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115 The Dumpling Technique!

 "Where did he go?"

"The one that had just jumped down from the rooftop? No idea. He probably entered the building."

"What shall we do?"

"There shouldn't be a lot of them left over there. Sister Fa and Xiaotong will form a pair while I'll form a pair with Somin. Let's split up and report their location if you hear any footsteps. Be careful."


Liu Zilang and the rest lurked toward the dormitory in two teams as they searched the area.

The two teams took different approaches in this matter. Liu Zilang and Somin stormed in like a tornado.

As Liu Zilang was the one leading the way, each and every door was broken down. He was so quick that Somin was barely able to keep up his pace.

On the other hand, Chen Yifa and Zhang Xiaotong were much slower.

Both of them acted as if they were thieves. They lurked in the bushes and did not even dare to pant.

"Xiaotong-chan, stop sticking behind my butt."

"Ah... I'm scared... I'm scared!"

"I'm scared too!"


As they approached the building in the middle from within the bushes, Zhang Xiaotong noticed two crates. She then lost control of herself as she started crouching down.

Chen Yifa who was walking in front of her whispered, "Hmm? I think I heard footsteps from that building. Why did they disappear? Did I mishear? Why don't... we head in and take a peek."

"Yes yes." Zhang Xiaotong nodded unconsciously as she looted the crates in the bushes.

Chen Yifa who had been leading the way did not realize that she had left Zhang Xiaotong behind. She had the courage to enter the building because she thought her partner was behind her all this while.

Never in her dreams had she imagined that she would be welcomed by a person from the floor above the moment she entered the building.

Chen Yifa was shocked and her body became stiff.

She had the courage to open the door because she was not sure if there was anyone in the building. A person standing right in front of her was something she did not see coming at all.

What should she do next?

Chen Yifa did not know what to do.

The man on the other side of the building was stunned the moment he saw Chen Yifa as well.

This was because Chen Yifa had been as stealthy as a cat when she moved earlier. The man had not heard her footsteps when he was on the first floor. He had decided to come down to have a look as he heard the door open.

Then, all he saw was a person staring blindly at him.


Without any hesitation, he raised up his M4 and started shooting at her!


Chen Yifa was instantly knocked out.

Liu Zilang talked to them immediately in the voice chat the moment he heard the gunshots. "Are there enemies on your side?"

"There's one! I've been knocked out!" Chen Yifa was frightened.

Then, she realized that something was amiss. "Xiaotong-chan, where's Xiaotong-chan?"

"I'm... I'm outside," Zhang Xiaotong responded softly and guiltily. "There were two crates on the ground earlier."

Chen Yifa was at a loss for words.

Liu Zilang was speechless as well as he listened to their convesation. This girl had definitely stopped moving the moment she noticed the crates.

"How about this. Sister Fa, you hold on tight. I'll come and save you now."

"How am I supposed to hold on! He's right in front of me."

"Uhm... Why don't you sing a song for him in exchange for your life?"

"Ah, will that even work out?"

Chen Yifa pondered for a moment before she said via all chat, "Hey hey hey, the person in front of me, can you hear me?"

This was basically her last resort. The person stopped moving and was excited the moment he heard her voice. "Are you... Sister Fa?'

"Hehe... I've been discovered." Chen Yifa revealed an awkward smile.

Thr man began to walk toward her.

"Ahh! Don't come near me! What are you trying to do?" Chen Yifa warned.

Who would have thought that he would crouch down beside Chen Yifa and said, "This is so exciting! I can't believe I'm fighting against Sister Fa. Let's take a photo together!"

Chen Yifa was speechless as she crawled on the ground in an embarrassing posture!

'He's a mean fan!

'He's definitely a mean fan!'

At that point in time, Zhang Xiaotong had sneaked up outside the door of the building.

She carefully took out her Kar98K and a 4x Scope that she had looted earlier. She then aimed at the shining Level Two White Helmet that was in front of her. After a long time, she finally pulled the trigger.


A clear and crisp shot was fired!

Then, the man's skull was pierced through by that bullet and he fell to the ground.

"Xiaotong-chan knocked out RosieLittleFan by headshot with Kar98K."

Chen Yifa who was on the ground was speechless when she saw his ID.

She was impressed with Xiaotong-chan. "My Xiaotong-chan is the best. Quick! Revive me so that I can punish this mean fan of mine!"

"Huh? Sister Fa! I'm not a mean fan!" The man pleaded his innocence as he crawled.

Chen Yifa started scoffing. "Don't move! Don't you dare move!"

After Chen Yifa was revived by Zhang Xiaotong, she took out the Pan that was placed by her butt. Then, she smiled as she opened her mouth and said, "You said you wanted to take a photo with me right? You better not miss the next few shots!"


Liu Zilang gave a sigh of relief as he saw that Zhang Xiaotong had solved everything with her Kar98K. It all happened while he was rushing to the scene.

He thought to himself, 'I didn't expect this girl to have improved her aim."

Naturally, he would not have thought in such a manner if he knew that Zhang Xiaotong had been aiming at the man who had been stationary for a long time...

As Liu Zilang was about to turn around to continue his search, he saw another player jump out of the window from the first floor of the building that was southward from the dormitory.

He was wrong!

It was not just one person!

There were three of them!

The three players were like dumplings as they kept jumping out of the building one after another.

Liu Zilang reacted swiftly as he shifted his M16 from burst mode to automatic mode!

"Da da da da..."

There was a series of gunshots. Before Somin was able to react after hearing the gunshots, she was shocked to see that there were three additional crates in front of the building that was not far away from them.

What the hell...

The viewers from the live stream were speechless as they watched on.

"What the f*ck! Where did those three idiots come from?"

"I'm impressed! Vic didn't mass hire a bunch of actors, right? That was way too convenient."

"I think he's alright. His actions were swift and his posture was cool too. He's definitely skilled since he managed to cleanly kill all of them!"

"Hahaha, this is too funny. Those three idiots are definitely shocked right now!"


Inside the game, Liu Zilang himself was shocked as well.

However, he acted calmly as he realized Somin was still standing beside him. "Boring, so easy."

"Woah! Cool!" Somin was so fascinated that stars were beginning to form in her eyes. She then exclaimed excitedly, "Go go! Let's go!"

She was signaling Liu Zilang to loot the crates together.

Liu Zilang gave her a calm smile as he responded politely, "Lady's first."

Somin burst into laughter as she heard Liu Zilang's words. "Onii-chan! You're a good man!"

Liu Zilang's lips curled up slightly.

Zhang Xiaotong humphed softly in the dormitory as she listened to their conversation.

Chen Yifa started laughing uncontrollably as she shook her head. "Ah, boys!"