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105 Fated Duel

 Whilst the other squad was throwing smokes, this man got a car and rammed the entire squad to their deaths...

This was the first time the audience and live stream viewers saw such dirty play!

What the f*ck were they supposed to do about it?

"666, big bro I beg you, please stop showing off! My brain can't take this many insane plays!"

"Holy sh*t! Am I really watching a university tournament? Why do I feel like this is even more exciting than the Golden Award Tournament!"

"Didn't Vic just say so? He still has a sh*t ton of tricks up his sleeve. These f*cking type of people live to get chicken dinners!"

"Even if they live to get chicken dinners, this is taking it way to far! I feel bad for the four chumps in the University of Jianghai Team Two. Let's just pray that there aren't any Jeeps in heaven!"


Seeing Liu Zilang use his bag of tricks,and once again his 'intelligence' to destroy a squad, the audience and live stream viewers could not catch their breath.


However, in the game, as the University of Jianghai Team One saw the kill feed on the bottom-left corner, they were instantly stunned.

'A quad kill with a car?

'What the f*ck happened?

'No matter how good Vic was, he still shouldn't be able to have the Team Two players stand still and let him ram them, right?

'If you told me a boar rammed into a tree, it'd still be more believable than saying players rammed into a car!

'And it's all four of them at once... This ain't logical!'

However, given their circumstances, the three people in Team One did not have much time to spare to think about those kinds of things.

Although both squads were from the University of Jianghai's eSports Association, in a PUBG tournament, other than the three squad mates besides themselves, everyone else was a competitor. In addition to that, Team Two managed to snag quite a large number of points this round by scoring kills. At that point, they were only second to Team One.

Since Liu Zilang managed to take out one of their potential competitors, they were still quite happy about the outcome.


In the game, after killing off the University of Jianghai Team Two, Liu Zilang and Pu Taizhuang were completely stacked with loot.

After all, this squad of people was different from the previous two squads. They were the 'Ultimate Express' squad that managed to block off a huge group of people!

Not even counting the full Level-three armor sets that they got, Pu Taizhuang managed to get his hands on a Ghillie Suit from one of the crates. On the other hand, Liu Zilang managed to upgrade his Kar98k into an M24!

After looting the four players, Pu Taizhuang and the other two started to believe in Liu Zilang's words.

'The chicken dinner location!

'This cluster of buildings definitely seems like the chicken dinner location!'

Furthermore, throughout the next few moments in the game, the cluster of buildings definitely did not disappoint.

Every time the safe zone refreshed, it would miraculously be tucked right at the edge of the circle. It was forever a part of the shrinking circle!

Under such circumstances, even by just camping in the cluster of buildings, Liu Zilang's squad managed to enter the final circle.

This situation made the audience lament about the 'unfairness of life'. To think that a person like Liu Zilang would be given the 'heavenly circle' treatment...




As the third circle started to count down, gunfire could be heard in the direction northwest from the cluster of buildings.

After a moment, two notifications popped up in the kill feed.

"JD-Mew knocked out COL-Corthar by headshot with AWM!"

"JD-XuanXuan killed COL-God with SCAR-L!"

Looking at the kill feed, Pu Taizhuang suddenly reacted to it and shouted, "Holy sh*t! It's Team One! They even have an AWM!"

Seeing as there were merely 9 players left in the game and since were multiple gunshots coming from different directions, Liu Zilang determined that it was most likely that Jiang Xinou no longer had a full squad.

In reality, Liu Zilang's prediction was correct.

The University of Jianghai Team One, just like them, only had two members left - Jiang Xinou and Qin Xuanxuan.

However, the reason Jiang Xinou's squad was blockading the Western bridge was because they had been getting 'Hellish Circles' since the start of the game. The safe zone had always appeared on the opposite side of the map for them since the start of the game. This forced them all the way to the Western bridge.

With the process of constantly rotating their locations, they must have been through countless engagements. Having some of their members killed was inevitable. For Jiang Xinous's squad to survive as they bulldozed their way over was already proof of their skills.

Listening to Pu Taizhuang's words, Liu Zilang noticed that the circle had almost finished closing in. His mouth uncontrollably began to twitch a bit as he replied confidently, "No problem, we have the heavens on our side this round, the next circle will definitely..."

Before he could finish his sentence, the next safe zone appeared.

Looking at the safe zone, Liu Zilang's mouth immediately turned into a frown.

The circle was not on their side.

Neither was it on Jiang Xinou's side.

It landed right at the beach in the south, right where they picked up the airdrop earlier.

'Well, that's a bit awkward...

'What about having the heaven's on our side?


"Now what?"

"Don't rush into the next circle, we'll deal with the people from the North."

"Those people have an AWM!"

"No one is telling you to have a shootout with him, don't you have Ghillie Suit? You see that tree Northwest of the safe zone? Just keep an eye on that tree. Prone and camp here while holding an angle at the bush."

"Err... Why?"

"Hehe, you'll find out in a moment."

After a while, when there were still 20 seconds left till the circle closed in.

At that point in time, all four squads left in the game were cautiously moving toward and entering the safe zone.

As soon as Liu Zilang and Pu Taizhuang entered the circle, they immediately split up.

Liu Zilang camped at a boulder near a cliff. On the other hand, Pu Taizhuang who was wearing his Ghillie Suit, started to crawl toward the bush Liu Zilang had pointed out earlier.

The next moment, Liu Zilang saw something from the cliff!

He saw two silhouettes northwest. It was Team One's Jiang Xinou and Qin Xuanxaun!

Seeing as to how Pu Taizhuang was still not in position, Liu Zilang decisively made the first move. He shot his M24 directly at his opponent!

Although the shot was not a headshot and it did not kill, it did manage to hit Jiang Xinou's Level-three armor. It instantly knocked his health down by half. This of course, attracted his attention!


"Someone's sniping us!"

"The gunshots are coming from the beach!"

"Don't engage! We're up against a sniper! Let's head behind that tree inside the circle."

Jiang Xinou was one of the Top 100 players in the Asia Server after all. When Liu Zilang fired at him, he immediately deduced the location the shot was fired from without panicking. Furthermore, he hastily came up with a plan of action against it.

Using the tree as cover, they could block Liu Zilang's line of sight. Hence, he had his squad rush toward the tree.

However, the end result was the same. Naturally, they would not be able to see a man in a ghillie suit proning in a bush. They slowly moved to the bush next to the tree.

When they reached the tree, Jiang Xinou generously used a First Aid Kit to fully replenish his health,

'Was that an M24?'

Peeking from the side of the tree, he aimed down the sights of his AWM. His mouth could not help but let out a cold smile.

Immediately after that, Jiang Xinou moved out from his cover behind the tree as he held his AWM. He was aiming straight at the boulder by the beachside.

His intent was very obvious.

'I'm standing right here right now, try to snipe me if you can!'


Behind the boulder at the beach, Liu Zilang was mildly startled by Jiang Xinou's confidence and his arrogant challenge.

After realizing what was going on, he raised his eyebrows.


The next instance, a black M24 barrel suddennly appeared!



Suddenly, within the safe zone, two gunshots rang in everyone's ears!

At the plains next to the beach, two sniper bullets pierced through the air at insane speeds!

The next moment, a spurt of blood shot out through Jiang Xinou's Level-three helmet!

His health instantly dropped, going into the critical zone!

Jiang Xinou went back and hid behind the tree as fast as he could. His eyes were clearly shaken from what had just happened!

How could it be?

The gun he was holding just now was an AWM!

It was an AWM that not even a Level-three helmet could withstand!

However, from the looks of it, he was down to red health. However, his opponent's name did not appear on the kill feed. This meant that his last shot missed!

In the sniper battle earlier, Jiang Xinou was the one holding the angle whilst his opponent was the attacker.

However, despite having to peek and get back into cover, his opponent still managed to hit him, all whilst dodging his fatal bullet!

That left only a single possibility... The opponent was 'quick-scoping'!

A 'quick-scope' with barely any aiming. It had to be based solely on pre-firing and intuition!

Jiang Xinou's heart started beating rapidly at his sudden realization!

'It's him!


'It must be him!'

Jiang Xinou had watched the VOD for Li Muqiu's livestream that day, especially the clip of their bout with Bai Shaobin on the bridge. The sniping from that person left a deep impression on him.

At that time, the person behind the rock could only be him!

'It had to be him!

'Other than him, there was no one else who could pull off a "quick-scope" like that!'

With that thought in his mind, not only did Jiang Xinou's right hand start trembling, but his entire body began to shake!

It was not anxiousness.

Neither was it nervousness.

It definitely was not fear!

At that moment, only one feeling coursed through his entire body, it was excitement!


'Today I shall make you my stepping stone!'

After using a Med Kit behind the tree, Jiang Xinou once again took aim at the boulder.

He was waiting!

Waiting for an opportunity!

Waiting for the fated duel!

However, at that moment, without any warning, a gun with a high fire rate rang out from next to him!


The gunshots were fired at an extremely high and steady rate!

They were also extremely close!

Within the blink of an eye, Jiang Xinou, who was hidden behind the tree, instantly dropped to the ground!

The moment he got knocked out, Jiang Xinou looked over at his kill feed.

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit knocked out JD-Mew with Vector!"

? ? ?

? ? ?

At that moment, Jiang Xinou was completely bewildered!

...Chinese PUBG slang to describe the best circles possible where the player did not have to move since the first circleThe opposite of the Heavenly Circle.Author used Chinese words to write the 'Interesting', a popular way of typing English words in Chinese net forums.Author seems to have a misunderstanding about the difference between no-scoping and quick-scoping, he describes the act of no-scoping whilst calling it quick-scoping. I have tweaked the sentence to make it fit the context.