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118 Destined Gun?

 With a huge "clunk", the airdrop landed on the ground.

Large amounts of red smoke leaked out from the top of the airdrop, dissipating in the wind. It looked extremely tempting.


Liu Zilang took his jeep all the way up till it was close enough to the airdrop before he slammed on the emergency brakes and jumped out of the car.

At that point in time, the sounds of the vehicles from below the hill became louder and clearer. This meant that they were getting closer to his location.

Liu Zilang did not even have the time to think about what he had for breakfast that morning. He ran toward the airdrop and then opened it.

A level-three helmet, an 8x scope, an MK14, a Verticle Foregrip, and a Quickdraw Mag for rifles!


'It's the MK again!'

However, at that time, he had an M16 and a Crossbow strapped to his back whilst a huge bunch of people thirsty for blood were right on his tail. Liu Zilang did not have the choice to be picky. He instantly swapped his Crossbow for the MK14.

At that point in time, the vehicles from under the hill had reached their destination one after another.

Since Liu Zilang had parked his car nearby and was looting the drop, it felt like he was looking down on them. How could they sit back and just take it like that?

'Who the f*ck do you think you are to be looking down here?'

As if throwing a tantrum, a person closed in on Liu Zilang and started spraying down furiously at him.

"Tink tink clank clank tink tink!"

Liu Zilang used the airdrop as cover as he quickly equipped the weapon mods he had looted. He then scurried off in his car.

'Bloody hell, if I don't hurry, I'll be toast by the time the other cars arrive. This small airdrop crate won't be good enough as a cover'

However, out of Liu Zilang's expectations, he heard two popping sounds as he was accelerating his car. Then, his car started to skid.

He immediately stopped the car and then went out to look at the car's condition. He could not help but wince at what he saw.

The group of bastards had popped his bloody tires!

Obviously, the car was busted.

If he were to continue up the hill at a snail's pace, he would be gibbed in the blink of an eye.

At that time, Zhang Xiaotong and company's voices exploded through the voice comms.

"Why did your car stop?" Zhang Xiaotong said worriedly, "Come back quick! Come back quick! They're heading over!"

Chen Yifa also urged as she said, "That's right! Or did you find something good in the drop... And you want to run off with it by yourself?"

"It's only an MK, why would I want it..."

Hearing Chen Yifa's words, Liu Zilang did not know whether to laugh or cry. "The people under the hill shot popped my tires, the car is dead."

"Huh? Then what are you gonna do?" Zhang Xiaotong asked.

Hearing the concern in Zhang Xiaotong's voice, Liu Zilang could not help but feel a sense of warmth envelope his heart.

He proudly said, "What a bunch of rats, I'll kill them all!"

At that time, a sedan charged in from the left and was heading directly toward Liu Zilang's stopped car. The squad in it was obviously trying to seize the advantage by using their numbers as they tried to force a close-range battle.


At that point in time, Liu Zilang who had a sudden burst in motivation could not help but raise his eyebrows. He switched out the red-dot M16 he had in his hands to the 8x MK14 and set it to full-auto. He then started ADS-ing at the red sedan that was driving straight toward him.

The jaws of the livestream viewers all dropped!

'From that distance...

'In that position...

'And Vic wants to...'

The next instance, a rapid burst of gunshots rang out!


Down the 8x scope, the full-auto MK14 started to spit hot lead!

Sparks started to fly from the red sedan as countless "Tinks" and "Clanks" were heard. At the same time, blood also started to splatter all over the car.

After the entire mag had been emptied by spraying at the vehicle, two players had been knocked out.

Seeing this scene unfold, the livestream viewers nearly fell off their chairs.

In a game where most players could not even control the recoil on a 4x scope, everyone unanimously agreed that anyone who could spray control while ADS-ing with an 8x scope was a f*cking monster!

"Holy sh*t! How the heck does this Vic control an 8x M14 so well! This ain't logical!"

"I know right! The last time I tried spraying with a 4x MK14 I thought I had a stroke! Are we even playing the same f*cking game?"

"The guy who called this illogical must not have seen Vic's spray control on a 15x full-auto MK14 before. This is nothing compared to that. You'll start to question your basic understanding of the game's mechanics after seeing that clip!"

"15x MK spray control? Sorry I've been living under a rock! I'll kill you if you're lying to me!"

"Hehe! Too young too simple! Didn't you know that the MK is Vic's gun of destiny?"


Focussing in the game, Liu Zilang naturally had no idea that the MK had suddenly been dubbed as his destined gun.

In reality, he did not care about all of that at that point in time. This was because the red sedan, which he had knocked out two players from, was still speeding toward him at maximum speed!

In the car, the player in the driver's seat was coloured in red. He stared at Liu Zilang who was not far away from the popped car. He gritted his teeth and shouted loudly, "How dare you hit my brother! I don't f*cking believe that I can't ram you to death right here!"

Liu Zilang knew that he did not have enough time to reload.

Furthermore, even if he switched to his M16 in time, judging by the distance and the speed of the incoming car, he would definitely face the fate of a car crash.

Realizing the situation, a lot of the viewers in Liu Zilang's stream started paying respects to him, whilst some laughed out loud.

'Who asked you to act all tough!

'You deserve it!'

At that point in time, Zhang Xiaotong who had been sneakily peeking through the 4x scope of her 98k from the top of the hill could not help but let out a shriek!

The next moment, a loud "bang" was heard!

The red sedan flew straight toward the position Liu Zilang was standing in like a meteorite. It instantly crashed into the jeep behind him before its engine turned off!

'Death by getting run over?'

Moments after that, a miraculous scene appeared!

Liu Zilang who should have been run over was miraculously standing on the other side of the jeep!

Instantly, he switched the MK in his hands to the M16.

Before the player in the driver's seat could even react, Liu Zilang instantly started spraying down at the car!


After that, three consecutive system prompts popped up under the kill feed!

"Vic123 killed MyTerritoryMyRules with MK14!"

"Vic123 killed ObeyOrDie with MK14!"

"Vic123 killed TankDriver by headshot with M16A4!"

The moment he dropped to the ground, the player in the driver's seat looked wide-eyed at Liu Zilang who had appeared on the other side of the jeep...

'What the f*ck just happened?



Get in the driver's seat,

Switch over to the passenger's seat,

Get off, switch guns, and headshot!

The whole process could be described within a single sentence, and yet the viewers watching the livestream from Liu Zilang's perspective were unable to react in time.


'It was really too fast!

Based on this fight, both Liu ZIlang's reaction speed and physical speed had reached a point that was beyond human comprehension!

Most people only saw the screen flash a bit before they realized that Liu Zilang had appeared on the other side of the jeep.

Then, they saw him walk over to spray down on his prey.

...Transliteration of "Interesting" used here.Author used "" which is the transliteration of "Too young too simple", it's a common saying both online and amongst the younger generation as a way to mock people for their naivety.