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117 Entering the Burn Phase!

 Title Translator Note: Author used the English word Rush here, which is the Chinese equivalent of the "Burn phases" common in WoW raids.

Here comes another guy bullsh*tting about!

In the game, Liu Zilang occasionally looked over at the bullet screen, grinning every so often.

Seeing as how the plane above their heads had still not given them the airdrop, Liu Zilang said to the other two, "You guys should shoot it a bit more. I've just checked, the planes HP is quite low, and it should only take a few more shots."

"Ahh? Do the planes really have HP?" Zhang Xiaotong was shocked as she heard Liu Zilang's words.

Her face revealed a doubtful expression, almost as if she had found out the reason why the plane occasionally did not drop the airdrop when she fired at it.

When Chen Yifa heard Liu Zilang's words and saw Zhang Xiaotong's reaction to it, she could not help but let out a "Tsk".

Liu Zilang's words could only scam the naive young loli Zhang Xiaotong, there was no chance a veteran like Sister Fa was that gullible.

"Ah! The plane is too far away," Zhang Xiaotong said in a disappointed manner.

"No worries." Liu Zilang smiled as he stepped on the gas. "In this game, there's nothing that can outrun my AE86."

As soon as he finished his words, the Jeep zoomed ahead.


The viewers from the livestream were utterly speechless as they witnessed the scene unfold.

Under the roaring airplane, a small Jeep sped through the paddy fields, leaped across rivers, weaved through forests, and jumped off mountains as it chased after it.

Throughout this whole time, Zhang Xiaotong and Chen Yifa's gunfire did not stop. They were shooting furiously at the plane!

Even Somin got curious about what was going on, and she joined them in action. The three girls spammed their guns like mad, and it sounded like firecrackers during Chinese New Year.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang had a much tougher job.

Not only did he have to pay attention to the road and encourage his squadmates, but he also had to be cautious of other squads that were in the surrounding area.

After all, their car was making a huge ruckus. There was no way that they had not been noticed.

"Hey! Why is this airplane still not dropping the airdrop?" Zhang Xiaotong was frustrated.

"Keep it up! The airplane's HP is getting low, we're going into the Burn phase! Everyone do your best!" Liu Zilang cheered.

"Pfft!" Chen Yifa could not hold back her laughter.

As a former WoW player, when she heard Liu Zilang's words, it felt as if she had been transported back to the days when she had WoW raids.

She remembered that their party commander would say the same words back then, before getting TPK'd by a Finger of Death and being forced to corpse run.


"Dakka dakka!"

"Dakka dakka!"

In the end, Liu Zilang had driven his Jeep all the way from the dorms at School to the holy hill that was at the top right corner of the map. They were at "Light's Peak" when the airplane finally decided to drop something with a parachute.

The next moment, a wobbly airdrop was seen slowly descending to the ground.

At that time, seeing that the airplane above their heads had left the safe zone, the livestream viewers could not help but cringe.

'What kind of sin did this plane commit!

'Why was it being hunted down by this squad of people for so long!'

"Holy crap! So is this technically still considered as 'shooting down the airdrop'?"

"I think... It's technically considered..."

"Mmhmm, after all, the airdrop released when Sister Fa and Xiaotong-chan were firing. I think we'll count it."

"I pity those dudes who said they would eat sh*t, they're definitely eating it this time!"

"233333, forgive me, I just LOL'd."


In the game, Zhang Xiaotong seemed to have noticed that something was off. She asked suspiciously, "The plane's out of HP?"

Liu Zilang laughed dryly. "Yeah! How lucky, it's all thanks to everyone's efforts."

Hearing Liu Zilang's words, Chen Yifa chuckled at the pair of siblings. She was thinking about whether or not to expose him.

On the other hand, Somin seemed as if she had experienced a whole new playstyle she had never experienced before. She was excitedly urging Liu Zilang to head toward the airdrop.

Liu Zilang was thinking of asking if any of them would volunteer to go loot the drop.

After all, the airdrop's loot depended on luck. If they ended up getting something like the dogsh*t Tommy Gun or something similar, then all their effort having traveled all the way there would be wasted.

'It wouldn't be worth the f*cking gas we used to travel here.'

As Liu Zilang was thinking, all of a sudden, the roaring sounds of various engines roared out from behind them.

As the group turned back to look at what was going on, they became shell-shocked.

Looking down from the hill, they saw that there were at least five different vehicles closing in on them from all directions. They were heading toward the airdrop.

The airdrop had not landed at the center of the safe zone. Instead, it landed right at the edge of the circle.

Under normal circumstances, there was no way that so many people would gun for this kind of airdrop.

At that point in time, seeing the situation below the hill, Chen Yifa turned into 'Chen Yi-fright'.

She gulped down her saliva and asked in a shaky tone, "Were we... Were we a little too high-key just now?"

"Mm... A little bit." Liu Zilang winced.

"Why don't... We leave this place for now?" Zhang Xiaotong suggested timidly.

"You don't want your AWM anymore?" Liu Zilang said in a surprised tone, before continuing on hesitantly, "We can't escape. The airdrop was shot down by us, how can we just let it slip away from our fingertips so easily?"

Liu Zilang then calmly asked, "Which one of you wants to camp over here and hold down the airdrop site? The rest of us will charge up and take back what belongs to us!"


"I'll camp here!"

Just as he finished his sentence, Zhang Xiaotong and Chen Yifa immediately volunteered themselves.

Liu Zilang was completely speechless. He turned over to Somin and asked, "HeySomin! DoYouWantFollowMe?"

"No!" Somin resoundingly rejected his invitation!

Liu Zilang's mouth twitched.

'No choice then. I've come this far, I have to continue this act even if it kills me.'

All he could do was grit his teeth as he said, "Alright, you three give me some cover. I'll go grab the airdrop!"

Watching this scene unfold, the livestream viewers erupted in laughter.

"Hahaha! Look at him go! Looks like he ain't all talk!"

"Vic, deserted by his own squadmates! Have you ever felt despair?"

"Calling GG! With so many people on his *ss, I feel like this time Vic is screwed!"

"I'm willing to bet a nickel! That even if Vic reaches the airdrop, he won't be able to come back alive."

"Seconded! If he can come back alive! This time I'll eat a whole metric tonne of sh*t! I'll even livestream it!"

"Yo! Isn't this that dude who just ate sh*t? You sure have a big appetite, still hungry for more eh?"


Liu Zilang hastily got into the vehicle. As he glanced over to the chat, he could not help but scowl.

'F*cking balls!

'These people were never on my side!'

With that, Liu Zilang, who was originally gritting his teeth became fired up!

This time, he would definitely satisfy the hunger of that person in his livestream!


Under the hill, there were a total of five vehicles closing in from all directions.

At that point in time, there were four squads amongst the five vehicles. The Open Top UAZ and the Soft Top UAZ coming in from the left were one squad while the other vehicles were individual squads. The four squads no longer had all their members.

In the sky, the airdrop hanging down from a parachute was slowly descending. It was getting closer and closer to the ground.

At that time, out of the blue, a jeep zoomed into the vision of the four squads.

"It's that dumbass jeep that was chasing the plane just now!"

"There's only one guy in the car!"

"F*ck! We can't let him get it."


Seeing someone trying to get the upper hand, the four squads that were roaming around the area immediately sprang into action.

On the screen, the area under the hill became shrouded by dust.

The five vehicles, coming in from all directions, started accelerating.

...Reference to Initial D.Similar to the title, the author was using the English word "Rush" here.Written in English.Written in English.It's an online meme to say , which literally means bet fifty cents in Chinese. This saying originate is because gambling is illegal in China, even if it's just fifty-cents.