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109 Actual Elder Brother?

 After closing the in-site short message, Liu Zilang booted up his live streaming software.

However, the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds section of Douyu at night was overwhelmed with skillful players. This meant that most of the popularity and viewers were taken.

Although Liu Zilang's amount of follows had increased, many of them were merely "friendship follows" from Zhang Xiaotong's followers. Hence, they were far from being his fans. Besides that, doing a live stream at that time would not gain a lot of viewers.

As a result, before he started the game, he habitually went over to the "Attractive Section" to watch a few streams of beautiful young women. The popularity of the young women streamers of Douyu's "Attractive Section" were all not too high. Hence, there was no such thing as those who were super popular. However, their victory was ensured by their beauty.

Besides, as long as one was willing to look for it, the Heavens would definitely reward one's effort. Occasionally, one might even receive something unexpected...

Liu Zilang had learned this personally after watching live streams on Douyu for a period of time.

However, since he was still in the midst of a live stream, and since he was an earnest streamer, Liu Zilang was not brazen enough as to continuously hang out in the "Attractive Section".

In the end, he skimmed through the section briefly before closing the interface.

However, right as he closed the interface, Liu Zilang suddenly came up with an idea.

That was it!

Since the "Attractive Section" had no top streamers, was it not a good opportunity for him?

After all, Douyu did not stipulate what games had to be live streamed in each section; Feng Timo live streamed in the League of Legends section and Sister Fa live streamed in the main section.

Liu Zilang caressed his chin as he felt that he had found his goal in life.

Since he thought that he was such a handsome man, maybe the "Attractive Section" was his true destination!


No hesitation!

Liu Zilang quickly opened his Douyu's live streaming settings and classified himself into the "Attractive Section".

Right after he had changed his settings, Liu Zilang realized that most of the streamers in the "Attractive Section" had their own cameras.

As a result, he rummaged through everything in his house before finally finding an antique camera that he had used to for online chatting years ago. After connecting the camera and messing around with it, an image appeared on his computer.

However, he did not need to reveal his face like those young women streamers. As a game streamer, all he needed to reveal were his hands and his keyboard.

At that moment, Liu Zilang's audience in his live streaming channel noticed that something weird was going on.

"Huh! Did Vic turn on his camera?"

"D*mn! Why isn't he showing his face then!"

"That's right! We don't want to see his hands! We want to see his face, his face!"

"F*ck! Did nobody realize that he has moved to the Attractive Section?"

"Ah? It's true! What the hell? Playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in the Attractive Section?"

"I just entered the live streaming channel, so is this a new addition to the Attractive Section? I haven't seen this person before."

"I just arrived too! Wow! This little missie's hands are so soft and slender! Hehehe! I'll be able to play with those hands for a year!"


After reading the last few bullet comments, Liu Zilang's face became dark.

All that could be heard next was Liu Zilang seething's words, "Is the admin from the other day in the live streaming channel? Could you block that 'one year player', block them forever!"

After hearing Liu Zilang's words, all of the veteran audience members went wild with laughter.

As for those that had just entered the live streaming channel to watch Liu Zilang for the first time, they were all stunned!

What the f*ck!

Why did it sound like a male's voice?

Besides, why would a guy be live streaming in the Attractive Section?

The user that was blocked immediately felt a shiver run through his body upon hearing Liu Zilang's voice. Furthermore, when he remembered what he had just said a moment ago, he shivered even more!

After he realized it, he wanted to send in a barrage of angry bullet comments, but he realized that he could not comment anymore...


At the same time, in Douyu's MAG section.

In a live streaming channel that had the title "Playing Games for a While".

"Hahaha! Sister Fa and Xiaotong-chan have become crates again."

"Oh my God! And they've already skydived ten times in such a short amount of time? Are Xiaotong-chan and Sister Fa playing a Skydiving Simulator?"

"Sister Fa and Xiaotong-Chan, one is an airhead while the other is cute. The hopes of them getting a chicken dinner are too small!"

"Maybe find a guru to carry you both! I think I saw Vic doing a live stream too."

"That's right, Xiaotong-chan! Have Vic carry you both!"


After another game ended, Zhang Xiaotong and Chen Yifa taunted each other.

Zhang Xiaotong inadvertently glanced at the bullet comments section and felt a tug at her heart. This prompted her to say, "Sister Fa, I'll pull someone in."

"Why do that!" Chen Yifa's face turned into a serious one as she continued, "Xiaotong-chan, have confidence in yourself. We're both technical anchormen after all."

"I've always had confidence in my skydiving skills," replied Zhang Xiaotong.


A moment later, Liu Zilang, who was roaming about in the Attractive Section, received a message from Zhang Xiaotong.

"Are you free? We're currently playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and we're one person short."

Liu Zilang was prepared to enter a game when he received Zhang Xiaotong's Wechat message. This made him stunned for a second.

At the same time, the comment section of his live streaming channel was bombarded with comments like "Xiaotong-chan's looking for you to play PUBG," and "Go save Sister Fa and Xiaotong-chan quickly."

After reading a few comments, Liu Zilang understood the situation.

They were obviously not short of a person, they just wanted him to go over to "uphold their appearance"!

Besides, it was the first time Zhang Xiaotong had invited him personally. Hence, Liu Zilang would of course give face.

Once he realized this, he immediately picked up his mobile phone to reply, "Which YY channel are you both on?"

After a short while, Zhang Xiaotong sent their YY channel over, and Liu Zilang entered the channel number quickly.


"Hey hey hey!"

"Hello! Hello!"

"Uh, hello, how are you."

Liu Zilang gave his greetings and was smart enough not to ask Zhang Xiaotong why there were only 3 people. Instead, he quickly sent his ID into the public channel to have Zhang Xiaotong pull him in.

Although the pair had played together before, they had not added each other as friends.

Once Chen Yifa saw Liu Zilang's ID, she tried to recall the last time she had seen it. She then asked, "Hey! Your ID looks kind of familiar, aren't you that guru from that online 35-kill video?"

"Uh..." Liu Zilang said, "I think so."

"Wow! Why didn't you mention that you knew a guru before, Xiaotong-chan." Chen Yifa then said with a smile, "Otherwise we wouldn't have had so many crates."

"I... I forgot," said Zhang Xiaotong panickily as an excuse.

At that moment, Liu Zilang had received the invitatiopn. Upon confirmation, Zhang Xiaotong immediately pulled him into the team.

Once she saw Liu Zilang join their team, Chen Yifa could not help but ask curiously, "From what I've seen on the Internet, Guru Vic seems to be quite a mysterious character. How did you meet him, Xiaotong-chan?"

"Ah..." Zhang Xiaotong was stunned at Chen Yifa's words.

Liu Zilang took into consideration the fact that Zhang Xiaotong was streaming live. Hence, he did not want to affect her in any way and said, "Actually, we occasionally..."

At that moment, Zhang Xiaotong's bravery seemed to erupt as she suddenly interrupted Liu Zilang to say, "He... He's my elder brother."

"Huh?" It was Chen Yifa's turn to be stunned now.

She subconsciously continued with, "Your elder brother? Your actual elder brother?"

"Yes." This time, Zhang Xiaotong did not hesitate and nodding her head.

Hearing their conversation, Liu Zilang was slightly dumbfounded as well.

He scratched his head as he just could not understand why this girl would reveal such a thing so suddenly.

At the same time, countless of viewers in the live streaming channel were also momentarily stunned at Zhang Xiaotong's words. Then, everything started going crazy!

"Nani??? Vic is Xiaotong-chan's elder brother?"

"No wonder! No wonder! And here I was wondering why Xiaotong-chan was hanging out in Vic's live streaming channel this afternoon!"

"Boohoohoo, I've been had, and they both pretended like they didn't know each other the last time."

"You lot really don't know what to focus on! Don't say anything else! Esteemed brother-in-law, please receive this bow from this humble person!"

"Now that I know you're Xiaotong-chan's elder brother, I'll fully accept you as my brother-in-law!"

"D*mnit! All of you are so uncultured! Xiaotong-chan's still a child! By the way, what's your live-streaming channel, brother-in-law, I'll go send you some rockets first."


The next moment, under Liu Zilang's bewildered gaze, his live streaming channel once again ushered in its "second spring".

However, as the audience members entered Liu Zilang's live streaming channel one after another, they were surprised by the fact that Liu Zilang was actually live streaming in Douyu's "Attractive Section".

In an instant, many of them went silent.

...Feng Timo is a famous female singer and a streamer from China.YY is a major Chinese video-based social network.Ushering in spring is slang that's used for when someone is suddenly very popular.