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112 The Arrow That Sparked Love!

 The footsteps by the staircase gradually disappeared and the corridor became silent once more. However, there were now two people on their fours in a puddle of their own blood .

The remaining two players kept looking around anxiously. After being in a standstill for some time, both of them decided to revive their teammates.

"Buzz buzz buzz!"

Then, the tungsten light that was on the ceiling above them started buzzing!

The two players were on high alert as if a needle was close their hearts. They started shivering as they began experiencing goosebumps all over their bodies...


Just as a player was about to be revived at the lecture hall's backdoor.


An arrow appeared out of the blue and went straight into the head of the player who was reviving his teammate!

"Vic123 knocked out HandsomeSinceYoung by headshot with Crossbow!"

"What the f*ck!"

The player who had been knocked out was flabbergasted as he saw the arrow on his head!

He had almost pulled his teammate up but the arrow had interrupted his progress of reviving his teammate.

Now, both of them were kneeling on the ground...

It was simply too despicable if it was done on purpose!

The knocked out player who had been almost revived heard faint footsteps coming from above him.

He raised his head and saw Liu Zilang's figure for a brief moment. Without hesitating, he shouted, "He's on the rooftop. That b*stard shot us through the skylight!"

He was right.

They could hear a crossbow being reloaded from above!

The player by the corridor stopped reviving his teammate as he wanted to prevent his teammate from getting killed. Hence, he decided to pull out his AKM and sprinted toward them!

As he reached the lecture theatre's backdoor, he swiftly aimed at the skylight with his AKM. He shouted, "Quickly! Get out and head toward the corridor."

His teammate might have just received another arrow to his head if he were to come in later.

It would have truly became a tragedy.

Then, a figure flashed across the skylight on the ceiling.


The guy with the AKM fired without inhibition at the skylight instinctively!

The bullets clanked as they hit the frame of the window.

There was no more movement other than the figure that had flashed by just now.

The player realized that and decided to stop firing as he wanted to save his ammo.

However, a figure then jumped down from the skylight without any warning!

"Da da..."

That man was caught off guard but managed to fire once more!

However, his AKM only sounded twice before it came to a halt!

One could hear a creaking sound while Liu Zilang was in the middle of the air!

Then, the whole world became mute...

An arrow appeared on his head and all he could feel was a shiver that went down his spine!

Then, he fell on his back and that was it.

His screen turned black and white as the gameover screen appeared. The squad looked at each other.

That man...

Was a monster!


The viewers who were watching from Liu Zilang's first-person perspective were completely floored!

One could argue that luck and initiative were important factors that made the previous three shots possible, but the last shot was pretty much him showing off!

After all, the player with an AKM had armor on. Although it was just Level One Armor, he could have essentially avoided a lethal shot to the body. He could have only been killed if he was shot on the head.

Yet under such circumstances, Liu Zilang was able to land his shot casually as he dropped down from the skylight.

He pulled the trigger while he was in mid-air and landed the shot on his head!

It was borderline f*cking metaphysics!

"He wiped out an entire squad with just a Crossbow! GG! What a show-off!!!"

"Oh my god! Xiaotong-chan's brother is awesome! Why have I not heard of him before?"

"You don't know the God of War Vic? Brother, has your village just gotten internet access lately?"

"Calm down, calm down! I think these are just basic techniques for Vic. After all, Vic once bagged three squads worth of headshots with just a sniper in a tournament!"

"He bagged three squads worth of headshots with just a sniper? Are you f*cking kidding me?"

"Congratulations, it does seem like your village has just gotten internet access! There's a video on website B. Go have a look at it yourself and prepare a coin before you head there."


Inside the game, the three girls were astonished as they looked at the kill feed. The system prompts had stated that Liu Zilang had eliminated an entire squad with just a Crossbow.

Somin who had just jumped down from the rooftop was the first to react. She screamed excitedly as she saw the prompts from the other end of the School. "Woah! Daebak! You're so good! Vic is a God!"

Liu Zilang who was busy looting the crates replied satisfactorily as he heard the girl's praise and recognition, "Just so-so! It's better to not call me Vic. You can call me Onii-chan!"

Somin paused as she responded charmingly, "Onii-chan? Is that so?"

She burst into laughter on her own before Liu Zilang was able to respond to her, It was as if she found the name extremely interesting.

Judging from how she laughed, Liu Zilang found himself agreeing to Sister Fa's earlier statement. This Korean chick did seem to have a very low threshold toward jokes.

The only person who was on par with her was the class monitor Zhao Mengyu.

The bullet screen on Liu Zilang's live stream was on the verge of exploding when Somin said Onii-chan with her elegant voice.

The viewers in the live stream could not f*cking hold in their emotions at all!

However, Liu Zilang was incredibly calm.

Although he was quite flirty with his words, he claimed that it was the result of Li Muqiu's bad influence. He added on by saying that he was still very pure and innocent at heart.

However, Xiaotong-chan harrumphed at one side as a reply to Liu Zilang.

Chen Yifa realized the situation and squinted as she smiled. "Xiaotong, why don't you call him onii-chan as well? He's your brother after all."

Zhang Xiaotong was stunned as she began to blush. "No... No way! That's disgusting!"


Liu Zilang's eyes twitched as he did not expect to be center of their conversation.

'How was that disgusting...'


As the four of them finished scouring the entire School, a heated battle between the two buildings at the dormitory took place.

Although there were two squads in each building at the dormitory, the buildings were very far apart from each other. Hence, the pace of the battle was slower than the one in the School.

As they were about to head over there, the sound of a motorcycle was heard!

"Someone's here!" Liu Zilang was on high alert.

Then, they saw a motorcycle coming toward them. It was coming from the green hill that was southward of them.

As Liu Zilang was about to open fire, the player on the motorcycle shouted, "Don't fire! I'm friendly!"

"Oh, it's one of our fans." Chen Yifa clarified.

The motorcycle slowed down as he closed in.

He was completely defenseless. He only had a pistol by his leg and a Level One Backpack.

He was extremely excited as he got down from the motorcycle. "Sister Fa! Finally, I get to play with you! I'm a fan of yours and have been watching your stream for a very long time. I feel extremely fortunate to be able to play with you!"

"Uhh... So... Why are you here?" Chen Yifa had her hand on her pistol as she asked cautiously.

She was always on guard against everyone else in PlayerUnknown's Battleground other than her teammates.

Although he was her fan, no one could be sure that he was not a spy!