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127 Covering My Mouth To Not Let Myself…

 "Da, da...!"


At the A Building's back door, GodV finally put on a show of his godlike reactions and control at close range.

The instant he entered through the back door, the players in the building came out to take a look at the situation as they had probably heard their footsteps coming from outside.

There were two players there, one entered, while the other exited.

As a result, the two of them bumped into each other, and nearly kissed on the lips!


Under those circumstances, one of them was smart enough to quickly fire with his gun. However, out of his expectations, GodV reacted quicker than him and knocked him out with the S1897 shotgun.

As for Liu Zilang, he did not enter the building through the back like GodV. Instead, he went around to the front entrance.

However, just as he entered the building, he heard a "whoosh" right beside his ear!

A bullet had shot past him and hit the doorframe.

Liu Zilang's ears twitched. He was able to quickly tell that the source of the sound came from Duga that was not too far away from him.

'Hehe, target practice starts now?'

Upon saying that, Liu Zilang smirked and chuckled. However, he did not turn around to counterattack immediately. Instead, he entered the A Building.

This was because based on the footsteps he had heard previously, there was certainly more than one person in the A Building.

Seeing how GodV had knocked out one at the back door, although that person had not been killed, both parties had to be in a deadlock at that time.

If Liu Zilang were to sneak his way through the front door, he would probably be able to surprise their opponents.


Nonetheless, facts had proven that surprises were useless.

At the A Building's back door, the opponent squad provided covering fire as their teammates tried to crawl back to them.

All of a sudden, they heard a gunshot along with hurried footsteps coming from behind them.

"Quick! Somebody's coming from the front door!" At once, one of them quickly realized what was going on.

"I'll cover the back door to let our knocked out teammate crawl back in, the rest of you handle him!" One of them instructed.

"No problem." The other two players swiftly moved out.

In actual fact, the A Building was a research institute with an aisle each on the left and right. There was a middle room that was connected to both aisles.

The two players split ways and were planning to attack Liu Zilang from his left and right to take him by surprise.

With that being said, Liu Zilang seemed to not have heard the footsteps of the person on the left as he chose to go straight through the right aisle!

On the dark aisle in the A Building.

The next second, the two of them met.

In a trice, intense muzzle flash broke out!

Liu Zilang who held an AK did not scope in. Instead, he shot directly from waist height and crouched as he fired.

Needless to say, at such a close range, waist shots were indeed much faster than scoping in. Besides, waist shots allowed one to have more vision and was more convenient for one who wanted to switch positions.

At that moment, on top of his own untypical reaction time, he was faster than just a little.

Moreover, for a face-to-face shoot-out that was a matter of life or death, most of the time, 0.5 seconds was the natural moat of life and death.

For example, looking at the situation that had just played out.

While Liu Zilang had some blood splattering out of his body when he fired at his opponent, his opponent had already been knocked out by his AK.

Subsequently, the footsteps coming from the left side were getting louder!

At almost the same time, GodV from the back door began an attack in the building with his S1897!

When the person obstructing the back door saw his teammate getting knocked out, he initially wanted to turn around to back him up. However, as soon as he heard someone dashing in from the back door, he quickly turned around again to defend his position.

Just as he turned around, GodV was seen charging toward him from the back door in a speed faster than he imagined. GodV then shoved the barrel of his S1897 into that player's mouth!


With a gunshot, that person fell to the ground instantly!

Once GodV was done with the player, he dashed into the building without stopping at all.

The corners of his mouth lifted a little.

'This round, it's time for me to save you.'

Nonetheless, when he arrived at the aisle, he was just in time to see Liu Zilang turn around after killing one player.

"Tu, tu, tu", after a series of shots from his AK which caused muzzle flashes to fill the air, he then proned on the ground.

'A Buddha-worshiping marksmanship?'

Initially, that player had went around the room and had aimed at Liu Zilang.

Despite that, when Liu Zilang proned instantly to pull off his "Buddha-worshiping marksmanship", the player suddenly lost his target.

The next instant, "whoosh, whoosh, whoosh" sounds were heard as he fired shots through the aisle. Those shots hit GodV who happened to appear at the turning.

Indistinctly, blood could be seen splattering out of GodV's helmet.

Quickly after, two kill feed prompts appeared on the bottom left corners of their screens.

"DragonShots knocked out 4AM-GodV by headshot with SCAR-L!"

"Vic123 killed DragonShots with AKM!"

In the game, Liu Zilang had killed that player by proning on the ground and using the "lower body firing mode".

Just as he stood up to heal himself, he saw GodV with a hand on his abdomen. God V knelt on the ground at the corner. Surprised, Liu Zilang asked, "Eh? Why did you die again?"

'Why did you die again?'

When GodV heard the word "again",

He felt like someone had stabbed a knife right into his heart!

'This feels terrible!

'Damn this, did I provoke anyone to deserve this?'

Watching the scene unfold, the spectators in GodV's live streaming channel were shocked. However, they quickly dissolved into laughter as well.

"GG! He found love at the corner, it feels like GodV didn't check the Almanac today!"

"Hahaha, he was really caught off guard by that headshot kill, that was too insane!"

"Hehe, I'm covering my mouth to not let myself laugh out loud, and I'm presenting short B-box performance!"

"Wu, wu, wu, is my 7911 declining! Wei-chan, you must buck up! Up, up!"


In the game, after reviving GodV again, Liu Zilang healed himself.

If it was Li Muqiu instead, Liu Zilang would have certainly healed himself before reviving him.

As for GodV, since they were not very close friends, Liu Zilang had to restrain himself from acting that way.

Somehow, GodV felt bad about it. Thus, when he found a 98K in one of the crates, he said to Liu Zilang, "There's a 98K here, do you want it?"

Right after GodV said that, before Liu Zilang could reply him, the spectators in his live streaming channel erupted in shock!

"What's going on? GodV is letting go of a 98K?"

"F*ck! I'm not hearing things, am I?"

"A pinch-hit! That's definitely a pinch-hit! 4amCpt, stop pretending, I know it's you!"

"Wei-chan, you've changed! You're no longer the Wei-chan from before!"


To clarify, GodV would only let the sniper in his squad have a sniper rifle like the 98K in tournaments.

On the contrary, if he was playing a random matchmaking game with his teammates.

Even if he were to pick up a 98K, and the spectators in his live streaming channel were to spam his screen with "Put it down!", he would still pick up the gun unswervingly.

With that being said, at that time, GodV actually offered to let Liu Zilang have the 98K...

This naturally confused the spectators in his live streaming channel!

'Who exactly is this Vic?'

In the game, when Liu Zilang heard what GodV said, he was a little startled too.

Following that, Liu Zilang walked over to the crate and quickly changed his S12K to the 98K as he spoke, "Don't! Don't do this, I"ll feel ill-at-ease. I feel a bit embarrassed, eh! Alright, alright..."

Despite hearing Liu Zilang being reluctant, GodV watched the 98K and its ammo disappear from the crate in the speed of light. Thus, his eyes twitched.

Upon seeing this, the spectators in his live streaming channel were speechless as well. They were scolding Liu Zilang with words like "shameless", and "brazen"...


Once the two of them were done looting the crates in the K Building, they left the building in high spirits.

'That felt good!'

In front of his computer, Liu Zilang stretched himself.

Right then, a bullet suddenly hit his brand new Level Two Military Helmet with a "whiff" sound!

In the blink of an eye, Liu Zilang's health dropped significantly!

Nonetheless, the moment the gunshot was heard, the two of them identified the direction of its source at the same time.

It was Duga!

...A famous PUBG streamer in Huya