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110 It’s Normal!

 Douyu, inside Chen Yifa's live stream.

Chen Yifa smiled. "I didn't know Xiaotong-chan had a brother. I've never heard you speak of him before. Oh, by the way, is your brother a streamer as well?"

"Uhh... I guess so," Liu Zilang said shyly. "I've been doing this for only a few days."

"Oh. A new streamer!" Chen Yifa was excited. "Are you live streaming on the same platform as me?"

"Yeah." Liu Zilang nodded.

"Where? What's your room number?" Chen Yifa asked whole-heartedly. "Viewers from 67673, I'm sure I don't need to hint to you guys, right? This is Xiaotong-chan's brother we're speaking of!"

"It's fine it's fine. You're too kind." Although Liu Zilang was being bashful about it, he immediately added on, "I'm inside 1690566 of the Attractive Section."

"Huh? The Attraction Section?" Chen Yifa felt awkward as she continued asking him, "A catfish?"

Liu Zilang was speechless...

Zhang Xiaotong covered her mouth and laughed as she saw Liu Zilang was at a loss for words.

Aside from ridiculing him.

As Sister Fa called him out, many people had gone to Liu Zilang's live stream for obvious reasons.

In an instant, Liu Zilang's popularity increased to a hundred thousand. He was promoted from Newbie Celebrity to Chief Celebrity as he was placed third in the Attractive Section.

Liu Zilang felt comforted as he saw his popularity skyrocket in the Attractive Section. It seemed like everyone had approved of his attractiveness!

If Liu Zilang's live stream viewers were to find out how he felt at that moment, they might have spat on his face.


The three of them were quickly matched to a game as Liu Zilang joined the squad.

However, Liu Zilang was shocked as he realized that there were four people in the squad list.

He curiously asked, "Did you guys invite another person? Who's the other guy?"

"I didn't invite anyone. Did Sister Fa invite anyone?" Zhang Xiaotong was curious as well.

Chen Yifa gave herself a facepalm as she realized the situation. "Oh! I forgot to disable auto matchmaking."

"What should we do? Should we quit and search for another game again?" Zhang Xiaotong asked.

Chen Yifa waved her hand as she smiled. "Sigh whatever. It's fate that has brought us together and this additional player might be one of our fans too."

The person with the ID "Somin" spoke unexpectedly.

"Annyeonghaseyo! Mannaseo Bangapseuminda!"

Her voice was gentle and she was without a doubt a voice of a woman unless she was using a voice changer. She seemed to be a Korean girl based on her accent.

Liu Zilang was delighted as he heard her voice. He could not stop himself from replying her, "Sister Fa, do you know any Korean mediocre players?"

Chen Yifa was startled but she reacted immediately with a smile on her face. "Hi! It's hard to tell since viewers in 67673 come from all over the world. It's simply impossible to rule that out."

Liu Zilang then opened his mouth. "Annyeonghaseoyo. Do you know Six Seven Six Seven Three?"

"Ne?" Somin's tone was filled with confusion.

Chen Yifa's lips twitched as she listened. She then hinted to Xiaotong-chan that her brother seemed to be...

Liu Zilang was totally in the zone as he talked to her. "Oh! Small sister! Nice to meet you! What's your name?"

Since FPS tournaments were mostly held in Europe in the past, the phrases that came out from Liu Zilang's mouth were extremely natural.

The little missy was shocked and responded immediately, "Nice to meet you too. You can call me Somin."


"Yeah! What's your name?"

"Yes... You can call me Onii-chan."

"Onii-chan? Really?"


"No no! Hahaha."

It was extremely obvious that Somin did not believe him. However, she laughed as she found the entire ordeal very interesting.

Her tone was soft and unique. One would feel like the summer wind had blown across their face upon listening to her; it would melt their heart in the process.

The viewers in the live stream started spamming the bullet screen as soon as they saw Liu Zilang trying to pick up the chick in his stream.

"What the f*ck, are they f*cking talking to each other? I didn't know Xiaotong-chan's brother was this amazing!"

"He has my seal of approval. I shall rate this Onii-chan a perfect score."

"That's right. Her voice is so melodious, and it feels like my ears are getting pregnant from hearing her voice."

"Great. All of you guys should go and fall in love with her voice so that Xiaotong-chan can finally be mine."


Inside the game, Chen Yifa sighed. "Girls these days just laugh at everything. That's the reason why a certain guy is able to seize the opportunity. Do you agree with me, Xiaotong-chan?"

Xiaotong-chan did not say a word. Instead, all she did was harrumphed.

Chen Yifa was stunned. She immediately asked her suspiciously, "Are you jealous? Woah..."

"N... No!" Xiaotong-chan refuted anxiously.

Chen Yifa sneered as she placed her index finger and thumb by her chin and said teasingly, "It's alright Xiaotong-chan. There's nothing wrong with a sister being jealous of her brother. It's completely normal!"

Xiaotong-chan was shocked upon hearing her words as she replied confusingly, "Is... Is it normal?"

"Ahem..." Liu Zilang gave out two dry coughs as he could no longer continue listening to their conversation. He quickly voiced out, "Sister Fa is lying to you."

Everyone knew that Sister Fa was an adept in such things the moment they heard her claim.

It was normal for a sister to be jealous of her brother... Bullsh*t!

Liu Zilang had to stop hitting on the other girl In order to prevent Xiaotong-chan from falling further into the abyss.

Xiaotong-chan was furious and embarrassed as she screamed at Liu Zilang, "It's... it's your fault for being so perverted! To behave in such... such a manner upon meeting another woman."

"Huh?" Liu Zilang did not expect Zhang Xiaotong to push the blame onto him. He quickly defended himself as he replied, "What have I done that's perverted? Wasn't it a normal conversation? Am I right, Sister Fa?"

Chen Yi fa laughed at one side. "Hmmm... I'm not sure. After all, your definition of a normal conversation is slightly different from the rest of us."

Liu Zilang was at a loss for words.

Sister Fa seemed slightly vengeful. Liu Zilang was trying to break down her scheme but was immediately taken advantage of instead.

Fortunately, the timer in the spawn area had ended.

The scene then shifted to them inside the plane.

Liu Zilang looked at the flight route. He realized that they would enter the map from the bottom right, Novorepnoye. They would then pass through Yasnaya Polana, and the Shelter before stopping at the east coast of Severny.

He changed the topic. "Oh right, where should we jump?"

"You're the leader, it's your call." Sister Fa was very blunt.

Zhang Xiaotong harrumphed and did not say a word.

Liu Zilang marked the School on the map and just as he was about to ask for Somin's opinion.

Somin immediately said with joy, "Oh! School! I like school!"

There was nothing else to be said. The School would be their starting point.


The School was known as one of the more popular locations where players would immediately clash against each other the moment they landed. However, this was only the case for Solo and Duo mode. There were very few players who chose to fight in the School in Squad Mode.

This was because the School was simply too small of an area and it would be hard for a squad to work together in such a tight space. They would lose their members very easily.

Furthermore, the School's loot was barely enough for players in Solo and Duo Mode. If four players were to head toward the School in Squad Mode, they would only be able to obtain the bare minimum. Not to mention, this would be the case even if they were to fight other squads and take over the entire School.

After accounting for all these factors, Liu Zilang decided to land at the School, where fewer people chose to land.

After all, he could possibly sacrifice three players the moment he landed and continue the game as a one-man squad, right?Korean's formal way of greeting someone. It means hello, nice to meet you!