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121 The Hexplosives Expert, Realize Your Imaginations!

 "Boom boom boom!"

The ear-piercing bombing loudly rang as an airstrike rained down on the entire red zone where Liu Zilang and company were in.

At that point, they had finished looting everything but no longer dared to get into a car and drive off.

This was because, if their car was hit by a bomb from the airstrike, it would end with all four of them six feet under.

Furthermore, as long as they were spread out in the open field, if one of them got knocked out by the blasts they could still be revived by another squadmate.

Once the airstrike started, Chen Yifa immediately proned on the ground and started to "tremble". The confident demeanor from when she said "Wealth comes from taking risks" was completely gone at that point.

Maybe it was due to the fact that she was streaming and did not want to give off the impression of "PUBG Chen Yi-fright", that she started to justify herself.

"Some of the viewers might not know this, so let me give a brief explanation. Oh you guys don't need to take notes.

"When you're stuck in the red zone without cover or a means to escape, eh! In such a situation, you can just start proning. This is a useful tip..."

Just as Chen Yifa started her spiel, a fiery flash enveloped the spot she was proned in!


Sparks, dust, and grass were sent flying into the air.

Once the dust settled, a Chen Yifa who was holding onto her abdomen could be seen kneeling on the ground.

"I... This... I..."

Chen Yifa was shell-shocked by the direct hit.

Seeing this, even the livestream viewers were stunned. Once they realized what had happened, they burst into laughter!

"Hahaha, I've learned it, I've learned it! This tip from Sister Fa is so useful!"

"Sister Fa is so skilled at jinxing herself, she should be a prophet."

"Cause of death: Proning tip."

"Hehehe, guys, what do you think if the PUBG gods dropped 'one more shot'?"

"Impossible! Chen Yifa can only take one shot!"

"23333, good point, good point!"


Once Chen Yifa recovered from her shock, she started ranting. It was as if was questioning reality. "Impossible! This is illogical! There must be a bug in this red zone!"

"Sister Fa, I'm coming to save you!"

Zhang Xiaotong, who was also proned on the ground, stood up and ran over to her.

However, based on the tone of her voice, there was a slight hint of glee behind her words...

Liu Zilang could not help but chuckle as he thought to himself, 'This brat is truly evil."

Out of the blue, Chen Yifa who was kneeling on the ground shrieked once more!


"Booom! Bam!"

Just ten meters away from where Chen Yifa was kneeling, a fiery flash enveloped one of the jeeps. It sent its remains flying down the hill!

"Oh my God!" Chen Yifa exclaimed as she quickly took some herbal medicine to recover from the scare. Then, she beat her chest a couple of times as she shouted out passionately, "Whew~ So close, so close! That gave me a fright!"

However, at that moment, something else occurred and left everyone speechless.

The instance the jeep that got flung into the air landed, it started skidding down the hill, right toward them. It was as if it was guided by some sort of mysterious force.

? ? ?

Chen Yifa who was kneeling on the ground did not react to it at first.

Only when the jeep got closer and closer to her, did she finally realize something was wrong!

'F*ck me!'

The next moment, she started screaming loudly, "AAHHHHHH! DON'T COME ANY CLOSER! DON'T COME ANY CLOSER!"

Her words seemed like what a high school girl would say if she was chased into a corner late at night by a burly man...

"Sister Fa! Sister Fa! Dodge it!"

Zhang Xiaotong, who was making her way over, worriedly urged as she sensed something was awry.

However, the jeep that was sliding down the hill became faster and faster over time. It was getting closer and closer to where Chen Yifa was kneeling.

Her crawling speed was extremely slow...

Obviously, it was all too late!





Seeing such a 'tragic' seen occur, the viewers felt a tingly sensation in their throats...

They nearly laughed their *rses off.

In the game, the flaming "possessed" jeep was just about to crash into Chen Yifa.

However, something had been tossed over at it.

It was a Frag Grenade!

The viewers in the livestream realized what had happened.

At the top of the hill, a single Frag Grenade had hit the ground after flying in an arc. It had rolled down the hill.

The next moment, a "Bam" was heard from behind the jeep!

Then, the flaming "possesed" jeep that was merely two meters away from hitting Sister Fa, was suddenly knocked off course by the impact of the Frag Grenade. After that, the jeep changed its course as it continued to slide downhill. It barely missed Chen Yifa who was trembling on the ground.

After rubbing shoulders with Death himself, Chen Yifa was stunned. She could not help but look toward the direction the Frag Grenade came from - where Liu Zilang was nonchalantly standing.

Instantly, she had a weird sense of affection.

'My savior!'


At that point in time, in the three streamers' livestreams, countless viewers who witnessed the feat were all shocked beyond belief!

This was especially so in Liu Zilang's stream.

Originally, when viewers saw Liu Zilang toss a grenade toward Sister Fa, most of them scratched their heads over what was going on.

'What the hell?'

'Trying to one shot Yifa?'

However, after seeing how the scene played out...

A lot of the viewers looked back at Liu Zilang's "satchel charge grenade". The viewers knew that play required a huge amount of knowledge on game physics. Hence, the entire chatroom erupted!


"Motherf*cker! What kind of play is that!?!"

"666! It's a GG from me! Now he's just showing off!"

"Is that the legendary Hexplosives Expert's W skill 'Satchel Charge'?"

"That grenade was just to show off at this point! I'm done! I'm really done! Are you Ziggs?"

"67673UncleDreaming gifted a firework to the streamer - Thank you Vic for saving a life, I've also learned a whole new arsenal of tricks."

"DanceWildly gifted a firework to the streamer - I just came over from another chick's stream. Do all PUBG streamers in the attractive section like to show off this much?!"

"LilClownV gifted a firework to the streamer - Vic! Vic! Can I touch your Frag Grenade?"


In the game, after Zhang Xiaotong had revived Chen Yifa, she stared at Liu Zilang who was not far away with a complicated expression.

Chen Yifa gratefully said, "The ups-and-downs of life come and go so quickly. The decision to loot crates is truly like playing with the stock market. I'm really thankful for your help this time."

"It's fine, it's fine." Liu Zilang brushed it off and continued, "I didn't think that I'd have an opportunity like that again, so I couldn't help but test a trick out."

"Ah? Chen Yifa's mouth twitched as she questioned further, "If... You didn't succeed just now, what would've happened?"

"you still wouldn't have been killed by the car," Liu Zilang said with a poker-face.

"Oh?" Chen Yifa was curious. "You still had a backup plan?"

"Nope." Liu Zilang chuckled wryly. "What I mean is that... You'd probably have died to my grenade first."

Chen Yifa was speechless.

Hearing Liu Zilang's words, the viewers in the livestream were also speechless.

'This f*cking guy is too brutally honest...'


It seems like the red zone had bombed all their 'bad luck' away.

The next few circles enveloped the top right corner of the map near Guangming Hill.

All the way up till the third last circle, when there were only twelve players left, Liu Zilang and company had always been in the 'Heavenly Circle'. They had been waiting on top of the hill with a full squad the whole time.

Furthermore, they were stacked thanks to the group of people who "delivered" them all the equipment they needed. These people were the ones who had fought with Liu Zilang for the airdrop just now.

At that point in time, whenever someone came close to the area, Liu Zilang was able to almost instantly report their coordinates to his squadmates.

Then, as long as the enemy dared to take a peek, he was able to pick them off one by one. All the other three needed to do was use their long-range scopes to snipe at a nice secluded spot on the hill.

It was so relaxing that the game seemed to have turned into a leisurely hike up a hill.

To Zhang Xiaotong, Chen Yifa, and Somin, it was a whole new experience.


Next, the circle once again shrank.

The people who tried to run into the safe zone were easily picked off by Liu Zilang. He was sniping at them from high ground.

When the circle refreshed again, there were only seven players left in the game.

Seven, if they excluded their four-man squad, there were only three enemies left.

'Where could those buggers be?'

Liu Zilang scratched his chin as he patrolled around the hill.

Just as he walked up to a small cliff's edge, Liu Zilang heard the semblance of a player's footsteps.

'Someone's here!'

He immediately shift-walked over and used the third-person camera to sneak a peak down the cliff. He saw that there were three players carefully hidden down there!

'So there's only this three-man squad left!

'Hehe, how interesting.'

Liu Zilang was overjoyed, he had the idea of tossing a Frag Grenade down there.

However, as he opened his inventory, he realized that he had used up all his Frag Grenades. He had used them on the group of people who had been running from the circle earlier. He only had a Smoke Grenade and a Stun Grenade left.

Liu Zilang suddenly had an idea. He immediately pulled out the Stun Grenade.

Seeing this, his viewers all screamed at how shameless he was!

'This f*cker isn't only gonna ambush those guys, he's gonna them first.

'That's just overkill!'

Liu Zilang did not bother to offer an explanation.

He cautiously peeked at the angles the players under the cliff were holding. Then, with a raise of his hand, he tossed the the Stun Grenade over.


Under the scrutiny of countless viewers in the stream, the sound of the flashbang rang out loud and clear.

On top of the cliff, Liu Zilang pulled out his machete that was strapped to his pants and let out a loud roar!


Immediately after, he leaped forward and jumped down!

At that point, all the viewers' jaws dropped...

Flying down from the top of the cliff, Liu Zilang descended down as he wielded his blade!

Amidst the silent wind,

It seemed like a huge dragon had appeared!

...A pun on Chen Yifa's first name, 'Yifa' or literally means 'one shot'.Same pun, 'Chen Yifa can only take Yifa(one shot).Same pun.Written in English.Referring to Ziggs from League of Legends.One of this novel's top fans.Genji's voice line for his Dragonblade in Overwatch., meaning "Take my dragonblade!"