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107 Feeling a Little Bit Happy!

 Of course, 'irl PK-ing' does not exist.

Everyone there were university students who had undergone nine years of mandatory quality education. Tey all knew that beating people up was not something any well-respected human being should do.

If one were to fight, at least have the courtesy to find a less crowded place, and beat the sh*t out of that bastard!


After the second match ended, there was a very brief intermission before the third match commenced.

In the following two matches, Liu Zilang's squad, which had snagged two consecutive chicken dinners, were completely stress-free. They started going all-out without a care in the world.

Under those circumstances, a lot of squads in the game turned tail and ran the moment they realized they were facing the Fantastic Four.

With that being said, a saying comes to mind.

"He who is strong fears he who is deliberate, he who is deliberate fears he who has nothing to lose."

This Fantastic Four lineup right now definitely belonged to the latter category of having 'nothing to lose'.

Those people's names were essentially locked in on the leaderboard. They could do whatever they wanted, and they did whatever they wanted.

On the other hand, the other squads in the tournament could not. As long as there was still a glimmer of hope, they still had to continue their struggles, right?

Of course, for those squads who were on the bottom of the board, they did not have a single glimmer of hope. Hence, they might have also had 'nothing to lose'.

However, they were far from classified as dangerous people.

After all, there was a reason why they were at the bottom of the scoreboard...


In the third match, Liu Zilang was fighting to take control of the School with the Team One players after a late hot-drop.

That squad was worried that they would lose their members. Hence, even though they had dropped first, they instantly scurried when they saw their enemy. It was a regrettable sight.

In the end, although the Fantastic Four did not get another chicken dinner, they still managed to snag a spot in the top five.

They now had two chicken dinners and one top five game.

In the last match, since Liu Zilang's squad had locked in their place on the leaderboard even more, they literally did not have a care in the world.

In the following match, they decided to drop in Pochinki. They started to troll around immediately after they landed. After picking up the first gun they each saw, they started their guerilla tactic, initiating their 'City Cleanup' plan!

The other two squads in Pochinki had originally planned to mind their own business and slowly build up their equipment first. However, the Fantastic Four made a beeline toward them, and they could not help but think to themselves how much of a "scumbag" their team was.

After a few back-and-forth battles, relying largely on Liu Zilang's inhuman reaction speed, they successfully wiped out the two squads. However, this was at the cost of three members.

Liu Zilang was also on the casualties list.

Seeing that they had no chance to escape from the fight, the two squads went all-out on the Fantastic Four!

After two players managed to ambush and knock out Liu Zilang, the remaining member on the other squad went berserk. Running through Chen Zhifei's gunfire, he used his remaining health to finish off the knocked out Liu Zilang...

Feels good!

Seeing this scene, both the audience and livestream viewers could not help but feel a chill go down their spines!

The two commentators in their booth were also wide-eyed, and they had no idea what to say...

That f*cking guy was holding a grudge!

At that point, a lot of people felt that the Fantastic Four's journey was over after losing three members in Pochinki. This was also due to the loss of both the great gurus, Vic and Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit.

In the end, with everybody's hopes resting on him, Chen Zhifei unexpectedly survived circle after circle.

When it was the final circle, the safe zone covered the area surrounding the mouth of the river connected to the sea. More precisely, the area was northeast of Georgopol's bridge.

Chen Zhifei who still had not killed anyone all the way up till now suddenly jumped into the water with a splash.

Hearing the two sides of the bridge turn into an intense battlefield, he literally just stood aside and watched the fight. No one even noticed his presence.

That was easy!

In the end, the safe zone shrunk to the north side of the bridge. Hence, Chen Zhifei sneakily climbed up from the river and tailed a three-man squad silently without firing his gun. He steathily ran from the circle.

From the perspective of the observer's free-view camera, the scene literally looked like a group of four squadmates were moving as one.

In addition to that, the three-man squad did not notice anything from the start.

When someone finally turned around, the three had the shock of their lives!

'What the f*ck...'

'Did our dead squadmate return to life?'

The next moment, three muzzles were aimed toward Chen Zhifei.

Hence, his run was over...

However, just by surviving, Chen Zhifei managed to miraculously propel the Fantastic Four all the way up to sixth place.

What made people exasperated was the Fantastic Four's 'black horse stats' that were over the roof. They were a shoo-in for first place...

The end result was nothing out of anyone's expectations. After tallying up the scores from the four matches, the Fantastic Four was in first place by a huge margin. They had at least 500 points more than the runner up, the University of Jianghai Team One.

The crazy part about this was that a chicken dinner was worth 500 points!

Seeing this scene, it instantly caused the squad that was dead last to burst out in tears.

Not only did those bastards lead in points, they literally had an entire game's worth of points more than every single squad in the tournament!

On the other hand, although they managed to get a top seed, Jiang Xinou's face was stone cold. He just sat there without saying a word, as if he had been utterly humiliated.




He kept repeating that name in his head.

It seemed like after that day, that name left a much deeper impression on him than Improudwhatareyougoingtodoaboutit!


Once the matches in the afternoon were over, Liu Zilang did not forget to turn off his livestream before he left.

However, when he tabbed over to his stream, he saw that his chat was completely flooded with "Xiaotong-chan Army Recruitment" messages.

Liu Zilang was stunned,

'What the heck is this?

'Did that brat really watch my matches throughout the entire day?'

When Liu Zilang looked over at his follower count on the top-right corner of his stream, he was even more surprised.

Even though he had been getting a bit more traction throughout the past few days ever since he started streaming, he never once had over five hundred followers at a single point in time.

However, in a single afternoon's time, Liu Zilang's channel follower count leaped up to one hundred thousand!

Thinking about it, Liu Zilang had an urge to facepalm.

Did it mean that he had unknowingly become someone's 'sugar baby'?


'What sugar baby...'

Liu Zilang instantly despised the image he had concocted in his head and started to reflect on his thoughts.

However, after thinking about it, why did he still feel a little happy about it?

Liu Zilang shook his head.

'This must be an illusion!

'That's right!.'

After all, it had been more than half a year since he had last participated in LAN competitions. Being crowned as the champion, it was only natural to be a little happy.

With that, he took a deep breath, turned off the stream and then walked up onto the stage with Chen Zhife and company...


The tournament was only an intramural selection match to decide on the seeds, it was not an official competition.

Hence, the school had only provided two symbolic Frying Pans as the awards for the champions and the runner-ups, The winners were not given any prize money.

However, they would start to represent the school in the China University Esports League. If they managed to win there, the prize pool was extremely lucrative.

After receiving the 'Golden Pan' while a huge crowd cheered behind them, Chen Zhifei and the other two began curiously touching it. They were wondering if it could be used to cook back in their dorm.

On the other hand, Liu Zilang hastily gave the other three his regards and exited the eSports Arena. However, he did not go back to his dorm. Instead, he went left the school and hailed a taxi, going straight home.

It was a weekend, and if it were not for the competition, he would have shut himself in the comfort of his own home.

However, that was not the reason why he was rushing home. The reason was something in his heart that he had not noticed yet...