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131 Repent Your Sin As God Protects Thee!

 Liu Zilang headed up to meet with GodV and loot the crates together with him as they were done dealing with the squad at Duga.

As he was looting the crates, he noticed Chen Yifa and Zhang Xiaotong's teammate icon moving very slowly from the minimap at the bottom right corner of his screen.

'What's going on?'

Liu Zilang was confused as he closed the minimap. His eyes began twitching as he looked out for them from Duga.

He saw Zhang Xiaotong and Chen Yifa crawling like a caterpillar beside the barbed wire just outside building C which was within the Sosnovka Military Base. They were literally glued towards the metal barbed wire as they crawled slowly.

"What are you guys doing?" Liu Zilang questioned.

"You're done, right?" Chen Yifa sounded rather shocked. "You should move to another area as soon as possible and leave the clean up to us supporters."

"That's right." Zhang Xiaotong nodded hurriedly.

Liu Zilang was speechless as he sighed. "Looks like this war needs a lot of supporters!"

"GodV who had been listening to their conversation laughed as he quietened. "It's okay to not crawl. Come over quickly."

Chen Yifa was cautious. She whispered as she saw someone at building C's window, "There's someone on the first floor."

"Yes. he'll definitely attack us." Zhang Xiaotong nodded again.

Liu Zilang patted his chest with full confidence as he heard her. "Don't worry about it. No one would dare to attack you if I'm covering you guys."

GodV's jaw dropped and was speechless as he heard Liu Zilang's words.

On the other hand, Chen Yifa and Zhang Xiaotong were extremely moved.

Although Liu Zilang liked to flirt with others, in these two games he spoke like a Casanova of this time and had eight-grade syndromes; his skills were not up for debate. He was literally a monster!

However, these two had obviously missed out an obvious point.

No matter how great he was at covering his teammates, his words meant nothing if he could not defend them.

Since Liu Zilang was at the top of Duga, it would be impossible for him to shoot the enemies inside the building.

GodV was thinking of this the entire time.

As he pondered further, it would be better for them to group up as soon as possible as this meant that they had one less issue to worry about.

'What if the person inside the building doesn't notice them?'


'What if?'

It was obvious that there was no what if.

One of the enemies inside the building by building C's window had noticed and been monitoring Zhang Xiaotong along with Chen Yifa the moment they crawled down.

"Are those two still crawling?" One of their squad member's voice came from the building.

"Yes. Haha. They're completely oblivious." The person on the first floor stared out of the window as he rubbed his chin and asked suspiciously, "Are they sisters?"

One of them replied after hearing him speak, "Your lust is leaking out. You're assuming that they're all females at the exact moment you spot them."

"That's right. Let's just kill them since we'll have to run to the safe zone later." One of them hushed.

"Fine." The man on the first floor shrugged and thought to himself. 'Sorry sisters, please don't blame me for showing you any mercy.'

Was this not a coincidence?

The man felt excitement within him as he immediately pulled out his fully silenced M4 and began firing at the two by the barbed wire!


"Da da da da..."

Rapid gunfire could be heard as countless rounds of ammo were fired.

"Ahh! Someone's shooting at me!" Zhang Xiaotong started panicking.

"Come quickly!" Chen Yifa sounded anxious. "Vic, didn't you say you'll cover us?"

"Huh?" Liu Zilang was stunned.

Frankly speaking, he did not expect the enemies to have spotted them at such perfect timing.

The problem was that since the enemies were inside the building, he was unable to attack them.

"Uhm... What I was saying was..." Liu Zilang gave off two dry coughs as he continued, "Uh... You've probably heard me wrong. I was saying I will cheer for you guys from here."

"Listen to me. Buckle up! Buckle up! Run faster! They can't hit you!"

Chen Yifa was speechless.

The same went to Zhang Xiaotong as well.

"This is f*cking ridiculous!"

Liu Zilang screamed as his character ran down from Duga, rushing towards the first building.

"F*ck! This guy is trying to steal my kill again!"

GodV quickly followed behind as he realized what was going on.


Clank clank, cling cling, clank clank!

Situated at the north of building one, beside the barbed wire.

Sparks danced everywhere as bullets shot the barbed wire.


There were sparks on the rails as well!

Zhang Xiaotong and Chen Yifa screamed as they retreated to the center zone.

The man on the first floor by the window had almost finished a clip of ammo and yet he could not even land a shot.

What the h*ll?

The man by the window was flabbergasted!

His teammates looked at the bottom left of the screen after hearing the gunshots and were extremely skeptical of his action. "F*cking hell. Are you going easy on them? Why aren't they dead yet?"

"It's not that they're still alive. I didn't even land a shot at them."

"Tsk! What trash!" one of them entered the room, stood by the window and proclaimed confidently. "Allow me!"


"Da da da..."

Clank clank clank!

"Da da..."

Clank clank!



The guy firing by the window widened his eyes as he could not believe what he had seen. His expression was priceless!

Was this a little bit too unlucky?

One had to know that bullets were able to go through the barbed wire in this patch.

However, the only factor accounting to whether the ammo was able to pierce through it was the probability.

Yet, how was it that it was as if they were hitting on a steel board when they had exhausted two clips worth of ammo?

Not only the people on the first floor were beyond astonished, but the viewers from the live stream also could not believe their eyes as well!

"What the f*ck! Did that just happen? Was the barbed wire enhanced beforehand?"

"Report, report! Why is the streamer's f*cking barbed wire behaving differently from mine!"

"That's an actual, real-life barbed wire! The best in the game!"

"Foolish humans! The barbed wire isn't the thing that's protecting Xiaotong-chan! It's God!"

"God my *ss! F*ck off you eight-grade syndrome introvert!"


Inside the game, as the two people on the first floor got over their frustration, they planned to fire another clip of ammo. If that did not work out, they'd fire two clips of ammo.

If two clips were still in vain,

They would add on another clip!

They refused to believe that they were this unlucky!

As the two players were about to continue firing, their teammate alerted them. "Stop firing. Someone's sneaking up to us! I think he's just outside the building."


Naturally, the two players outside their building were no other than Liu Zilang and GodV.

Liu Zilang barged into Building No. 1 and screamed as he realized Zhang Xiaotong was in a critical situation. "How dare you attack my sister! Repent your sin!"

Zhang Xiaotong who was outside the rail panicked and her tiny face turned red as a tomato upon hearing Liu Zilang's words. She was furious and embarrassed at the same time. "Stop... stop screaming randomly!"

Liu Zilang did not care much as he led GodV and barged into the building.