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104 Just Like That It Was Over!

 The sedan that was driving over was sprayed down by Liu Zilang's 15x MK14. He had instantly knocked out two players!

Witnessing such a play, both the audience and live stream viewers were shocked and did not know what to say!

On the tournament stage, the three squadmates seated next to Liu Zilang looked over toward him. They saw that his right hand that was next to his keyboard had almost been pulled down to his crotch. They were all shocked by the sight.

'A 15x MK14 spray control?

'What the f*ck is that maneuver?'

At that time, when Pu Taizhuang who was still wielding his fully modded SCAR-L saw this, he instantly felt like a disgrace to the squad.

Chen Zhifei empathized with his squadmate as he patted Pu Taizhuang on the shoulder, saying, "It's fine, we're only mortals after all."

Liu Zilang remained silent to that comment.

In the game, the two members of the University of Jianghai Team Two who got instantly knocked out were still on the ground, completely shell-shocked.

At that time, the out of control sedan had started to skid in front. Luckily for them, the area where they were knocked out at was near cover. As Liu Zilang had completely emptied his magazine for that single attack, they managed to not get killed off instantly right after being knocked out of the car.

As for the other jeep that was following behind the sedan, the driver instantly slammed on the emergency breaks. The two squad members then jumped out of the vehicle and hid behind it.

Looking at the kill feed on the bottom-left of the screen, one of the guys behind the jeep immediately shouted out, "F*cking hell! It's that Vic again!"

Hearing those words, the entire squad was stunned. They instantly remembered the fear Liu Zilang had instilled in them; that was from when Liu Zilang singlehandedly picked all of them off with his Kar98K back in the Military Base in the previous match.

Never would they have thought that they would meet the monster, Liu Zilang, in that match. Furthermore, just seconds after they met this time, they were already down two players.

What the f*ck did they do to deserve that!

The University of Jianghai Team Two had different circumstances compared to the other teams. As an amateur team that had almost reached the pro-scene, they fully understood the implications of getting singlehandedly team-wiped by Liu Zilang.

Ir was definitely not something they could just brush off by saying, "We're just not in form today" or "Liu Zilang was lucky".

The University of Jianghai Team Two fully understood what kind of gap existed between them and Liu Zilang.

Thus, the moment they were down by two players, their first reaction was not to counterattack. Instead, their response was just one simple word - "Escape!"


In the commentary booth, Lord Rong and Meng Yeqing were utterly stunned by the University of Jianghai Team Two's actions.

"Oh? The two remaining members of the University of Jianghai Team Two have just smoked out the area where their squad mates got knocked out. The two seem to be making their way over to revive their fallen comrades." Lord Rong felt slightly dubious as he continued, "Did they not have a good shot?"

"Looks like the University of Jianghai Team Two isn't gonna accept the invitation to this battle. I'm guessing that they'll leave immediately after reviving their teammates." As Meng Yeqing said that, she laughed wryly. "Maybe the PTSD from Vic's Kar98k from the last match was a bit too much for them to handle. They're still worried about screwing up if they engage. Hence, they've decided to smoke the area and start reviving their friends."

"Hmmm... That's also a valid thought process." Lord Rong nodded as he smiled. "Admittedly, in the current local scene, 'gunner-type' players and streamers are definitely more popular. However, I feel that this game is unlike any other traditional FPS game. The phrase chicken dinner symbolizes the importance of victory in the game. In other words, it's to survive in the game and eventually become the last man or squad standing. Sometimes, avoiding battles and engagements can be a tactical option."

As Lord Rong finished, the live audience suddenly started cheering.

He immediately looked back at the big screen, and his jaw dropped.

Just as Liu Zilang's line of sight was being disrupted by the smokescreen and while Team Two was attempting to revive their fallen comrades...

The sound of Liu Zilang's MK rang out once more!

However, he wasn't firing into the smoke. Instead, Liu Zilang was popping the tires of the sedan in front, he then continued on to the tires of the jeep behind.

Witnessing the scene unfold, Lord Rong's mouth started to twitch.

'This motherf*cking tire-popping maniac!'

With that being said, even if the University of Jianghai Team Two was to revive their knocked out squadmates, it would be hard for them to avoid the battle.

Since their location was still outside the circle, other than the cover they were hiding behind, there was only an open plain around them. Both sides were in a complete deadlock situation.

However, if the University of Jianghai Team Two wanted to run from the circle, they had to first deal with Liu Zilang and Pu Taizhuang who were camping at the cluster of buildings ahead of them.


After some time, the remaining two squadmates managed to revive their two knocked out comrades behind cover.

Looking at their two vehicles that had their tires popped, the four players' eyes twitched in rage.

'That bastard...

'Do you need to be this cruel!'

One of the players who just got revived immediately used a med kit as he said helplessly, "We can't run anymore, We need to clear out that squad before we can progress through the plains."

"F*ck! When the hell did we have such a monster in our school!" A person suddenly said whilst huffing and puffing.

Someone reminded him, "There's two of them. Don't forget, there's still that Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit guy who hasn't done anything yet. You've all seen him play with Guru Qiu in that livestream, that guy's aim is probably on the same level as Master Ze."

Out of the blue, the IGL of the squad suddenly asked, "If we were to have a shootout with them right now, what're the odds of us winning?"

As soon as this question was posed, the other three immediately stopped talking. This caused the whole atmosphere to feel awkward.

To the sniper of the team, it felt like a stab to his heart...

'This feels so f*cking terrible!'

Looking at the situation, the IGL took a deep breath as he clenched onto the shotgun he had in his hands. "Then there's nothing much to say about it, we'll just have to smoke our way through. Switch to shotguns if you have them, I refuse to believe that this isn't enough to deal with them!"

Hearing the IGL's words, the three on the side agreed that it was their only viable option.

After that, the four immediately started to smoke out a path toward their target. After all, when dealing with such a situation, the earlier they took action, the better. They could not afford to drag it on further, otherwise, when the circle closed in, it would be even more troublesome.


From the observer's camera, a Smoke Grenade could be seen being tossed out from behind cover.

As smoke started to spread, a person hastily emerged out of cover and ran into the smoke. He then tossed a second smoke ahead of it.

In a few moments, a 'smoke tunnel' had been created!

The four people, who had their stamina gauges maxed out, speedily rushed through the smoke toward the cluster of buildings Liu Zilang's squad was in.

Witnessing the scene unfold in the commentary booth, the two commentators' faces were that of pure praise.

"I've gotta admit, I'm really impressed by the University of Jianghai Team Two's resolve and decisiveness in this battle. After having their tires popped, they spared no time hesitating and swapped to using smokes. They're trying to pull a lightning blitz on their opponents."

"Yep, it definitely seems that way. I also think that in this kind of situation, the best option for the University of Jianghai Team Two is to take the initiative and go on the offense. In addition, they might not know but they have the upper hand over their opponents. They have an advantage in terms of numbers as the Fantastic Four is down by two players."

"That's right, we can now see the two assaulters of the University of Jianghai Team Two swapping to their shotguns. One of them has an S686 whilst the other is using an S12K. Tsk tsk, all creatures are equal under the power of that mighty shotty. I'm honestly starting to worry about Vic's crew... If this fight becomes close ranged."

From the perspective of a player from the University of Jianghai Team Two, the sudden roar of a car's engine could be heard!

What was the situation?

Was there another squad coming over?

The next instance, the observer's camera immediately cut over to Liu Zilang's perspective.

On the big screen in the middle of the arena, Liu Zilang had somehow made his way over to the beach and had gotten into the Jeep that was next to the airdrop. He was driving it straight toward the plains.

Pu Taizhuang was holding down the fort at the cluster of buildings, dedicatedly looking at the smoke with the sights of his gun. If anyone were to show their face, he would shoot immediately without hesitation.

At that time, Liu Zilang who was having a joyride in the jeep made a sharp turn.

He drove straight through the 'smoke tunnel' that the University of Jianghai Team Two had meticulously setup from one end to the other. He plowed through it at extreme speeds.


In the smoke, the players of the University of Jianghai Team Two who were bravely charging toward their target heard the sound of the vehicle get closer and closer.

The four became startled!

Although the smokescreen obscured their opponents' vision, at the same time it had also sealed off their own vision.

The next moment, without any warning, a jeep suddenly appeared in front of their eyes!

"Bam bam!"



A flurry of frantic gunshots rang within the smoke!

There were shotgun pellets, rifle shots...

However, the last sound from the smoke was the sound of a jeep crashing into someone. At that point, the entire area fell silent.

The last thing the four players saw inside the smoke was the bright blue sky above their heads...

The next instance, four system prompts popped up on the bottom-left of the screen.

Witnessing the scene unfold, the audience and live stream viewers watching at home were completely stunned!

'It's... over?'

"What happened to the lightning blitz?

'What happened to the close combat?

'For a semi-professional team, is it really over just like that?'