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128 I’m Sorry, I Stole Your Kill

 In actual fact, the team at Duga was done looting the stairs on both sides, and the top section.

Normally, if Duga was not abundant in items, according to the usual rhythm, the squad would head toward the C Building or the K Building.

However, it turned out that Duga was extremely rich in loot in that match. After looting the place, not only did all four members of the squad have guns, but they were also equipped with a 4x scope and an 8x scope.

Seeing as there were many people who landed in the Sosnovka Military Base, they were naturally tempted to stay on Duga for target practice.

Previously when Liu Zilang entered the A Building, he had been shot at but the shot missed him.

Later on, when the squad heard gunshots coming from the A Building, they purposely left one of their players there.

Therefore, Liu Zilang suffered a headshot as he exited the building.


"F*ck! You're lucky to have run away so quickly!"

On Duga, that person had an SKS with a 4x scope and was just about to make another shot.

However, Liu Zilang who was able to quickly identify the direction of the shot went back into the A Building in a trice.

Next, GodV aimed at Duga.

He held up his M16 that was attached with a holographic sight and fired single shots in rapid succession.

Nevertheless, the other three players who were aiming at the C Building reacted to the situation and quickly sent support to their teammate.

"Boom, boom, boom...!"

"Da, da...!"

Gunshots pierced through the air and countless bullets were seen pouring down from the Duga.

Although there was quite a distance between both parties, the players on Duga had poor accuracy in their shots.

Due to the intense fire, GodV could only retreat for the time being as he was by himself and had no high magnification scope.

"F*ck, how can those players be so tricky to handle?" GodV uttered madly as he positioned himself behind a door.

Upon seeing the situation, the spectators in his live streaming channel immediately became excited. This was because they rarely saw GodV so dejected.

"Wei-chan, don't be afraid! Strike!"

"This is your golden chance to prove yourself! Those aren't players, they're your kill count!"

"I'll hit your chest with my small fists, I don't care! I'm betting all I have on this!"

"How can a man pull back from a fight! You must stand your ground!"

"Attack, attack, attack! Don't be afraid, just go head on!"

Though GodV was a technical streamer, from a fan's perspective, it was a rather interesting thing to see technical streamers being humiliated.

Therefore, at that point in time, the bullet screen in his live streaming channel was mostly filled with comments that encouraged him to compete with his shooting skills.

After GodV took a glance at his bullet screen, he became outraged.

'I don't believe this!'

He kept peeking from behind the door at the A Building as he moved sideways to fire shots.

On Duga, waves of gunshots were heard as well as they aimed at GodV who moved around like the "Flash".

Right then, the terrifying part of GodV's body technique as a professional player was seen.

Despite firing 10 shots in succession with his SKS that was attached with an extended magazine, he did not get hit at all as he repeatedly dodged sideways.

However, correspondingly, his SKS with a red dot sight did not hit any of them on Duga too.

After all, due to the far distance between them, it was simply a pipe dream for him to hit anyone with a red dot sight. Not to mention, he had no chance to aim as he had to hide behind the door for cover.

Even if he were to land one successful shot, it would most likely be because of his luck.

When the spectators in the live streaming channel saw GodV's "flashing marksmanship", they were thrilled.

"666, I want to buy this marksmanship, he's letting things take its own course!"

"Nice, nice! GodV finally encountered well-matched opponents! Hahaha."

"Wu wu wu, why didn't he hit anyone? Why are you laughing? Cry! All of you, cry!"

"Let's be reasonable, I'll give GodV's body technique nine points, but I'll give his marksmanship zero!"

"Did you eat the last point? Actually, I think that it's alright. Given the distance and the lack of a high magnification scope, even for Master Ze, he'd only be able to attempt just a few shots too."


GodV was changing his magazine behind the door when he took another look at the bullet screen. It turned his face gloomy instantly.

'These idiots...

'Damn you, I must hit you no matter what!'

Once GodV was done reloading, he peeked but stayed in that position this time. He then made continuous shots which produced "bang, bang, bang" sounds!

All of a sudden, many bullets were fired out from his SKS. They were headed straight at his opponents!

However, even though GodV's shots were fast and unexpected, his opponent immediately dodged left and right on Duga when he heard them.

Evidently, that person also felt that he had met a "well-matched" opponent. Therefore, he did not intend to lay prone in one spot. Instead, he tried to look for a chance to counterattack as he shifted positions.

"This player is too damn difficult to hit." GodV who had missed all his shots could not take it anymore.

Who knew, right then, that a "boom" would be heard!

Next thing they knew, blood was seen splattering out of the head of that person who was pacing back and forth on the Duga. That person collapsed to the ground.

When GodV and the spectators in his live streaming channel witnessed this, their first reaction was.


'He's finally been hit!'

Right after that, they quickly realized something...

'That's not right!'

'The gunshot doesn't sound right!'

In the game, after GodV retreated, he turned and saw Liu Zilang beside him. He was confused as he did not know when Liu Zilang had finished healing himself. However, Liu Zilang was seen reloading his 98K.

Astonished, GodV asked, "That shot just now...was it you?"

"Mmm? What's wrong!" Liu Zilang was stunned.

Quickly after, he seemed to have realized what was going on, and he quickly added, "Oh, oh! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I stole your kill."

"..." GodV's mouth twitched as he heard Liu Zilang's words.

'Is the kill even the point here?'

At that moment, a system notification appeared on the bottom left corner of their screens.

When GodV saw the notification that the player had been knocked out by a headshot, he could not help but ask Liu Zilang, "You've got a high magnification scope?"

However, when he stole a glance at Liu Zilang's 98K that was not attached with any attachments at all, his eyes twitched!

'An iron sight 98K.

'Is he really that fierce?'

As for Liu Zilang, he could tell that GodV was surprised. Hence, he smiled and replied humbly, "It's nothing, it's nothing, I was just lucky."

While Liu Zilang said that, he saw somebody on the left of Duga aiming at them.

In a split second, Liu Zilang held his iron sight 98K up without any hesitation and then shifted his body to peek at their opponent. He once again fired another shot at Duga!


A sniper bullet flew across the sky, and went straight toward Duga!

The next instance, another system notification appeared on the bottom left corner of their screens once again.

"Vic123 knocked out SosnovkaPrince by headshot with Kar98K!"

At that very moment, Liu Zilang's words still echoed in GodV's mind.

'It's nothing, it's nothing, I was just lucky...

'Lucky my *ss!'

If no comparison was made, nobody would be hurt.

When GodV saw what happened, he felt uneasy!

Over at his live streaming channel, it was dead silent too as countless spectators were totally dumbfounded!

'With an iron sight 98K,

'At the door of the K Building, he knocked out two players on Duga by headshots.

'One of them was a moving target!

'He's definitely not inferior to the gunmen in our locally produced anti-Japenese movies, where the gunmen were able to kill the Japenese devils from eight miles away, with a single shot!'