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119 The Rumored God of War!

 12 Kills!

Seeing the blood-red kill count text appear on screen, the livestream chat exploded!

"666, Vic's reaction speed... It's literally invincible!"

"Holy shi*t! I barely even caught the car flying over, how the heck did Vic manage to react that fast!"

"Hahaha, seeing a person disappear right in front of their eyes. I have a feeling those guys in the car must be confused as f*ck!"

"And that 8x scope spray control, I think I just wet my f*cking pants watching that! Where the f*ck did this Vic come from! Why the heck is there a monster like this streaming in the Attractive section."

"Subbed! Subbed! Looks like Vic didn't lie to us, he did have a reason not to do a face reveal!"


In the game, Liu Zilang had no time on his hands to care about what his viewers were saying.

To be frank, he did not have enough time to loot the crates.

Right after the squad had been killed off by him, another vehicle drove up and parked right behind a nearby tree.

After it was parked, two players hopped out of the car and started spraying at Liu Zilang's direction without warning!

Luckily, Liu Zilang managed to react in time and crouched downward. Otherwise, it would have been a "GG" for him.

However, despite doing so, his situation was not much better off.

Being forced behind the car, he was not only faced with the squad behind the tree in front of him. He could also hear sounds coming from cars that were on the other side of the hill. Obviously, someone had wrapped around to the other side and was trying to ambush him!

'F*ck this...'

Liu Zilang could not help but cringe at the situation. The other squads were there purely because they saw that he was on his own. They wanted to get their hands on an easy kill!

'Who do you think you're looking down at!'

Liu Zilang laughed coldly as he reloaded his MK14. He then popped up from behind the jeep!


Liu Zilang scoped in with his 8x MK. Aiming through the window of the jeep, he started spraying shots at the tree!

The two players at the lower part of the hill, who were behind the tree, tried peeking out to get information on the situation. However, it was obvious that they did not expect Liu Zilang to initiate an attack from that kind of angle.

In an instant, under Liu Zilang's rapid-fire spray, the person on the left was knocked out with a headshot!

After knocking down a person, Liu Zilang stopped his gunfire for a brief moment. He then flicked his aim over and started spraying down at the other guy who was behind the tree!

The player behind the tree was still scoped-in. He managed to find Liu Zilang's whereabouts after seeing the source of the gunfire.

However, before he even could aim with his 8x 98K that was in his hands, he was killed by Liu Zilang! This all happened as that player's teammate dropped to the floor.

Seeing their screen fade to black and white, the two players behind the tree were utterly confused!

'That's an MK14?

'That was too f*cking accurate!'

At that point, the two felt like there were no more tears left to shed.

What kind of a monster were they up against!




Seeing the red font "14 Kills" appear on the screen, the livestream viewers were surprised!

From their perspective, they were far past how insane the angle Liu Zilang attacked from was.

The crazier part of it was that as soon as he peeked, he aimed to the left and sprayed through one of the car windows. Immediately after that, he aimed to the right and started spraying down through the other window.

His precision was at frightening levels!

Despite having only 14 bullets in his mag, the two players behind the tree had been utterly blindsided!

'This is.... This is literally too f*cking insane!'

Based on the earlier scene when Liu Zilang managed to shoot down two players in a car with an 8x spray, some "blind dumbf*cks" would say that it was just luck.

However, in this engagement where he wiped the floor with those two players, it perfectly displayed the terrifying precision of his 8x MK spray control!


'There might have been some, but it was only a trivial part of the equation.'


Liu Zilang's dexterity in that battle had left all his viewers in awe!

However, what Zhang Xiaotong and the viewers watching at home did not realize was that the battle had not ended yet!

Out of the blue, on the hill Liu Zilang was on, the loud roar of a car was heard!

Apparently, a jeep had somehow wrapped over to the other side and was now charging downhill at extreme speeds!

Liu Zilang had barely finished reloading the mag of his MK14 when the jeep had reached up to his face. It nearly crashed into him!

Almost as if he had ultra instincts, Liu Zilang showed off the same trick once more. With a flick of his finger, he was in the vehicle once again!

However, the next moment, he did not leave the vehicle.

This was because the jeep was going downhill with extremely high momentum. As soon as it crashed into his own jeep, his jeep would slide down the hill a little bit.

If Liu Zilang were to get out on the opposite side of the car at that time, it was extremely likely that he would get squished to death by the jeep!

Amidst the sparks of the crash, Liu Zilang, who was seated in the passenger seat, immediately ADS'd with the 8x scope of his MK14. He started spraying match with the player on the other side of the jeep!



From Liu Zilang's first-person POV, ADS-ing with an 8x scope at such a close range, the livestream viewers could see the dark spots on the white Level-two helmet his opponent was wearing.

Of course, most of the viewers were preoccupied with the handcam on the bottom-right corner of their screens. Liu Zilang's slender and pale hand was rapidly pulling down on the mouse. He nearly pulled it off the table itself.

As they shifted their focus back to the gameplay, the blood-red lettering appeared on the screen once more!

"15 Kills!"

After the battle, the rumbling of a buggy was heard coming from somewhere nearby.

The livestream viewers were utterly speechless at that point.

'When is this gonna end?'

The buggy actually arrived not long after the other cars.

However, the driver was on his own and was not well-equipped enough to take on a battle. Hence, he started patrolling around the area as he 'observed from the sidelines'."

Hearing that the gunfire had stopped, he moved in to try and finish off whoever was left.

As he climbed up the hill, he became stunned!

Jeeps and sedans were clustered together in a jumbled up mess...

There was even a car smoking. The area looked like the site of a massive traffic accident.

'What the f*ck... happened here?"

That person immediately slammed on the brakes and parked the buggy behind a tree. Then, he cautiously peeked out with a 4x SCAR-L, trying to comprehend the situation.

As soon as he scoped in, he became scared out of his wits!

Through the 4x scope, he saw a person standing at the side of a car. That person was in a pitch black Level-three helmet and was also wielding a gun. Then, he realized that the person was wielding a gun and was aiming toward him.

The two crossed eyes and their vision intersected.

At that point in time, it felt as if a breeze had blown through the silent hill...

Their eyes had similar messages, 'That's who I need to kill."

The next moment, rapid gunfire rang out in the air!

The player behind the tree got a huge fright as he thought in his head furiously, 'What the heck ye doin'?'

Then, before he could react in time to pull the trigger, a flurry of sniper bullets ripped through the air as they instantly pierced through his skull.


From the grey helmet, the sound of a bullet piercing though it could be heard!

Before the player behind the tree could pull the trigger, his body had been raised up high.

Through his black and white screen, he saw his lifeless body drop to the ground behind the tree. His corpse also rolled down the hill for a brief moment.

'It was an instant KO!

'This f*cker...

'You can't let me sneak a peek?'

...Section/category of Douyu that is somewhat equivalent to the IRL streaming of Twitch, but in the sense that the main attracting factor and focus of those streams were their pretty/handsome faces. It's called which literally means 'face-value section'.A League of Legends meme. It is used to describe the tactic of not wanting to participate in a battle because a champion was afraid of losing.Written in a Northeastern accent.