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116 Enhance The Skill!

 In order to maintain his gentleman-like personality, Liu Zilang did not snatch away the three crates from Somin.

Instead, he went toward the motorcycle just outside of the school and headed toward the hill.

The two crates left behind by the players who had been faceplanted by his flying dragon had yet to be looted.

Liu Zilang's face turned gloomy as he opened up the crates.

The two players only had a weapon each, and they had almost exhausted all their ammo. The only thing that was valuable on them was a 4x scope and some bandages.

They did not even have a single first aid kit or energy drink. He had no idea which cave those two had come out from.

Liu Zilang sighed as he rode the motorcycle back. He headed toward the three crates quietly and his eyes twitched the moment he opened them!

Inside the crates, there were shirts, short sleeves, holster...

She had taken everything!

Liu Zilang stared at the M16 and Crossbow in his hands as he pondered about giving himself a hard slap on the cheek.

Then, Zhang Xiaotong asked, "Do any of you have 7.62mm Ammo?"

"Nope," Chen Yifa replied.

"Me too," Liu Zilang said.

"Hmph! I don't believe you!" Zhang Xiaotong curled her lips.

She remembered that Liu Zilang had killed many people along the way and assumed that he had definitely looted a good amount of crates.

"I don't have any!" Liu Zilang said innocently. "Why don't you ask Somin?"

Since the three of them were speaking through the YY voice chat, Somin was unable to hear their conversation in the game.

Zhang Xiaotong pondered for a moment.

She had already labeled Somin as a coquette in the game. However, she thought of the little amount of ammo left in her Kar98K...

Zhang Xiaotong gritted her teeth as she opened up the in-game voice chat and asked, "Hi Somin, Do you have... have..."

She kept on pausing and could not finish her sentence.

"Just say it." Liu Zilang felt anxious for her. "What's there to be embarrassed about?"

Zhang Xiaotong blushed as she replied softly, "I... I forgot how to say 'bullet' in English..."

Liu Zilang was speechless...

Chen Yifa burst into laughter. "Looks like Xiaotong-chan needs to study more. Let me help you out."

Chen Yifa turned around and smiled at Somin as she asked, "Somin, do you have any bullets?"

"Bullet?" Somin sounded rather confused. "What's that?"

Chen Yifa was speechless...

Great. Somin needed to study harder too.

The viewers from the live stream burst into laughter as they watched the scene unfold.

"Hahaha. Sorry for not holding back my laughter."

"666. The moral of the story here is that it's extremely important to know another language when you're playing an online game."

"This squad is doomed. They can't even communicate with each other!"

"Looks like Xiaotong-chan won't be using her Kar98K much..."


The bullet screen from the live stream was filled with people laughing at their misfortune.

Then, Liu Zilang spoke up.



"Do you have... biu biu biu?"

"Biu biu biu? Oh! Yeah!"

Chen Yifa and Zhang Xiaotong were stunned as they stared at Somin. She had thrown two piles of 5.56mm and 7.62mm Ammo onto the ground!


Chen Yifa cleared her throat as she whispered, "Uhm, can you help me ask for some energy drinks?"

Liu Zilang immediately turned his head around upon hearing Chen Yifa's words. "Somin, do you have... gulp gulp gulp?"

"Oh oh... I know! I have!"

Somin then quickly threw out a few cans of energy drinks onto the ground.

What the h*ll...

The viewers from the live stream were astonished.

"What the f*ck! Why did I never think of that?"

"GG, this translation has way exceeded my expectations!"

"I'm going to learn from this! Time to enhance my skills!"

"Beep! Your diplomatic friend Vic is online!"

"666, my mum is asking me why I'm live streaming while kneeling on the floor!

"RandyIsNineYearsOld has gifted the streamer an aeroplane. Master, please accept my tuition fee!"

"ListeningToTheWindOnAFeatherlyNight has gifted the streamer an airplane. Vic is a cultured man!"

"DrizzlingOnASunnyDayTrig has gifted the streamer an airplane. Is this what they mean by being well versed in both the pen and the sword? Oh by the way, can you reveal your face since I've gifted you an airplane?"

Inside the game, Liu Zilang revealed a faint smile as he noticed the few gift notifications.

However, Liu Zilang coughed as he saw the last message which asked him to reveal his face.

He cleared his throat and said, "I've no qualms with revealing my face, but I'm trying to survive in the Attractive Section with my skill alone. It would be unfair to the other streamers if I were to reveal my face. Furthermore, I fear that my beautiful face may outshine my skills. After all, I'm a streamer who relies on skills alone."


The viewers from the live stream were speechless as they heard Liu Zilang's words.

All of them felt that Vic was truly a flirty, despicable, and a shameless man!


As they cleared off the squad at the dormitory and distributed the loot, the blue circle had begun closing in on their tail.

Fortunately, the first circle had spawned at the upper right side of the map. The safe zone included Stabler and the area around Yasnaya Polyana. Hence, they were not far away from the safe zone.

Liu Zilang fetched Zhang Xiaotong on his motorcycle as they search around the road. They soon found a jeep and drove it back quickly.

The four of them went on the jeep and entered the safe zone.

Liu Zilang originally planned to bring the three of them to camp near the bridge located toward northeast of Rozhok. However, an airplane flew over their heads the moment they entered the safe zone.

"Do you think this airplane will throw its airdrop crate toward us?" Chen Yifa licked her lips.

Zhang Xiaotong was already daydreaming about what was inside the crate. "Hmm... I want an AWM. I haven't got my hands on an AWM yet!"

As she spoke, she recalled the time when Liu Zilang gave her an AWM that had no bullets inside it. With that being said, she decided to humphed at him furiously.

Liu Zilang started laughing discreetly as he noticed Zhang Xiaotong's grudge.

It looked like the grudge of that memory was quite deep!


'If we can get our hands on an AWM today, I'll let her have it."

Then, Zhang Xiaotong and Chen Yifa got their bodies out of the car as they aimed at the airdrop with their M4 and Kar98K.

The viewers from the live stream burst into laughter as they realized what was going on.

"Oh! It's our favorite scene. They're going to shoot the airplane!"

"Don't say it in such a hideous tone! Xiaotong-chan is still a kid!"

"Speaking of which, Sister Fa and Xiaotong-chan have been firing at every airplane they saw. Is it really possible to shoot it down?'

"Emmm... I don't think that's the issue at all. The airplane drops the airdrop at random and everything depends on luck."

"That's right, It doesn't matter even if it drops after they've fired at it. It's plausible if they're firing at it with an RPG."

"Since Sister Fa and Xiaotong-chan are pretty unlucky in this game, I'll eat a d*ck if they manage to make the airdrop happen!"

...Shooting the airplane means masturbating in Chinese