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126 Catapult Takeoff, Rocket Jump!

 Of course, it was impossible that it was going to be a friendly deal.

In actual fact, Liu Zilang meant to exchange the player he had knocked out for GodV as they were "exchanging bows like a married couple". He hoped to prevent both parties from ending their teammate's lives due to the ongoing deadlock.

After hearing Liu Zilang's suggestion, the opposite squad fell silent for a while, as if considering the practicability of it.

A brief moment later, they seemed to have accepted Liu Zilang's suggestion.

One of them spoke, "Alright then, let them crawl to the middle and then back to their own squads. Before any of them are done crawling back, nobody is allowed to fire."

Once they came up with this "gentleman's agreement", GodV and the other player that was kneeling on the ground began crawling to the middle of the room.

Since it was the first time both of them had been knocked out, there was no need to worry about them dying from losing too much health.

Besides, in their situation, the only thing they needed to worry about was other teams that had landed around them as they could go over to where they were.

Needless to say, it was just how the situation played out.

That was because as soon as the two of them began crawling on the floor, Liu Zilang heard a "clanging" sound.

It was the sound of a frag grenade's pin being pulled!

When GodV who was crawling forward heard the movement behind his butt, he immediately yelled to alert Liu Zilang, "Be careful, they're throwing a grenade!"

Right after he said, a frag grenade was seen tossed toward the door from behind the wooden box!

The person who threw the grenade said proudly in All Chat, "Haha, did you think that I'm a fool? If we let you revive GodV, can we even defeat you?"

At that point in time, the frag grenade formed an arc in the air and then rolled over to the aisle of the K Building's back room.

'F*ck you!'

One thing for sure, the throwing of that frag grenade was an extremely evil move!

At that moment, Liu Zilang who was positioned behind the door was being hindered by barbed wire on his left. Hence, it was impossible to move sideways to dodge the grenade.

If he were to run to the back through the aisle, it would be more of a suicide mission for him as he would have to run past the grenade.

In a flash, Liu Zilang reacted to the situation!

Since he could neither resist the grenade nor avoid it by going to the back.

He had to get out of his position!


Behind the wooden boxes placed near the front entrance of the K Building.

After throwing the frag grenade, the two enemy players camped behind the box as they fixed their gaze at the door.

"Brother, that was quite a sick throw!"

"It's just average, it's just average. Luckily, you reminded me about it, or else I would've really let GodV go."

"If you let GodV return to his squad, we'll be doomed. He's a mad man with his shotgun!"

Right then, a figure suddenly from behind the door!

He came out!

Instantly, the two of them behind the wooden box peeked and aimed their guns at the same time!

"Da, da...!"

However, the second their gunshots were heard, an explosion was also heard!

The next thing they knew, a shocking scene which made everyone dumbstruck appeared in front of them.

Liu Zilang held an S12K as he charged out from behind the door and leaped into the air. While avoiding their shots, he actually jumped over the box and headed straight to their faces!

'This is...rocket jumping?'

Terrified, the two of them behind the box immediately felt like they were doomed!


Muzzle flashes were seen in the air as countless bullets attacked them!

Before either of them could pull the bolt of their gun, one of them was struck down!

"Vic123 knocked out IllegalDealer with S12K!"

At once, the other player next to his teammate was appalled. Thus, he quickly pulled the bolt of his gun!

However, halfway through the motion.

Liu Zilang who had paused for a very short while after he landed was so fast that he had already completed a 90 degree bolt lift!

Then, another "boom" was heard and intense flames emerged from the shotgun's black muzzle once again!

The last player left in the opposite squad looked at Liu Zilang's muzzle in total disbelief.

Soon after, he fell to the ground head first!

"Vic123 killed DiedYoung by headshot with S12K!"

"Vic123 killed 1kgPid=$? With S12K!"

"Vic123 killed IllegalDealer with S12K!"


'How is this possible?'


4 kills!

Looking at the red fonts that appeared on his screen, the spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel were stunned! They had been watching him through from the first-person perspective.

Many of them only saw the instance when Liu Zilang charged out from behind the door.

When the explosion was heard.

His health instantly dropped by half.

Subsequently, the point of view of all the spectators in his live streaming channel moved up as well when he flew up.

Not to mention, Liu Zi Lang pulled off the unbelievable "double shot after landing from mid-air"!

Each shot killed one person.

He did not even gasp for breath!

All of a sudden, the bullet screen in his live stream channel was flooded.

"F*ck me, is this the legendary rocket jump?"

"What rocket jump! Don't bully me just because I don't study much! That was clearly a catapult takeoff!"

"666, Vic's reaction is too quick! He really showed off by flying up just now!"

"I won't even talk about that headshot, but that bolt lift! I was planning to give my hard-earned fish balls to the ladies in the Attractive Section, now I'm going to give them all to you!"

"Same! Vic is really too awesome! What's the point of watching young ladies? I'll satisfy myself by looking at Vic's hands!"

"Brother, I'm afraid Vic's hands won't be able to satisfy you!"


In the game.

After being revived, and after using a first aid kit, GodV consumed some painkillers. As he recalled the previous scene, he looked at Liu Zilang who was aiming at the A Building with a confused look. Liu Zilang, of course, was done healing himself.

It was a known fact that GodV was one of the very few professional players in PlayerUnknown's Battleground who was famous for his quick reflexes.

With that being said, as skillful as GodV was, he had never thought about making use of an opponent's frag grenade to turn a situation around.

'When a frag grenade is thrown,

'What's the point of staying in the spot instead of running away?

'Waiting for death?

'Still, based on Liu Zilang's actions, he was simply using our opponent's frag grenade to his own advantage...

'His quick response to spontaneous situations and his ability to adapt to situations are absolutely out of the world!'

When GodV had those thoughts, he could not help but gasp.


'This guy really has some tricks up his sleeves...'

At that point in time, the spectators in GodV's live streaming channel were speechless after watching what had happened in the game. They could not take it anymore!

Especially those who had bet all their belongings on GodV's victory.

Looking at how Liu Zilang had killed four players all by himself right after landing, and how GodV's kill count was still zero, they instantly had the urge to book a floor ticket for Mount Tiantai!

"GG! Vic put on quite a show!"

"F*ck you! Pig head, look at him! My fish balls!"

"Haha, you deserve to lose everything, illegal dealers!"

"I think we can't blame GodV for this, the main reason he lost is that the player's body technique in picking up ammo was too odd."

"It has just begun, it's alright, it's alright! Wei-chan, all the best! Win, win, win!"

"7911, up, up! LGD never bows down!"


Over at the K Building, once GodV was done healing himself to full health, the two of them went over to the three warehouses to take a look.

By then, the two people who had landed there were gone. This was probably because they saw that there were too many people in the K Building. Thus, they went to meet with their teammates in the A Building.

At that very moment, GodV whose health bar was full again was filled with a strong killing intent.

Just as the two of them arrived at the A Building, they heard footsteps coming from inside the building. GodV who was holding an M16 went straight in without hesitating!

It was time for him to show his real skills!

...7911 is GodV's Douyu Room ID, and 'up' is similar to saying bump