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129 It’s Over If You Shake Your Head At The Eagle Eyed Emperor!

 Inside the training base of the 4AM recreational club in Jianghai.

The coach and squad leader, Long Shengjue was holding a cup of tea that was owned by a retired cadre. He brewed a huge cup of koji tea as he sat behind GodV, enjoying the match as he sipped on the tea.

Both of them were surprised as they saw the two shots fired from the Kar98K by Liu Zilang who had aimed with just an iron sight. Long Shengjue who was sitting behind had even forgotten to drink his tea.

Both of them finally regained their senses after some time.

GodV stretched his back slightly, muted his microphone and then asked Long Shengjue, "What do you think of this guy?"

Long Shengjue frowned slightly as he heard GodV's question.

He recalled every scene in the match, took a deep breath and then said, "His close combat skills are unparalleled. His combat strategy and adaptability in small spaces are way above average."

"Judging from his long-range sniping capability based on those two shots, I believe that he's as good as Master Ze and Nighthawk."

Long Shengjue massaged his head as he continued, "I wonder where he came from. Why haven't I heard of him in the past?"

"Rumor has it that he's Xiaotong-chan's brother from Douyu," GodV commented. "He's also the very man who was featured in the two videos in which he had killed many players online."

Both of them stared at each other and started laughing at the same time.

This was because, from the perspective of professional players, the number of kills was not a key factor in determining a player's true strength.

What they factored in was the player's marksmanship, reaction speed, and awareness. In other words, the ability to see the big picture.

This Vic had fulfilled all of those criteria. Regardless if it was his marksmanship or reaction speed, he was qualified to be recruited into the top squad in PlayerUnknown's Battleground.

It was hard to determine if he was extremely good at seeing the big picture as every match had a different lineup.

However, since he had won his college's tournament, he should not be that bad.

Before GodV unmuted his microphone and then turned back to his computer screen. He told Long Shengjue, "let's put Lili on hold for now."

Long Shengjue paused for a moment as he heard GodV's words before nodding slowly.

The Lili they were speaking of was no other than NB211, a member of the A+ squad from Douyu.

As Lili was jumping from A+ to YY, she had to remain in Douyu due to some contract complications. Since she required a new squad after leaving her old one behind, and since GodV's streamer squad was lacking a good sniper, both of them had started getting in touch with each other.

Yet, Liu Zilang came into the picture. A streamer who kept getting chicken dinners in the Attractive Section.

His appearance had caught GodV's and Long Shengjue's attention as if they had found a better choice.


Inside the game, Liu Zilang had no idea that he was being eyed by GodV and Long Shengjue.

As Liu ZIlang sniped off the enemy at the top of Duga, his enemy crawled back into cover before he was able to kill him.

GodV and Long Shengjue had finished talking by then.

GodV pondered as he realized the two enemies on Duga had been knocked out. "Let's take this opportunity to clear Duga before the others are done. We won't have the initiative if we stay here."

Then, GodV's tone turned serious out of the blue as he asked Liu Zilang, "Can you cover me while I sneak over there?"

Liu Zilang's lips curled up as he heard GodV's request.

This question would not have risen if GodV was replaced by Li Muqiu.

As long as Liu Zilang covered GodV from behind, he would have rushed in with his AKM even if there were three squads at Duga.

It looked like they had yet to understand each other well enough.

Liu Zilang sighed in his mind. He beat around the bush as he smiled. "I'll do my best."

GodV hesitated after hearing Liu ZIlang's words. However, he then gritted his teeth and rushed out of the door.

After all, Liu Zilang was his potential teammate in the future...

Since Liu Zilang might become his teammate, GodV thought that he had to have complete trust in him!


At the top of Duga.

The remaining two players were reviving their two teammates that had been knocked out.

The first one who had been knocked out was the first one to be revived. He looked down to realize that a person had barged out of building A and was coming after them.

Without any hesitation, he moved to the side of Duga and started aiming at him.

"Be careful! The enemy has a high magnification scope on his Kar98K! He's very accurate too!" The player who had yet to be revived warned loudly as he realized the situation.

He was the one who got shot in the head as he covered his teammate at the top.

The other person laughed and teased him as he heard what had happened. "You're just stupid. Aren't you basically a sitting duck waiting to be shot if you stand there and not move at all?"

He then started firing while moving his head left and right.

At the same time, he said arrogantly. "If you'd done it like what I'm doing now, everything would've been over in a flash! QEQE! My head leans to the left! My head leans to the right!"

"Sigh! This is what we call instinct. You can't..."

Just as he was about to finish speaking, a loud bang was heard!

The green Level One Helmet that was on that person's head shattered and blood started spilling everywhere!

"Vic123 knocked out MasterMaSeniorDisciple by headshot with Kar98K!"

He held onto his abdomen as he laid on the ground and muttered, "How?"

The person who had been revived and ridiculed earlier scoffed at his teammate as he healed himself. "Keep shaking your head! Keep shaking it!"

Then, the first person who had been knocked out earlier spoke, "Brother, I was hit in the head while moving around too.

'Why didn't you tell me earlier!'

That person was shocked upon hearing his teammate's words.


Meanwhile, Liu Zilang's viewers were totally impressed as they watched the scene unfold!

"Three headshots in a row with just an iron sight on a Kar98K! GG! This is too cool!'

"666. Vic has the eyesight of an eagle! His aim is extremely accurate!"

"Eagle Eyed Emperor+1!"

"Hahaha. I think I saw one of them moving his head around at the top of Duga. How playful can he be!"

"Hehe, he must be a fool for joking around with Vic when Vic has his Kar98K!"

"It's fine to fool around for a short while, but to fool around all the way through... That's just suicidal."

"It must be f*cking great to be in a squad where Vic is the sniper! He doesn't need much to be able to perform well."

"Oh! GodV is rushing toward them!"


Inside the game, GodV was performing the Snakeskin Movement as he rushed toward Duga.

He had finally calmed down but felt something was amiss since Liu Zilang had not fired a single round.

'Looks like we're not that different after all...'

He then heard a gunshot as this thought was in his mind.

GodV was astonished as he instinctively looked at the bottom left of his screen.

It was another headshot!

Where did this guy come from!!

GodV was dumbfounded!

GodV admitted that he was confident in his sniping skills. However, he was definitely no match for the best snipers in the game, namely Shen Zeyan and Bai Shaobin.

Those snipers stood at the pinnacle of the game and could pull their distance away from the average players with their eyesight alone. GodV admitted that he was not that skilled at all.

Yet, this man right in front of him was not only extremely skilled in sniping, but his close-range combat capabilities were also off the chart as well!

GodV, who was an assaulter that specialized in long range and close combat attacks felt that he was no match against Liu Zilang.

GodV felt a shiver down his spine as he thought about it...

As he reached closer to Duga, GodV buckled up.

He wanted to prove!

It was time to prove himself!

At the very least in terms of having more kill counts in the match.

He must not lose!