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123 GodV Joins the Party!

 Actually, it was not surprising that Liu Zilang was startled. It was his first time after all.

When he first got dragged to an internet cafe to play PUBG, he had to face a god-like pro in the final circle.

After he managed to win that fight, he heard from people around him that he had beaten GodV.

Liu Zilang then found out that GodV was an LoL-turned-PUBG player who had spearheaded the birth of a new generation of FPS prodigies. Now the leader of 4AM, he was known for his brilliant analytical mind, his great commanding and leading skills, and his insane reaction speed from mid-to-close range.

Speaking of which, Liu Zilang seemed to have stolen two of GodV's kills previously. That event ultimately led to the 'Battle of Mount Tennou' in the final circle last time.

Back then, Liu Zilang managed to noscope GodV with his sniper, whilst GodV made a major mistake in his spray control. With those factors combined, it ultimately led to Liu Zilang's 35-frag chicken dinner that day...

However, Liu Zilang did not expect that he would meet GodV under these circumstances. It was truly a fateful encounter!


On the other hand, GodV thought otherwise. After all, he was the one who took the initiative to play with Liu Zilang. Seeing that they were down a player, he sent Sister Fa a message asking her to invite him.

After the three had finished their greetings, Sister Fa introduced Liu Zilang to him. "Hehe, GodV, you can take it easy today. We have another powerful ally with us today - Xiaotong-chan's brother Vic."

"Xiaotong-chan's brother?"

GodV was shocked by learning that fact.

He had only seen the second part of the stream. Hence, he had no idea about Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong's relationship.

After recovering from his shock, GodV chuckled and introduced himself. "Nice to meet you, if I remember your ID correctly, we've encountered each other before, right? I'm not sure if you remember me. I got killed by you with a double headshot! I was so impressed back then."

Hearing GodV voluntarily bring that incident up, Liu Zilang chuckled. "Of course I remember, it was the final circle at wheatfields, right? Hehe, speaking of which, I'll be honest. That was the first time I played this game. Never would I have thought that I would get a chicken dinner."

"The first time you played the game?"

When GodV heard Liu Zilang's words, his jaw dropped.

His first reaction was that this guy was bullsh*tting.

However, after thinking about it a bit more, he realized that with those skills, that guy could enter any team he wanted. GodV made this conclusion after putting the level of major PUBG teams into consideration. Hence, there was no need for him to argue.

However, GodV could not help but ask, "Bro, have you played any FPS games before?"

"Yeah, I played a bit of CS:GO in the past," Liu Zilang replied.

Hearing Liu Zilang's reply, GodV instantly understood.

Of course, as someone who had years of experience in the pro-eSports scene, GodV knew that Liu Zilang's skills were not something that could be obtained from just 'playing a bit'.

However, since they were barely acquainted, GodV knew that it was too much to expect a heart-to-heart conversation. Hence, he did not question any further.

Thinking back to the orders from Coach Long Shenjue, GodV decided that he would observe Liu Zilang carefully as they played together.

On the other hand, in GodV's own words, as a professional player after so many years, he was a sore loser. Hence, other than observing, there was a part of him that wanted to have a friendly competition with Liu Zilang.

Of course, friendly fire was out of the question.

However, they could definitely compete for the highest number of frags!

At that point in time, GodV could not resist the urge to start a betting game.

It was a kind of betting game where Douyu streamers allowed their viewers to use fishballs to bet on the results of various things such as wins or losses.

"Will Sister Fa get a kill this game?"

"Wil Xiaotong-chan survive till the very end this round?"

"Will I get more frags than Vic this round?"

These three statements had two possible answers that viewers could bet on, 'yes' and 'no'.

When GodV's betting game opened, the 7911 stream room viewers started a discussion.

"Will Sister Fa get a kill? Pfft! That's a personal attack!"

"Xiaotong-chan should be able to survive till the end no problem, all she needs to do is to find a place to prone and camp, right?"

"As a chronic camper with 1000 hours on the Asia server, I can tell you that you'll get run over the moment you go prone!"

"Is this Vic really that good? Didn't he steal GodV's chicken dinner last time? I don't care! I'm betting on GodV this time!"

"All in! 200k fishballs on GodV winning! Wei-chan owowow! 7911UPUP!"

"Wow! You bourgeoisie! I'm in! LGD never bows down!"


After GodV starting the betting game, he constantly sneaked glances at the odds.

For the first two bets regarding Sister Fa and Xiaotong-chan, the odds were more or less equal. Hence, there was nothing interesting about them.

However, when GodV saw the last bet, he could not help but smile.

Out of all the viewers' bets, nearly ninety percent of them bet that he would win the competition.

Only less than ten percent of the viewers had bet on Liu Zilang getting more frags.

Furthermore, a large portion of those people placed only small bets. They were probably trying to make a quick fortune in case there was an upset...

In actuality, this was not surprising at all. It was GodV's own stream room after all. Naturally, there would be more people on his side. If there were more people betting on Liu Zilang, then there would be a real mystery.


Once Chen Yifa invited GodV into the party, the four clicked on "ready". Then, they were matched into a game fairly quickly.

As they waited on spawn island, GodV chuckled as he told everyone about the bets he was holding in his stream room.

When Chen Yifa and Zhang Xiaotong heard about the bets he had set, they both protested in dissatisfaction.

The two hardened their resolve as they swore to make the people who were betting against them lose their entire fortune.

Only Liu Zilang did not react that way to GodV's words. Instead, he licked his lips as he asked, "GodV, what's your stream room ID?"

"Hmm? It's 7911, what's up?" GodV was startled by Liu Zilang's sudden question.

"About that... I've recently earned a fair share of fishballs." Liu Zilang said in an embarrassed tone, "Hearing you say all that... Actually, I'm also quite fond of you, so I'm thinking of going there to have some fun myself."

'Fond of me?'

Hearing Liu Zilang's words, GodV's mouth twitched uncontrollably. GodV started to question his previous deductions for the first time.

'What about that imposing godlike aura?

'As a supposed god-tier player, at this point, he should be confidently going all-in on himself!

'How can it be like this?

'This isn't even shameless anymore!

'This is straight up stock manipulation!'

At that time, In the YY voice comms, Zhang Xiaotong was outraged after hearing Liu Zilang's words.

She had sneakily headed over to GodV's stream and threw all her fishballs in betting on Liu Zilang's victory earlier.

Who would have thought that in the blink of an eye, Liu Zilang would sell out both her and himself...

At that point in time, Zhang Xiaoying could not help but say in disappointment, "And I thought you were quite good. Who would've thought that you would turn into a coward once you met someone better than you!"


'Am I being despised by this brat?'

Liu Zilang was startled as an unsettling feeling swelled up in his heart...

At that time, the spawn island disappeared from their sight.

The game had begun.

...The Battle of Yamazaki, used as a saying to refer to a fight between two people at the epitome of their craft.The currency used on Douyu.Common Chinese netslang that depicts a cute(specifically "moe" in Japan) way of crying out in pain