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122 Guilty Show-offs

 At the bottom of the cliff, the three people crouched behind a boulder as they were focussed on holding an angle.

Suddenly, a loud "Bang" was heard!

Without warning, the three's vision faded to pure white as their ears were flooded with a buzzing sound!

Vaguely, they heard a loud shout come from above them!

"Ryuujin no ken wa kurae!"

'Holy sh*t!'

'What the f*ck was that?'

'Are we playing the correct game?'

The three at the bottom of the cliff were completely confused!

Only when one of them had dropped to the ground after having their blood spilled, did they realize what was going on.

"Vic123 knocked out PeepingatPleasantGoatBathing by headshot with Machete!"

"F*cklng hell! It's an ambush!"

Out of the two remaining players, one of them shouted out.

"No sh*t! Of course, I know that, but I can't see sh*t!" The other person replied angrily.

"I can't see anything either! That f*cker flashed us!" The person who got slashed to death said helplessly as he lied on the ground.

That person then shouted, "Spray and pray boys! That son of a b*tch wants to BM us with a knife! He must be somewhere nearby."



The next moment, a flurry of gunshots rang out!

Countless bullets pierced through the air under the cliff. The two players left were employing a"rotating fire" tactic as they fired blindly around them!

Then, blood spurted out of the their bodies!

"F*ck you! You hit me!"

"I... I really didn't mean to do it!"

"Where is he? Where is he?"

"I don't know? Maybe he ran away after hearing us shoot?"

With that being said, the two of them halted their fire for a moment!

However, a loud slash was then heard as blood spurted out of one of their heads!

"Vic123 knocked out ImtheCraziestofGoatVillage with Machete!"


'That bastard!'

As the last player's teammate fell to the ground, he became speechless.

Following that, gunshots were heard once again!

The last guy had just reloaded his gun. Panicking, he upgraded his "rotating fire" strat into a "spiraling fire" strat, madly firing all around at his surroundings.

During this period of time, his eardrums were flooded with angry screams from his squadmates.

"F*ck! You're hitting me! You're hitting me!"

"Stop firing you b*tch, I'll be finished off by you if you continue shooting."

The Stun Grenade's 10-second effect was not a long period of time. However, at that point in time, to the last man standing in the three-man squad, it felt like endless torture!


'Where's he?


Slowly, the effects of the Stun Grenade started to fade and the whiteness in his vision slowly dissipated.

However, just as that player was finally able to see clearly once more, he was greeted with a huge machete to the face!

The next moment, the three had their screens cleared from whiteness.

They were face to face with the black and white game over screen.


Their spirit was utterly crushed

'That f*cker... How could a brute like that exist?'


"Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!"

Looking at the winner notification on their screen, Zhang Xiaotong, Sister Fa, and Somin were shocked!

'What was this situation?'

'What about the exciting and thrilling final duel?'

'How did they get chicken dinner without firing their guns?'

'It was literally the opposite of a gaming experience!'

'And what the hell was that final fight? How did Liu Zilang kill the last three players with only a Machete?'

At that point in time, Liu Zilang's stream chat was flooded with various comments.

Countless viewers could not believe their eyes as they saw the winning screen notification. Liu Zilang's execution had left their minds blown!

"Genji, is that you?"

"6666! Vic was really savage this round!"

"The guilty shall know, show-offs!!!''

"Excuse me, is this a PUBG stream? Are you sure this isn't OW?"

"Hahaha, I'm guessing the three musketeers down there will have PTSD the next time they see a machete. I'm laughing my *ss off right now!"

"Take anything, just take anything you want, take it! Take it all! All I want in return is for the streamer to stop showing off!"

"LilClownV gifted a firework to the streamer - How long till I get as good as you!"

"IkuIku gifted a firework to the streamer - Lurker-turned-fan, this streamer is too f*cking OP!"

"67673UncleDreaming gifted a firework to the streamer - Thank you for leading Sister Fa to victory!"

"XiaotongchanGuardianTeamLeader gifted a firework to streamer - O great brother-in-law, please receive my humble kowtow!!"


In the game, Liu Zilang stretched his fingers and moved them around a bit as he laughed heartily. "How was it? You happy with your Chicken Dinner?"

"Well, of course I'm happy. However, I don't understand one thing." Chen Yifa asked, "How did you use a machete to kill off the last three players just now? They had guns!"

Hearing Chen Yifa's words, Zhang Xiaotong held her breath. She turned her head over as if trying to eavesdrop.

When Liu Zilang was hunting down the remaining survivors, Chen Yifa and company were nowhere near him. Naturally, they did not witness his miraculous flashbang play.

All they heard was Liu Zilang shouting out loud.

Then, gunshots were heard from his position.

And then... They saw the Chicken Dinner.

Upon hearing Chen Yifa's question, Liu Zilang paused briefly. He replied her while smiling, "As long as the blade is fast enough, it can kill anything."

Chen Yifa was speechless.

Zhang Xiaotong who had been eavesdropping frowned and let out a soft "hmph".

On the other hand, after hearing Liu Zilang's reply, the livestream chat went wild. The viewers started spamming things like "666", "Vic the BS king", "Acting dumb with a stride, stay by my side", and other quotes.


After getting a chicken dinner on the first try, the squad's morale and confidence shot up sky-high.

After the game, Liu Zilang wanted to invite Somin into their party.

However, she said that she had things to do. Hence, Liu Zilang added her as a friend and promised to play with her again in the future.

Throughout that time, Zhang Xiaotong did not utter a single word.

When Liu Zilang gave out a disheartened sigh, she could not help but let out an angry "hmph".

Liu Zilang was startled by it. He was albeit densely thinking over why the little brat seemed to be normal most of the time, but loved hmph-ing at everything regarding him...

Just as he was deep in thought, a WeChat notification tone rang out through the voice chat.

"Sorry, give me a moment, I need to reply to a text," Chen Yifa said.

A brief moment later, Chen Yifa returned. She excitedly said, "Now, I have great news to announce to everyone. Our PUBG squad tonight shall have one more carry!"

"Who's it?" Zhang Xiaotong asked out of curiosity.

The next moment, a low and hoarse voice rang out from the YY voice call.

"Cough cough, hello? Nice to meet all of you, is everyone there? I'm in the game already, Sister Fa, invite me please."

Zhang Xiaotong was pleasantly surprised as she excitedly said, "Wow! It's GodV!"

As a fellow 2D Otaku, GodV instantly recognized Zhang Xiaotong's voice. His tone instantly turned a lot softer as he spoke, "Oh, it's Xiaotong-chan! Hehe, I watch your streams a lot!"

As for Liu Zilang, when he heard the words "GodV", his face showed a slightly startled expression.

...Reference to Varus' voice line "The Guilty shall know agony" from League of Legends.Chinese saying "," which means to be extremely modest to the point where it feels like mockery to others.Chinese messaging platform.