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124 A Stormy Situation In Sosnovka Military Base!

 A round of rumbles later.

The flight route of the plane appeared on the map.

For this match, the plane set out from Severny, which was directly above the map. The flight route deviated a little to the southeast, whereby it passed by Rozhok and School. Its final stop was at Sosnovka Military Base.

"Where are we jumping off at?" Zhang Xiaotong asked after looking at the flight route. She was eager to try jumping so she asked.

Clearly, even though they had gotten chicken dinner in the previous match without killing many players, it had boosted their confidence levels.

After hearing Zhang Xiaotong's question, Chen Yifa rubbed her chin with her right hand as she analyzed the flight route. "If we're looking at Severny and Rozhok, the flight route is too direct to land at those places. As for School, we don't have to consider it, there's definitely going to be a lot of people there based on the given flight route. Both Georgopol and Downtown are too far, we'd probably have to glide for a very long time..."

Though she provided a long analysis, she did not come up with a verdict.

Then, out of the blue, Zhang Xiatong said, "Mmm...what about Pochinki? The distance is just nice."

"Don't, don't, don't." Chen Yifa quickly shook her head. "Xiaotong-chan, have you forgotten how you yelled and screamed the last time we were in Pochinki? There are too many campers there. Furthermore, if you think that the distance is just nice, other players would certainly think the same too."

Chen Yifa had a point.

'Pochinki is considered to be a resource point with the most houses on the map. Once a player finds a gun in any of the houses there, closes the door, and crouches in a corner, he or she could instantly transform into the "ultimate camper".

'Perhaps it wasn't as bad in a squad match. However, in a solo match, it simply turned PUBG into a frightening game.

'Can you imagine the feeling of not hearing any footsteps at all,

'But once you open the toilet door in the house,

'A person is waiting for you with a shotgun in his hands?'

After hearing what Sister Fa had said, Zhang Xiaotong immediately recalled her "moments of terror" in Pochinki, and gave up the idea.

Since Liu Zilang and GodV had not spoken up till then, Chen Yifa could not help but ask for their help. "Gurus, don't just keep quiet, it's inappropriate for weak ladies like us to choose a spot. Why don't you throw us a few suggestions?"

"Anything, I'm fine with jumping off anywhere." Liu Zilang chuckled. "GodV, you mark a spot."

"I'm fine with anything too." GodV shrugged.

When Chen Yifa heard their replies, she said snappily, "I'm fine with anything too then."

Who knew that as soon as she finished her sentence, both Liu Zilang and GodV would speak at the same, "Let's go to Sosnovka Military Base then."

Chen Yifa was speechless.

So much for asking her to make the decision.

Looking at Sister Fa who was irritated, Zhang Xiaotong covered her mouth as she burst into laughter.

However, as soon as she realized that they would be landing at the Sosnovka Military Base, her laughter faded away.


In the end, they settled for the Sosnovka Military Base as their landing point that match.

This was because after having quite the discussion in the airplane, they had missed many locations.

On top of that, GodV was strongly against progressing by looting from remote locations.

With that, the Sosnovka Military Base was the only place left with rather abundant loot.

As a matter of fact, Chen Yifa and Zhang Xiaotong agreed readily to jump off to the Sosnovka Military Base after they had been split into two groups.

Liu Zilang and GodV were in charge of wiping out all the players in the military base after landing.

On the other hand, Chen Yifa and Zhang Xiaotong marked the small hospital located north of the military base. To put it in a euphemistic way, they were the rear service of their squad. The two of them were responsible for the "logistics work" outside the area, and would only join the battlefield after some time.

When the viewers in their live streaming channels heard their task delegation, they were amused.

"666. Fighting is all about being in the logistics team, there's nothing wrong with this match."

"2333, why do I have an inexplicable feeling that Xiaotong-chan and Sister Fa are carrying a heavy burden on their shoulders in this match!"

"F*ck, why are there so many people in the Sosnovka Military Base this round? There are probably thirty over players there?"

"It can't be that mediocre players are here to snipe, can it? Uh...I'm a little curious if GodV and Vic can both survive from the battles in the Sosnovka Military Base this time."

"I haven't seen much of Vic, but GodV often plays 1-Man Squad and lands in the Sosnovka Military Base. It shouldn't be too much of a problem for him. The only thing is that there really are too many players here this time. If I were in their position, I'd probably just sneak away to the edge to observe the fights."

"Sister Fa, Xiaotong-chan, and GodV have high popularity counts in Douyu. Hence, it's very normal for mediocre players to want to fight them if they're in the same game. Besides, I heard that Vic is also leading in the Attractive Section of Douyu."

"The new lead in the Attractive Section? Wait a minute, aren't there only female streamers in that section? I just entered this live streaming channel, don't lie to me! Vic is a guy, isn't he?"

"That's right, but according to Sister Fa, Vic seems to be a catfish."

"F* that you say it, why do I feel a little thrilled?"

"Same, I'm feeling very excited too, ahhhhh!"

"A bunch of gays, that's enough!"


In the game, Liu Zilang did not know that he had somehow become a "catfish". Furthermore, he was unaware that a group of elevated spectators was rushing to his live streaming channel.

At that time, he jumped off the cabin that was directly above Sosnovka Military Base. He observed his surroundings closely as he landed.

"There's quite a number of people here, are we still going to the K Building?" Liu Zilang asked.

"Mmm, I'm more familiar with the rhythm over there," GodV answered.

When Zhang Xiaotong who was outside the military base heard their conversation, she asked curiously, "K Building? Where's that?"

"It's where we marked," GodV replied.

"Why do you call it K Building then?" Zhang Xiaotong was confused.

"Uh, it's a building that looks like the letter K..." After casually explained to her, Liu Zilang quickly added, "We're in a battle now, we won't be able to communicate with the logistics team for the time being, over!"

"Hmph!" Zhang Xiaotong pouted her lips, and muttered to herself, "This is odd. Why haven't I seen a building in Sosnovka Military Base that looks like the letter K?"

Liu Zilang was speechless.

GodV was speechless.

Chen Yifa was speechless.

This little girl actually believed it!

At that point in time, the spectators in their live streaming channels were totally amused by the conversation between Liu Zilang the brother, and Zhang Xiaotong the sister.

"He's really her older brother! It has been verified!"

"Damn it! He's downright lying to the Little Loli!"

"Hehe, for all you know, Xiaotong-chan is now drawing circles. She's cursing that Vic will turn into a crate as soon as he lands."

"Hahaha, speaking of which, Xiaotong-chan is too adorably dumb. She still has no idea where the K Building is after playing for such a long time."

"This game is purely a parachute simulator to Xiaotong-chan! Is there a need for her to remember the names of those places?"

"It seems like she really doesn't have to, 23333."


At the K Building.

Right before landing, Liu Zilang and GodV exchanged information about the situation around them.

"K Building, three at the front door, one at the back door."

"Somebody is already on Duga, be careful of shots from above when you go outside."

"Mmm, there are two players near the three warehouses, they're probably in the same squad as those two in the A Building."

"I'll enter from the side, and look for guns in the room beside."

Right after GodV said that, he could not help but glance at Liu Zilang who had landed behind the K Building. He secretly nodded to himself.

After all, in a squad game, the collection of information regarding the situation around them was an extremely important aspect.

This was because there was a wide range of factors that affected their chances of victory in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Sometimes, a player might have landed earlier and found a gun. He could then wipe out those who landed at the same spot. With that being said, the lack of awareness toward one's surroundings could cause them to be killed by a camper as soon as they left a building. This was a commonly seen case.

The communication between Liu Zilang and GodV was somewhat equivalent to gaining a rough understanding of the situation around them. Hence, they would at least have an idea of what was going on. From there, they would be able to find their own rhythm in the Sosnovka Military Base, a location where danger was everywhere.

Of course, for Chen Yifa and Zhang Xiaotong.

They had another kind of rhythm..