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114 I Object to This Marriage!

 'Stay put.

'I'll be back!'

The viewers from the live stream were shocked as they heard Liu Zilang's manly words. They then saw him sprint toward the motorcycle!

"Woah! Do you really need to be that manly! My womanly heart can't take it!!!"

"F*cking hell! This Vic sure is something!"

"What a beast! He doesn't even care if she's his sister! Don't fall for it Xiaotong-chan. It's fake! It's all an act!"

"Hahaha! The flag has been set! I'm very sure that Vic is going to die before Xiaotong-chan!"

"Same! The motorcycle can't be used as a cover and Vic is really going all out on this one! He has no choice but to risk everything on that motorcycle!"

"He's very determined..."


Inside the game, at the hill located southward from the dormitory building.

As the two crawling enemies saw that a motorcycle was charging toward them from the School, they immediately pulled up their rifles and fired at it!

"F*ck! Kill him! This f*cker thinks he's a tank!"

"What the f*ck! How does that dog move so quickly? I can't hit him at all!"

"F*ck! I can't land a hit too!"

A motorcycle was drowned within the sound of its engine as it moved in the bushes between the School and the dormitory. Countless bullets flew past it!

The viewers from the live stream watched anxiously as Liu Zilang left an arc trail in the bush with his motorcycle.

Then, he shifted his direction toward the hill and drove toward it in an instant.

"F*ck! He's coming right at us!"

"Fire! Kill him! I don't believe that we can't kill him at all!"

The two players on the hill reloaded their guns and then had their muzzles spit out fire. They were shooting at Liu Zilang!



Liu Zilang who was in the motorcycle humphed as two puffs of blood appeared on his body. His health points had dropped by more than half.

As Liu Zilang reached the top of the hill, he pulled his motorcycle up. He then began flying in the air together with the motorcycle!

"Clank clank clank clank clank!"

Countless bullets landed on the bottom of the motorcycle at it was at such a close distance. This caused a series of sparks to form in the process!

Then, the two players on the hill were stunned as their pupils began to shrink. They watched the motorcycle in front of them become bigger and bigger!

'Not good!


At that point in time, the both of them wanted to evade it.

However, the motorcycle crashed into them right in their faces!

It was a Flying Dragon's Faceplant!



The two players underneath the motorcycle were sent flying to the left and right. They left two crates behind. Their corpses had rolled down the hill for some time before coming to a stop...

Meanwhile, Two system prompts appeared at the bottom left of the screen.

Liu Zilang rode straight for some distance before he drifted and came to a halt.

He looked at the two crates on the ground and sighed softly. "This is it?"


'This is it?'

The viewers from the live stream were beyond astonished as they heard Liu Zilang's remark!

Those in the live stream who were very sure that Liu Zilang was going to die had their Jaws wide open!

"WTF? You can do that?"

"That was so cool! Was that the legendary Flying Dragon's Faceplant?"

"F*ck! That attempt was extremely amazing! I've decided to subscribe to him just because of that stunt!"

"It's all over! I'd definitely fall for such a brother if I were Xiaotong-chan!"

"Hey, that's enough! Can't you guys behave? They're siblings! Do you all think that Xiaotong-chan is a brocon?"


"Vroom vroom vroom!"

Liu Zilang rode the motorcycle back from the hill and then stopped beside Zhang Xiaotong.

Zhang Xiaotong was quiet and did not know what to say as she crawled on the ground. She blushed uncontrollably as she recalled losing her cool.

"Let's head into the School compound first."

Liu Zilang revived Zhang Xiaotong and said to her, "The battle at the dormitory should be finished by now. Let's head there in case someone is heading here."

"Yes..." Zhang Xiaotong nodded her head. She sounded unusually obedient.

"Do you need a first aid kit?" Liu Zilang asked.

"I... I have one," Zhang Xiaotong replied.

She paused for a brief moment before she whispered, "Thank you."

Chen Yifa was curious as she listened in on their conversation. "Why do I have this strange feeling when I listen to your conversations."

"What's wrong?" Liu Zilang was curious as well.

"Uhm... A little bit too formal." Chen Yifa then palmed her fist. "That's it! You guys have been very formal with each other. You don't interact like siblings at all."

"What do we look like then?" Liu Zilang smiled as he asked.

"Hmmm... let's see." Chen Yifa thought for a brief moment. "Real life friends? Acquaintances from the same class? Cousins from the mother's side of the family? Cousins from the father's side of the family? Affectionate lovebirds?"

"Ahem..." Liu Zilang coughed as he heard her last guess.

Zhang Xiaotong blushed at one side. She was furious and yet embarrassed at the same time. "Sister Fa... quit fooling around! It's annoying and I'm going to ignore you!"

"Hahaha, Xiaotong-chan is embarrassed!" Chen Yifa smiled as she seemed to be interested in teasing Zhang Xiaotong.

The viewers from the live stream were on their toes as they listened to the conversation that took place!

"Ermm... Why do I have a feeling that what Sister Fa said makes sense!"

"There can only be one truth!"

"Ahhh...! I object this marriage!"

"Vic you f*cking beast! Xiaotong-chan is still a child!"

"Kill Vic and snatch Xiaotong-chan back!"


Inside the game, Chen Yifa continued on, "Alright, let's assume I've guessed wrongly. Are you really her brother?"

"Yes!" Zhang Xiaotong curled her lips.

"Biological brother?" Chen Yifa questioned once more.

"Obviously!" Zhang Xiaotong's response was quick.

Chen Yifa then asked casually, "Let's hear you call him onii-chan?"

"Onii..." Zhang Xiaotong became extremely embarrassed and furious at the same time. "No way!"

Liu Zilang's lips twitched as he listened to their conversation.

He took this opportunity to look at his live stream and found out that his bullet screen was riling up.

Many people believed that Sister Fa's analysis was logical and had started grieving.

Only then did Liu Zilang realize that he could no longer stay silent.

"Uhm, everyone please stop fooling around." He explained, "Xiaotong is indeed my sister, but we've grown apart because I've gone out to another city to study. She was quite clingy when she was young."

Chen Yifa who was enjoying herself finally saw the whole picture after she heard Liu Zilang's explanation. "Oh... I see."

"How clingy was she?"

Liu Zilang was speechless...

Then, northward from the dormitory, someone could be seen jumping down from the rooftop.

Liu Zilang realized this and immediately shifted the topic. "There's someone coming from that side, let's head out and clean up the mess."

As he finished speaking, he waved at Somin and lead the way with an M16 in his hand.