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113 Take It While It’s Hot…

 That man did not utter a single word as Chen Yifa questioned him.

Liu Zilang stared confusingly at one side. The man who was beside Chen Yifa slanted his head to the left and to the right before he eventually crouched down.

"What are you doing?" Liu Zilang was curious.

"Oh. I'm taking a photo with Sister Fa." He had just realized that Liu Zilang was still standing by the side. "Brother, can you please step away for a moment?"

'The fucking hell, are you saying that I'm not good enough to be in the photo?'

Liu Zilang was speechless...

He resisted his urge to shoot him in the head as he forced a smile on his face. "Brother, this is isn't the time to have a fan meet and greet. We're about to go to war."

Chen Yifa then revealed an awkward smile. "That's right, that's right! Let's part ways for now and meet again in the future?"

"Oh okay." That man seemed to understand the situation as he returned to his vehicle.

However, out of the blue, it was as if he had thought of something. He got off from his motorcycle before he even ignited it and then ran back toward Chen Yifa. "I've brought something for you, Sister Fa. Here's a med kit and a first aid kit. Oh right! I even have painkillers and a can of energy drink as well."

As Liu Zilang watched the man drop a bunch of items onto the ground, he recalled the first time he was chased after by Zhang Xiaotong's fan. That was when he previously played together with her.

He could not help but feel frustrated. "Sigh! They are fans but why is the difference so huge!"

Zhang Xiaotong reacted the moment she heard Liu Zilang's complaint.

Her face turned gloomy in an instant as she gave off a light harrumph.

At that point in time, the player had thrown his backpack away. He sounded rather embarrassed as if he had brought too few things for them.

Liu Zilang set his eyes on the fan's motorcycle. He smiled as he squinted. "It's fine brother. Sister Fa understands your intentions and we appreciate your kindness. By the way, do you still need your motorcycle?"

"Ah? Did I say I'm giving..." He stopped as he spoke halfway through.


'How could I be so stingy in front of my idol?'

Hence, he forced a smile on his face and said, "Hehehe... I see you guys are lacking a vehicle. Why don't... I leave my motorcycle to you guys. Let's meet in the final circle."

He turned around and sprinted toward the safe zone as his back gave off a lonely vibe...

"Thanks. I'll see you in the final circle!" Chen Yifa replied.

The viewers in the live stream burst into laughter as they watched the scene unfold.

"What the f*ck! This Vic is seriously cunning."

"Hahaha, poor fan. He even had to give them his motorcycle."

"He looks extremely sincere. This Vic is seriously too cunning."

"I know right? He looked so lonely when he went away that I almost laughed out loud."


Inside the game, Chen Yifa was at a loss for words as she stared at the healing items and the motorcycle.

Zhang Xiaotong curled her lips as she muttered softly, "Hmph! How despicable."

Liu Zilang turned a deaf ear to her as he purposely shifted his sights toward the two buildings by the dormitory.

The gunshots originating from the two buildings had started to tone down.

It seemed like the two squads' battle was coming to an end and they were cleaning up the battle.

Liu Zilang changed the topic immediately. "Let's head over quickly. Their battle will end soon."

Then, he turned toward Somin and said, "Somin! Follow me! Let's go!"

Somin replied enthusiastically as she heard him, "Go go go!"

Just as the four of them were about to cross the street, rapid gunfire came from the small green hill located south of the dormitory!

"Da da da..."

Liu Zilang was shocked as a bullet landed right in front of his feet.

"There's someone southward. Let's retreat and take cover!"

Liu Zilang determined their enemy's location swiftly as he listened. At the same time, he performed a Snakeskin Movement to squirm his way out of the situation.


There were two players crawling at the top of the green hill.

"What the f*ck man, aim better!" The player with the Red Dot Sight was frustrated. "You might as well pass me the scope if you're this useless."

"F*ck you! That enemy was way too cunning. I couldn't even hit him at all!" The other player was extremely frustrated as well.

"Can't you just hit the person behind him if you can't hit him at all? F*cking dumbf*ck!" His teammate did not hold back his words.

He pointed with his finger as he shouted, "Do you see her! Her! The one with the white suit and white mini skirt. She's definitely a girl judging from her choice of attire. You can never go wrong by aiming at her."

That man had yet to give up as he attempted to shoot at Liu Zilang two more times. However, to no avail, nothing changed.

Then, he had no choice but to change his target to the player his teammate had suggested earlier. The next thing he saw was a cloud of blood beginning to appear on her head.


He was stunned.

He had landed a headshot on his first try.

'Her movement is way too predictable!'


Zhang Xiaotong was shocked as she saw the puddle of blood appear on her head.

As her health decreased by half in an instant, she realized what was happening and started screaming anxiously, "Ah! Someone just hit me!"

"Stay calm!" Liu Zilang turned around and attempted to return fire.

Then, a beep could be heard. It was another bullet that was flying towards them!

Blood splattered once more on Zhang Xiaotong's body before she fell to the ground.

"Ah! I've been knocked out!"

Zhang Xiaotong was on the verge of tearing up as she had been chosen as the unfortunate target!

There were so many people for them to pick and yet they chose her.

Chen Yifa was anxious. "Who shot you? Where are they? Why can't I spot them?"

The enemies on the hill fired once more. However, they were unsure of the as the they were not in a hurry to kill off Zhang Xiaotong. Perhaps they were using her as bait.

Perhaps they really were using her as bait.

If so, Liu Zilang believed that the enemy squad was very cunning.

Zhang Xiaotong had been knocked out beside the road, beside the School's wall. Hence, it was an open field and there was no cover nearby.

Since reviving a teammate required a long time, anyone who dared to help her out would definitely become a live target, a stationary live target at that.

"Save me! Help me!" Zhang Xiaotong cried out as she crawled on the ground.

Liu Zilang was in hout soup as he looked at the motorcycle that was parked just beside the School's wall. He then told Zhang Xiaotong, "Xiaotong, you stay put. The enemies don't seem to be in a hurry to kill you at the moment."

"They're not killing me?" Zhang Xiaotong was surprised and cheered up instantly. "Then come and save me already."

Liu Zilang's mouth started to twitch as he heard her words.

He thought that even though the enemy was not planning to kill her off just yet, they would change their minds the moment he went out to save her.

However, he could not tell Zhang Xiaotong this directly.

If he were to tell her directly, it would show that he was a brother who was scared of death and would rather leave his own sister to die in order to stay alive.

He stared at the trembling Zhang Xiaotong who was on the ground as he said, "Xiaotong, have you heard of the story where Huaxiong was killed before the wine cooled down?"

"Huh?" Zhang Xiaotong was stunned as she did not understand why Liu Zilang had brought that topic up out of the blue.

Then, all she saw was Liu Zilang sprinting toward the motorcycle as he told her confidently, "Stay put! I'll be back!"

"Killing Huaxiong before the wine cools down? Hmm... This means that his wine will still be warm by the time he returns."

Chen Yifa's mind clicked as she realized what Liu Zilang was trying to convey. "Oh... I get it! What you're saying is that Xiaotong-chan will still be warm by the time you've killed the enemies, right?"

Liu Zilang was speechless...