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106 The Situation is Out of Control!


'Weren't we having a sniping duel?

'When did he get here?'

The moment he was knocked out, Jiang Xinou, who managed to instantly pinpoint the source of the shots, felt dumbfounded.

'What kind of f*cking new mechanic is this?'

It was not only that, Jiang Xinou's demise have Qin Xuanxuan the implication that there was someone within close proximity to them. Hence, the tree was no longer a functional cover.

Almost intuitively, she moved out of cover from the tree, to her right side.

This judgment and response was completely sound in theory, Qin Xuanxuan did manage to base the location of Pu Taizhuang by listening to the sound of his shots. She did escape his line of sight.

However, the problem was...

That Pu Taizhuang proned in the plains nearby was not the only enemy she had.

On the big screen in the arena, the moment Qin Xuanxuan dodged to her right, Liu Zilang instantly peeked up from behind the boulder.


The sound of his M24 rang loudly!

The next instance, a blood splatter spurted out from Qin Xuanxuan's Level-three helmet.

Since the attack earlier, Pu Taizhuang's LMB had been held down. Throughout the entire duration, he sprayed down his enemies with his Vector!

All 25 bullets shot out of the gun's magazine at an extremely high rate. He used up its entire clip size in an instant.

With that being said, it did a little more than just knock out Jiang Xinou.

Although Qin Xuanxuan's reaction to his attack was swift, she was still grazed slightly by a couple of stray bullets that flew her way. Hence, she was not at full health.

Hence, when Liu Zilang fired his M24 and landed a headshot, it was a fatal hit!

The moment blood spurted into the air, Qin Xuanxuna felt like as if her whole body had been slowly raised up. She could see her vision being pulled up into the sky.

The next moment, her world faded to black and white as the game over screen appeared.

At that point in time, two kill feed prompts popped up on the bottom-left corner of the screen.

"Vic123 killed JD-XuanXuan by headshot with M24!"

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit finally killed JD-Mew with Vector!"

Watching everything unfold, Jiang Xinou idly sat in front of his computer as if he had been struck by lightning.

On the other hand, as Qin Xuanxuan came to the realization that Vic had killed her, she found out from the tournament organizers that Vic was Liu Zilang...

Instantly, she became enraged as she got 'shamelessly assaulted' by him. Her eyes gleamed with a threatening red glow!


In contrast to Jiang Xinou and Qin Xuanxuan's reactions, the audience and live stream viewers were unsurprised. Some of them were even having trouble holding back their laughter!

It was too f*king brutal!

From the observer's free-look cam, everyone had already seen Liu Zilang and Pu Taizhuang split up as soon as they entered the circle.

One rushed to the left, whilst the other crawled to the right.

At first, everyone was confused as to what they were doing. However, they then started getting suspicious about what kind of trick the two were trying to pull.

However, now looking at the University of Jiianghai Team One's demise, the audience and live stream viewers were trying to hold back their laughter. It has to be said that hey also felt a bit concerned.

Imagine this, if a player from the University of Jianghai Team One could get outplayed like that...

Then, what chances would they even f*ckin have!

At that time, the observer moved the free-view camera.

Then, sounds of gunfire flooded everyone's ears.

It turned out that two squads who were trying to enter the circle had started fighting with each another.

Furthermore, out of the two squads was a squad that Liu Zilang's squad was extremely familiar with. It was the squad that had been camping on the grassy plains north of Mylta in the previous match, WIC.

The other party was a squad named Pyd.

The two squads noticed each other as soon as they entered the circle. Without any idle banter, they naturally just pulled out their weapons and started going out on each other.

However, WIC had three members left whereas Pyd only had two.

Naturally, it was not a fair fight.

However, one of the Pyd members were too good. He took the initiative and sprayed down one of his opponents before instantly flicking his aim over too another person. Unfortunately, he was then picked off. This caused the battle between the two squads to instantly turn into a 1v1 standoff.

The last remaining player did not let his squad mate's efforts go to waste as defeated his opponent with barely a hair's breadth of health left.



The Pyd squad members felt a surge of adrenaline; two of their members almost stood up and hugged each other!

It was not easy!

In fact, it was extremely difficult!

However, at that time, a loud gunshot roared in their ears!

A sniper bullet could be seen piercing through the sky as it got closer and closer to them. It eventually landed with a "Pak" sound!

Suddenly, blood splattered out from the last man standing of Pyd.

"Vic123 killed Pyd-illusion with M24!"

The next moment, a single line popped up on the screen.

"Winner winner, chicken dinner!"

Seeing this sight, the audience was baffled. Some even let out a couple of cold sighs!

'This Vic again!'

On the stage of the arena, Liu Zilang and company were ecstatic.

Pu Taizhuang once again leaped onto Ran Maodong and gave him a bearhug, whilst Chen Zhifei excitedly raised his right hand.

However, this time, Liu Zilang was prepared as he decisively made the first move!

The instant Chen Zhifei raised his hand up, before he had the chance to say "GiveMeFive", Liu Zilang put all his strength into a huge slap!


After the slap, Liu Zilang held his palm that was red in pain as he lowered his head and gritted his teeth.

Chen Zhifei, who was still standing next to him, casually cracked his neck a bit and grinned with a smug look!


At that point in time, Lord Rong from the commentary booth could not help but exclaim after seeing the screen prompt, "Two chicken dinners in a row! I have to admit, despite having such a bad start and losing two of their members so early on, being able to get a second chicken dinner in this tournament is a miraculous feat."

"Yep, that's definitely the case." Meng Yeqing nodded her head as she stood next to him. "Now, the staff will start to calculate the total scores of each team. However, with two consecutive chicken dinners, I'm willing to bet that the Fantastic Four have pulled a huge lead over the second place winners. If nothing too crazy happens in the next two games, they're a shoo-in for this seeding match."

"That's right. And if I remember correctly, the squad with the most kills this round should be the University of Jianghai Team One with their bridge blockade. They had more than twenty kills under their belt. However, if you go by solo kills, I think Vic was victorious this round. Although he did not get a monstrous 23 frags like in the last round, he still managed to get 10kills this round. Even Brother Haiou only managed to get 9 kills, so Vic should be considered the 'top-frag' of this round."

"That's correct. On a side note, as compared to the last round, I feel like Vic's kills in this round... How should I put it... Seem to rely more on tactics and intelligence, I guess."

As Meng Yeqing finished speaking, the live audience started to jeer.

At the same time, the livestream viewers started to flood the chat.

"Tactics and intelligence? NO! NO! NO! I feel like Vic was playing so d*mn scummy this round!"

"That's right! Who the f*ck considers shooting a person in the balls as the last hit in a game 'an act of intelligence'?"

"2333, I feel bad for those bros. After winning such an intense bout, they still couldn't keep their pride and their manhood in the end."

"Speaking of which, this is a University LAN tourney right? After playing like that, does Vic even dare to exit the arena?"

"Shocking! Insider news! I have a friend who's a student at the University of Jianghai, he's saying that a fight is breaking out at the scene! There's a whole bunch of people chasing after a single person! They can't even hold the crowd back! The situation is out of control!"

"Hahaha! That guy must be Vic!"

"Impossible! My God of War Vic must be a large-framed burly man in real life, shouldn't he be the one pounding those skinny kids into the ground?"

"Good point! All hail God of War Vic!"

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