F*cking hell!'

'Someone ambushed me!'

He who had been knocked out realized the situation immediately as he knew that Liu Zilang was not the one who attacked him.

He was spot on.

A person with a black cloth face mask came out from the staircase at the center of Building One.

He was no other than GodV!

GodV noticed Liu Zilang went upstairs via the staircase on the right the moment he entered the building.

He decided not to follow him. Instead, he passed through the corridor on the ground floor swiftly and walked up the stairs stealthily. He wanted to compete with Liu Zilang to see who could deal more damage when they encountered their enemies.

However, the first enemy was dealt with by Liu Zilang in an instant the moment he appeared.

As GodV was planning to barge in, he was caught off guard as Liu Zilang had started running across the corridor.

Professional players at their level did not need any communication among themselves as GodV instantly understood Liu Zilang's intention where the latter was acting as a decoy for the former.

As expected, one of them had come out of the room.

Naturally, GodV took care of him without any mercy.

Meanwhile, Liu Zilang strided vigorously towards the room where the first player had been knocked out.

Liu Zilang opened the wooden door and peeked into the room from the corner of the screen.

Then, he rushed into the room as switched his perspective to FPP simultaneously. He then took out his AKM and fired at the wooden door on his left.

There was a reason to why he did that.

It was because he heard footsteps the moment he opened the door.

However, there was only one person crawling on the ground. This meant that the other person was hiding behind the door.


Inside the room.

The person behind the door wanted to use his knocked out member as bait and ambush Liu Zilang.

Never in his dream he would imagine that Liu Zilang had no intention to kill them off at all. Instead, he fired at the wooden door, giving the player who was ambushing Liu Zilang a shock of his life!

As the wood dust filled the surrounding room, Liu Zilang had taken out the door together with the player behind it.

Meanwhile, in the northern room on the first floor.

The player had yet to give up change to a 4x Scope as he was still firing at Zhang Xiaotong and Chen Yifa.

Then, blood could be seen bleeding out from Zhang Xiaotong's body!

She was shot!

That man was delighted!

However, he was baffled by the time he turned around to look at his squad list.

He stuttered, "Why... why are you all f*cking knocked out?"

"F*ck you! I've been ambuhsed by a f*cking dog!" The first player knocked out by Liu Zilang scolded.

The second player who had been knocked down by GodV was frustrated as well. "F*ck your whore mum! Me too!"

The last man who had been knocked out opened his mouth but he was too embarrassed to tell the truth.

He could not say that he had been ambushed.

After all, he attempted ambush was a disaster and he was counter-ambushed...

It was literally a f*cking humiliation!!!


Then, Liu Zilang who was in the room spoke to everyone within the vicinity," Hey hey hey! Brother from the opposite end of the building, can you hear me?"

The player who had been knocked out by GodV at the opposite room was stunned when he heard him.

He crawled to the backdoor sneakily to hide since GodV and Liu Zilang did not seem to have the intention to kill him off. He was planning to become the forgotten man.

Surprisingly, Liu Zilang had been taking note of him all this time.

Since it had come to this, he had no choice but to respond. "What do you want? If you want to kill me off, just do it. Cut the chatter."

"No no! I'm not going to kill you." Liu Zilang's lips curled up as he replied with his utmost sincerity. "I only want you to crawl into this room."

"Huh?" That man was surprised as he questioned back. "Why?"

Liu Zilang replied after he pondered for a while. "It's cozier if there are more people."