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125 I Have A Unique Dodging Skill!

 After getting rid of his parachute, and landing at the back entrance of K Building.

Liu Zilang entered the building quickly.

At that time, he saw somebody beside him land slightly later than he did. That person had also entered the building from the other entrance.

As soon as Liu Zilang entered the building, his eyes sparkled.

He saw a shiny black gun, and two red 12 Gauge rounds of ammo on the floor right in front of him, at the entrance.

It was the only shotgun in PlayerUnknown's Battleground that could make continuous shots, the S12K.

As Liu Zilang picked up the shotgun and its ammo, the person that had entered the building through its other entrance ran over to him. He did not see Liu Zilang picking up the gun at first. However, when he did, he could not help but panic and quickly ran to the front.

'What's the point of running away since you're already here?'

Liu Zilang smirked as he followed after the person while reloading his gun.

Perhaps the player who was in front of Liu Zilang was overly nervous and did not hear the footsteps behind him. Thus, when he saw an AK after running a short distance, he immediately stopped with the intention of picking up the gun.

However, he then heard the sound of bullets being loaded and saw a figure holding an S12K appear behind him.

'This is freaking...'

That person was taken aback and had almost peed his pants!

He quickly yelled in All Chat, "Don't hit me! Don't hit me! Vic, I'm your fan!"

"It's alright, it's alright, pick it up." Liu Zilang comforted the person as he continued, "Don't worry, I never aim my gun at unarmed people."


'How could a streamer with principles like him exist?'

That person was stunned as he subconsciously picked up the AK from the floor.


Without warning, a familiar gunshot that came from an S12K was heard!

Next, that person was seen kneeling on the ground with his hands pressed on his abdomen. He was dumbfounded as he looked at Liu Zilang whose shotgun had smoke coming out of its muzzle.

Right then, Liu Zilang mentioned apologetically, "I'm sorry, you touched that gun just now."

As soon as he said that, he casually gave that player the finishing blow.

The next instance, that player turned into a crate and wanted to cry badly. However, he had no tears to weep!

'I f*cking trusted you!'

As the spectators in Liu Zilang's live streaming channel witnessed the scene unfold, they burst into laughter. They all agreed as well that it was such a merciless act!

"666, the number of mediocre players has decreased by 1!"

"Damn it! Vic was really too despicable, but I like it, hehehe!"

"I don't think there's anything wrong, who asked him to pick up the gun?"

"That's right, that's right! Wouldn't it be good if he could just be a "Buddha-like" gamer?"

"Everyone, remember what this streamer said. Next time when you're attacked, don't hold any gun. Instead, just pick up a machete and see if he'll fire at you."

"Hehe, you're new to the live streaming channel, aren't you? You dare use a machete against Vic? Do you know what a Dragon God Sword is?"

"Please don't talk anymore! If you continue, I'll forget what game I'm actually watching live."


In the game, after killing the player, Liu Zilang picked up the AK that was in that player's crate in the speed of light.

At that moment, gunshots were heard from the front of the building. Hence, Liu Zilang quickly ran over to support his teammate.


Over at GodV's side.

As soon as GodV landed, he entered the K Building through its side entrance and found an S1897.

As he reloaded the gun, he quickly made his way to the K Building's main entrance.

Just as he entered, he saw a person not far away from him. That person was picking up an M16 along with three stacks of 5.56mm ammo.

Without any hesitation, GodV held his S1897 up and fired!

The next instant, a miraculous thing happened!

That person who was standing in front of the ammo suddenly bent over to pick them up. He managed to dodge GodV's shot without suffering any damage.

"F*ck! This is..."

Right away, GodV was surprised.

'I don't believe this!'

Later on, he quickly pulled the bolt of his gun and loaded another round of 12 Gauge Ammo into the gun.


It was another shot aimed at his enemy's head!

Despite that, unexpectedly, that person bent over again and picked up the last set of 5.56mm ammo from the ground.

As if the same incident had replayed, he miraculously dodged GodV's shot once again.

'This is f*cking...'

GodV immediately felt uneasy!

Followed by that, a gunshot was heard.

Blood could be seen splattering out from his body and he immediately fell to the ground.

That player's teammate had just picked up a gun from the room beside them and had gone around their room to shoot GodV from the side.

Seeing this, the spectators in his live streaming channel were dumbstruck. However, they quickly burst into waves of laughter one after another.

"Awesome, awesome! I'll give this body technique full points, he deserves to be arrogant about it!"

"666, I have unique dodging skills!"

"Hahaha, this really cracked me up. Fortune really favors fools, I can't believe that player actually stayed to pick up items even after a shot had been fired at him."

"Haiyah! Pig head is so, so mad! He's so mad that he's going to cry, he's going to cry!"

"GodV: I wonder if it's appropriate to say MMP now."


In the game, GodV who had been attacked by a sneaky player had an extremely dispirited look on his face. He felt frustrated.

Had he knocked out that player with his first shot, the player's teammate who went around the room definitely would not have had the chance to launch a surprise attack on him.

Shortly after being knocked out, GodV heard that sneaky player shout excitedly in All Chat, "F*ck! I knocked out GodV!"

"That's awesome, brother!" His two other teammates ran inside the room.

The three of them held their guns as they surrounded GodV in a circle.

"One, two, three, cheese!"

Overwhelmed, one of them asked, "Quickly take a screenshot of this! Have you taken a screenshot?"

"I did, I did! Wait a minute, let me share it on my social media," one of them replied.

After hearing what those players said, GodV who was kneeling on the ground almost vomited blood!

'These people are too damn weird!'

At that moment, the person who had attacked GodV sneakily asked, "Eh? Where's our teammate who entered through the back entrance?"

Right after he said that, a "boom" sound came from a room at the back of the K Building!

Concurrently, that person's teammate's voice could be heard through their Team Chat, "F*ck! I was knocked out and killed by Vic!"

Later on, that person continued as he was resentful, "Quick, quick! He's going over to you! He's by himself! Finish him! Finish him!"

As soon as that player finished talking, hurried footsteps were heard from the back room of the K Building.

The three people at the front entrance were on high alert as they turned their muzzles toward the back room.

Subsequently, a figure peeked from the door.


The sound of only a single shot of an AK was heard.

Quickly after, that figure shifted away in a trice.

As for the three people who had begun firing the instant they saw the figure, one of them suddenly "thudded" as he collapsed to the ground.

"Vic123 knocked out 1kgPigHead=$? by headshot with AKM!"

Since everyone had just landed in the area, two out of the three of them were not equipped with a helmet.

Therefore, Liu Zilang who was camping at the door by the back room shifted his position to fire that shot. He somehow made a shot that had similar effects as a sniper shot!

GodV's eyes began to glow as he saw this happened while he was kneeling on the ground.

Nevertheless, when he saw the ID of the player who was knocked out, his face immediately turned gloomy again...

The two remaining players at the front door no longer dared to fire at the figure without any cover.

The two of them quickly split left and right simultaneously. They then hid behind wooden crates in the K Building, which served as their cover.

At that point in time, the K Building was only left with GodV and the player who had just been knocked out by a headshot from Liu Zilang. The two of them were positioned like "a husband and a wife exchanging bows". Not to mention that their butts stuck out as they knelt on the floor.

In the blink of an eye, the situation at the scene became deadlocked.

Right then, Liu Zilang's voice was heard from behind the door.

"Brothers who are in front of me, let us all calm down and refrain from acting impulsively. We must believe in love and peace."

Followed by that, Liu Zilang coughed a little and posed a suggestion sincerely. "Mmm, how about we make a deal?"

When the others heard him, they were totally startled.

'A deal?

'What deal?' They wondered.

...Short for "Ma Mai Pi", which sounds like ma my pee, and means "motherf*cker", a popular cursing language used in China