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111 The Frightening School!

 The airplane flew across the sky slowly. Liu Zilang screamed when they reached north of Shelter and all three of them jumped at the same time.

Somin joined them from behind as she jumped out when she realized the other three had done so.

That match, the flight route did not pass through the School and they had to glide there. Hence, they were required to time themselves and perfectly jump out from the airplane or they would lose a huge amount of time gliding in the sky.

Liu Zilang believed that no one would head toward the School with them, the moment he saw the flight route of the match. However, they saw a few black dots when they jumped out of the airplane.

They were heading either to the School or the dormitory judging from the direction they were gliding in.

"Be careful, others may be heading toward the School," Liu Zilang said via voice chat.

"Huh? Other people may be there?" Chen Yifa was frightened as she continued, "Will you be able to handle them?"

"Don't worry, it's nothing much." Liu Zilang assured her. "We'll search for weapons the moment we land on the rooftop. We're racing against time."


The wind howled in their ears.

They activated their parachutes as they reached low altitude.

Liu Zilang realized that he was right. The other squad was heading toward the School as well.

He was agitated as he assessed the situation.

It would be understandable if this were to happen in the Sosnovka Military Base or Pochinki. There, they would have to fight the moment they landed. However, was it necessary for them to fight over the loot in School?"

Liu Zilang considered the possibility of changing their landing location to the dormitory despite it being a last minute decision.

However, he realized that there were at least two squads spiraling above the dormitory behind them.

Liu Zilang had no choice but to put off the idea. He took a deep breath before saying through the voice chat, "Prepare to fight! It's time to show them who runs the school here!"

However, his eyes twitched the moment he landed.

They had agreed beforehand that they would search for weapons immediately the moment they landed on the rooftop. However, Zhang Xiaotong and Chen Yifa were seen gliding toward the swimming pool instead.

The Korean girl, Somin, was the only one beside him.

"No! No! We're not going there!" Liu Zilang screamed as he reminded them.

"Ah! There are too many people there!" Chen Yifa chickened out.

"I agree, It's too packed there." Zhang Xiaotong muttered softly.

Liu Zilang's face turned gloomy upon hearing their words.

He could only comfort himself with the fact that there was at least a girl accompanying him.

Yet, he realized that Somin had screamed the moment they landed on the rooftop!

Without him noticing, she ran and jumped down from the rooftop.

In the blink of an eye, Liu Zilang was left alone on the rooftop.

The viewers from the live stream laughed as they watched.

"666. Look at Xiaotong-chan and Fa Mama! All I can comment is that they're CRUEL (good job)!"

"Vic is in trouble! Looks like he's going to be killed right after he has landed."

"Hahaha. He has been abandoned by Fa Mama and his sister."

"It's fine to be abandoned by kids. 23333."

"Hey, do you think Guru Vic will be able to carry Sister Fa and Xiaotong-chan to win chicken dinner!"

"What the f*ck! Vic will be a legend if he's able to carry those two sisters!"


Inside the game, Liu Zilang's eyes twitched as he mentally took a deep breath.

'Calm down! Don't panic'

'I need to find a gun first!'

Liu Zilang was beyond terrified as he saw something move from the edge of his vision.

He realized that a player not far away from him was crouching down as the latter picked up a UMP9 and its ammo from the floor.

'That f*cker...'

Liu Zilang did not have any time to think. He sprinted toward the lecture hall's window and vaulted over it.

He landed as he supported himself with his palms.

Liu Zilang found a crossbow near him and as he glanced around, he saw an Uzi on the stage in front of him.

As he was about to go and pick up the Uzi, he heard hasty footsteps above him.

The person was coming after him!

Liu Zilang kept the crossbow in his backpack and then quickly dashed toward the corridor!

As expected.

The player with the UMP9 had come through the window.

Liu Zilang was loading an arrow onto the crossbow when he noticed the person coming down. He quickly rushed into the corridor!

"Haha, still thinking of running away!" The player chased after him as he heard footsteps from the corridor.

He saw Liu Zilang's back and shouted arrogantly, "I'll definitely kill you!"

"Da da da...!"

Rapid gunshots from the fully automatic submachine gun reverberated across the corridor.

In an instant, countless bullets flew across the corridor!

Liu Zilang harrumphed as clouds of blood appeared around his body.

He moved to the side and made a turn at the corner of the corridor.

The person who was chasing him from behind was rather talkative as he kept on shouting, "Is there really a need to run? Just let me kill you so that you can move on to the next game."

A person appeared from the corner of the corridor the moment he finished speaking.


An arrow flew across the corridor silently!

The person who was chasing from behind collapsed in an instant as his lips came in contact with the floor.

That man was flabbergasted!

'What the h*ll?

'There wasn't even a gunshot?'

Then, he saw the arrow that had struck his head.

He was stunned!

"Vic123 knocked out IWillKillYourGrandkid by headshot with Crossbow!"


His teammate, who was on the floor above, saw him jump down to chase after a weaponless enemy.

He thought he had it in the bag and nothing would go wrong at all.

As they were clearing the other area of the School, they realized that their teammate had been knocked out. Flabbergasted, he asked, "Hey Grandkid, what happened?"

"What do you mean Grandkid!" That man was beyond furious. "Come quickly! That b*stard doesn't have a rifle. He only has a crossbow!"

"What? You had a UMP9 and you were killed by a crossbow?"

"What the f*ck, are you serious?"

"Speaking of which, can you even hit someone with a crossbow? Man, you s*ck."

They were criticizing him!

Although they criticized him, they soon jumped down from the window.

One of them revived him while the other two chased after Liu Zilang at the corner of the corridor.

However, the corridor was empty. It was completely silent.

There was no one there.

Not even a ghost.

"Where is he?"

"Perhaps he ran away after hearing our footsteps?"


As he nodded, a person suddenly appeared at the staircase in front of him!

Then, an arrow pierced through the air as it was fired at them!


The two players by the corridor saw something glint in front of their eyes before one of them fell to the ground!

"Vic123 knocked out OhMyGod by headshot with Crossbow!"

'What the f*ck!

'What happened?'

The person standing beside his teammate who had just been knocked out was shocked!

He was clueless and could not decide between reviving his teammate and chasing after the enemy.

The viewers from the live stream were all appalled!

"Oh f*ck oh f*ck! Is that a crossbow?"

"It's Hanzo!"

"Hey, did you guys see Vic's aim just now? Why do I have the feeling that he's playing a different game!"

"It's the same game and yet isn't he a little bit too quick and accurate?"

"Hahaha, I bet the two players from that squad must be shocked!"


Inside the game, the assassin-like Liu Zilang who had just knocked out another enemy swiftly disappeared again.

It was as if he was lurking in the shadows, waiting for his prey to fall into darkness.

Although it was bright as day outside, the school's atmosphere became extremely terrifying to those four players!

...A character who uses a bow in the game Overwatch.