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120 You Siscon!

 Title Translator Note: The Chinese PUBG community calls the MK14 ""(pronounced Mei Kong), which literally means Siscon, or more specifically, Younger Sister Complex. Translators have always dubbed it as MK, but since the literal meaning is relevant in the chapter, we shall use it interchangeably.

After this round of battle, the entire hill fell silent!

There were three jeeps, two sedans, and a single buggy...

However, the last man standing after the whole scenario had played out was Liu Zilang. At that time, he crouched behind a car as he healed himself up.

Witnessing this miracle, Chen Yifa and company who were on top of the hill had their jaws wide open. For Zhang Xiaotong who had been ADS-ing on her Kar98K the entire time without firing a single bullet, it hurt her pride a lot.

As for the viewers in Liu Zilang's livestream, they started feeling excessively inferior to him.

"What the f*ck... Vic solo wiped so many squads at once?"

"His reaction speed, his spray control, his technical maneuvering! Are you sure this guy isn't a pro player?"

"Stop spouting nonsense, I don't think pro players can replicate that stunt Vic pulled off just now..."

"Vic's Siscon powers are literally invincible! I haven't f*cking seen anyone who could use the MK like this."

"To the guy earlier who told me about Vic and his tales from the LAN tournament: I believe you! I f*cking believe you!"

"I feel like Sister Fa and Xiaotong-chan haven't got the chance to experience the game at all! All they need to do is say GG and start the looting process."

"I want this kind of squadmate in my team! I also wanna say GG! I also wanna loot!"

"I sincerely believe that he's invincible! All hail God of War Vic!"

At that point in time, Liu Zilang's stream in the attractive section had a popularity rating of two hundred and thirty thousand. He had successfully deranked the two female streamers on top and was the new face of the attractive section.

After that last comment appeared, the entire chat was spammed with "God of War Vic" comments. It looked extremely majestic!

"VerticalInteraction gifted the streamer a firework -- OP! Invincible!"

"CaoXX gifted the streamer a firework -- So this is the strongest skill-based streamer in Attractive! I feel like Douyu's attractive section's history has finally reached a new chapter!"

"DemonofTenThousandGrudges gifted the streamer a firework -- Is Mr. Streamer really not gonna do a face reveal?"

In a place within Jianghai, inside the 4AM training base, GodV had his face in his palms. He was seated in front of his computer as he watched a stream. When he witnessed what had gone down, he could not help but frown as he mumbled to himself, "This bugger is quite good! Looks like it really wasn't all luck last time."

At that point in time, the page that he opened was precisely Liu Zilang's livestream.

To be frankly honest, as a player who frequently solo-queued in squad games, GodV had to ask himself, If he was in Liu Zilang's position just now, would he have managed to come out alive?

However, he felt that no matter how much potential he utilized, the best he could do was on par with what he saw Liu Zilang execute.

'But what about Liu Zilang

'Was that also his limit?'

Based on his own intuition, GodV felt that it was not the case.

What Liu Zilang showed everyone just now was not the absolute limit he could reach. It was more of a bonus performance for everyone to admire.

Listening to GodV mumbling to himself, Alucard, who had been beside GodV the whole time, scratched his head.

After looking at the screen, he could not help but laugh, "Isn't this the guy you met. Was he the one who stole your chicken dinner from that time you were solo-queueing in squad mode?"

"I also thought that he stole my win the last time."

After GodV finished his sentence, he shook his head. "But now, I think if it were to happen again, I don't have the confidence that I'll win against him."

Hearing GodV's words, Alucard was stunned.

After knowing GodV for so long, there was not a stranger who had received this kind of evaluation from him.

'I don't have the confidence to guarantee a win against him...

'Are you really the same Gao Dewei?'

Alucard carefully looked over at GodV's screen and said in his head, 'This stranger, is he really that strong?'


In the game, After seeing that Liu Zilang had wiped out everyone, Chen Yifa, Zhang Xiaotong, and Somin appeared on the battlefield.

"Everybody, everybody in the House of Love!"

Chen Yifa sang happily as she started to loot carefreely.

Somin was still oohing and aahing over what had just happened. She hovered between a few boxes as she too started her looting spree.

To be honest, she had her fair share of playing this game. However, she had never queued with a guy like Liu Zilang before.

As for Zhang Xiaotong, this rat had the habit of going prone as she looted crates.

At that time, she looked like a caterpillar as she lied flat on the ground, crawling from one crate to another. It looked extremely adorable in a dorky way.

"Say, how is your Siscon so good?" Chen Yifa asked out of curiosity.

"I..." Liu Zilang wanted to answer, but his mouth began to twitch. He asked angrily, "Sister Fa, why did you call me a Siscon just now?"

"Weren't you Siscon-ing just now?" Chen Yifa returned the question whilst smiling.

"Oh yeah." As Liu Zilang replied, he immediately corrected his statement "I was using the MK just now."

"Huh?" Chen Yifa intentionally pursued further. "Isn't it the same thing? Is there a difference?"

Liu Zilang remained silent.

Zhang Xiaotong, who was still prone on the ground looting, heard their conversation.

She was startled briefly as she started blushing bright red. She shouted angrily and embarrassedly, "Sister Fa... You... If you say anymore, I'll ignore you from now on."

Hearing the conversation between the three, the viewers from the livestream burst into laughter.

"Sister Fa is too scary! To troll Vic to such a point!"

"Wait a minute! Why do I feel like Xiaotong-chan is feeling embarrassed... Unless this f*cker..."

"Seeing that his MK14 is so good! And that Xiaotong's reaction was so embarrassed! Didn't he admit it himself earlier! All the evidence and witnesses are on the table, heck, he even gave a confession just now! This Vic must be a damned siscon!"

"Aaahhhhhh... My Xiaotong-chan! Where's my fifty-meter long broadsword?"

"Kill Vic! Take back our Xiaotong-chan!"

"Bring me along!"


Seeing his chat getting flooded with these messages, Liu Zilang's eyes started to twitch uncontrollably.

Sister Fa was truly a "Master Atmosphere Manipulator"!

As the group looted the crates whilst exchanging banter, the atmosphere felt extremely lively.

Suddenly, the minimap turned red.

Liu Zilang opened the map and cringed at the predicament they were in.

The location they were in was at the outermost edge of the safe zone, but even so, they were right in the middle of a red zone that had spawned.

Liu Zilang hypothesized that due to the fact that there were so many people in the area fighting for the airdrop just now, it made the algorithm spawn a red zone.

"Time to leave, red zone incoming."

A brief moment later, Liu Zilang could not help but urge his squad.

"Ahh? There are still two more crates over there that I haven't looted." Zhang Xiaotong was a bit hesitant.

"Same here!" Sister Fa raised her hand.

Following up, she rationalized with everyone, "It's fine, wealth comes from taking risks! It's actually quite hard to get hit inside the red zone! If you get hit, you might as well go buy a lottery in real life! The theory is similar to how those shut-ins would prepare a 'ritual mat' before upgrading a weapon in DFO."

Somin also remained at her loot pile, not willing to leave as she shouted, "WaitWait!"

Seeing this scene, Liu Zilang's mouth started to twitch.

'Sigh, women...'

...I've used the lyrics for East 17's House of Love, whereas the author used the lyrics of the Chinese cover of this song by Jie Xiaodong.Commonly in games, before using a game mechanic that requires a lot of RNG, hardcore players would use "rituals" to "pray to RNGesus" in order to get good RNG. EG: Gacha game pre-summoning rituals.Written in English.