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130 Scientist And Inventor!

 "Damn it! It's time to show my worth!"

"Buckle up Wei-chan! You're the best!'

"Go go go! It's the best opportunity to get back your kill counts!"

"Weee! We're waiting for a one-man show, wiping an entire squad! The King has returned!"


The viewers from the live stream were getting excited and started cheering for GodV as they watched GodV getting closer to Duga.

GodV scoffed as he raised his head to look at Duga. "This squad seems to be enjoying more than I do just now. It's my turn to return the favor."

He had no more worry as Liu Zilang was covering him back at building A. He ran towards the left side of Duga as he rushed up the staircase.


Meanwhile, the person who was knocked out had been revived.

All four of them crawled on the ground as they were too afraid to stand up.

Their faces turned pale as they heard footsteps coming from the staircase!

'He's coming for us!'

"It's fine it's fine! He's alone. We will kill him if he dares to come for us!" One of them was very determined.

The other person was worried. "What about the man with the 98K below us? That sniper is too f*cking accurate!"

Everyone was shocked by his words!

He then spoke seriously, "Ah I see! It's because I was moving just now, and it won't do if I'm only moving my head! I have to move my body as well!"

Everyone wanted to refute his claim but the footsteps from the staircase from the left were getting closer by the minute.

Since it would be unwise for them to be crawling like caterpillars in this situation, they stood up immediately.

"Da da da da..."

They immediately fired their weapons as soon as they saw figures appearing at the staircase!


Then, the familiar gunshot came from the distance.

Their face turned pale in an instant!

At the left of Duga, one of them had fallen before they could stand up.

"F*ck! Why is it happening to me again!"

His eyes started twitching as he wanted to find a pillar and hit it with his head.

Meanwhile, he screamed at the top of his lungs. "Pull me up, pull me up! I've been knocked out..."

Just as he was about to finish his sentence, GodV who had been lurking by the staircase at the left side of Duga appeared and fired three shots with his M16, killing him off right on the spot!

That man was so shocked that he had almost vomited blood.

The other three were beyond embarrassed as they witnessed everything.

What the h*ll...

They could not take it! Their partner was shot dead right in front of their eyes!

"Let's go! Kill him! Kill this f*cking piece of sh*t!" One of them screamed

The other supported his motion. "I refuse to believe that the three of us can't take him on! Make sure not to block each other the staircase when we descend later on."

"Yes. Since we're doing this we might as well just fight him head on! We can still revive each other if one of us is knocked down and we would lose this advantage if we block each other the staircase."

"Let's do it!"

The three of them were done with their discussion.

They then started moving towards the staircase as if they were a special force. They took turns to fire at the staircase to produce a constant attack to suppress GodV from revealing himself.

It looked like they had some skills...

It was obvious that GodV was pressured in this situation as well.

He looked at the three coming towards him aggressively as if they had been training for this.

He retreated strategically as he moved a floor down and camped at one corner.

The three of them became more courageous once they reached the staircase as they saw GodV retreating. They then immediately rushed down in hope to secure their victory as quickly as possible.

Never would the three had thought that there was a loud bang coming from the distance as they were halfway through their descend!

Then, the enemy leading the squad started kneeling at the staircase as his leg gave in.

The two following tightly from behind could not react in time, causing the three to block each other's path.

"F*cking hell. What are you doing? Stop blocking us!"

"F*ck you... Can't you see I've been knocked out! Do you think I want this to happen!"

"Move to the f*cking side, quickly! Quickly! Stop aiming your butt at us!"


At the corner of the staircase, GodV's eyes started twitching as he heard the gunshot.

He looked to the prompt at the bottom left corner and did not think much of it this time around.

There was nothing he could do!

He had been numbed by the fact that Liu Zilang's shot was extremely accurate.

GodV would probably not bat his eye even if Liu Zilang landed a headshot two thousand meters away with the Kar98K through the iron sight.

GodV's eyes started twitching as he realized the three of them were stuck at the staircase above when he took a peek at them.

'What the h*ll?'

'These players... are seriously fooling around!'

Naturally, GodV took this opportunity since the enemies had given him one.

GodV revealed himself at the staircase and let his M16 loose.

"Da da da..."

"Da da..."

The man in the middle returned fire immediately.

Since there was a possibility that they would not be able to win against GodV under normal circumstances, the possibility was even lower when the three of them were stuck in an abnormal position.

It was just the first round and the man in the middle had already been knocked out.

However, this had caused the man at the back to break away from his formation and retreat.

He did not have much health points left after taking a few bullets from GodV. He had no confidence to win a crossfire with GodV under this circumstance.

He had nowhere else to go as he went back up!

In a moment of desperation before GodV aimed at him, he went over the railings and jumped off Duga!

He was extremely frightened as he stared down the moment he jumped!

He felt extremely ashamed of himself!


As expected.

A prompt soon appeared.

"ILoveInnocentGirls has committed suicide!"

GodV was stunned as he realized the situation.

He thought to himself that if that was necessary at all.

The viewers from the live stream were beyond dumbfounded!

"Did that man... just jump off the building?"

"GG! This is way too realistic!"

"Sniff. Douyu's GodV had committed a sin, he had forced an innocent girl to jump off a building."

"It's Duga, not a building! However, GodV is still behind in terms of kill count. Hehe, I think a certain someone is going to the rooftop by the time this match is over."

"Maybe he'll pull the same stunt!"

"I don't think I'm the only one, but Vic's aim is way too f*cking accurate!"

"That's right. To be able to land more than one headshot with a Kar98K via an iron sight at such a long distance is the literal definition of human aimbot."

"What do you mean human aimbot. According to my analysis, Vic is using a highly advanced muscle induced aimbot. It is directly injected into his brain where he would lock his aim by just moving his hand. Conservatively speaking, this technology is at least one week more advanced than the current technology.

"666, a sound analysis. Very impressive!"

"Hey you, the one who had mentioned about the human aimbot earlier. I've seen this hack before too. It's indeed extremely technologically advanced as it could go through Tencent's anti-cheat system undetected. Even the scientists and inventors are having a hard time going through the system undetected."

Ultimately, the viewers from the live stream had opened up pandora's box.

From then on, Vic's nickname as the Biological Hacker who streamed in the Attractive Section started spreading among the streamers who played PlayersUnknown Battleground