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103 Do You Believe in Destiny?

 Watching the scene unfold, both the commentators and the audience were shocked.

'Isn't sniping from shadows something only LYB's do?

'Why is someone as skillful as Vic from the Fantastic Four using this kind of trick. It's a new low even for him!

'This motherf*cker...'

It seemed like Vic's reputation as a great guru was getting worse and worse by the second!

"Emmmmmm... Just as we've seen, the winner between the two squads at the airdrop has been decided. However, Vic just used his Kar98k to give the winner his last rites."

"Hehe, to be honest, I feel bad for the squad of players over at the airdrop. Despite winning such an intense battle of wit and skill, in the end, he didn't get to taste the fruits of victory."

"Maybe that's just how PUBG is, hehe. However, this has also shown us that even a master player like Vic wouldn't refrain from scoring an easy kill. To tell the truth, seeing the tricks he used sent a chill down my spine."

"I think that might be the case... Oh! The two members left in the Fantastic Four are now riding their bike over to loot the boxes. From the observer's spectator cam, we can see that the airdrop has one MK14 and a 15x scope!"

"That's right, I personally think that the MK is a decent weapon. It has less recoil than the SKS and has a full-auto firing mode. It's definitely a good sniper."

In the game, Liu Zilang went over to the motorcycle behind the cluster of buildings to pick up Pu Taizhuang. He then began heading straight toward the airdrop.

Opening the airdrop, Liu Zilang turned around and then asked, "It's an MK14! Do you want it?"

"Nah, my Vector is already fully modded, this gun is sick! I can't possibly throw it away now." Pu Taizhuang waved his hands. "I've looted the boxes, now I just need a long-range scope and some meds."

After seeing Pu Taizhuang decline to take the gun, Liu Zilang looked down at his own Kar98k. He suddenly felt an irresistible urge to try out the MK...

After thinking momentarily, he decided to abandon his M16.

After all, the MK was a fully-auto sniper rifle. If he slapped on an extended mag, it would have a clip size of 20 bullets. With that being said, it could easily be used as a rifle in close combat.


After looting the boxes, the two hastily got back on their motorcycle. They went back to the cluster of buildings they were in earlier.

Based on their current situation, their equipment and inventory had improved exponentially since the start of the game. They had scopes, ammo, and various meds. This basically ensured that they would not be lacking anything for the rest of the game.

All of this was because they decided to come to this 'miraculous cluster of buildings' that was southward of Sosnovka Island.

Once they returned to the cluster of buildings, Liu Zilang parked their motorcycle and looked toward the sea.

He suddenly said profoundly, "I feel like this cluster of buildings will be the place where we'll get our chicken dinner in this match."

"Hmmm? What do you mean?"

Pu Taizhuang, Chen Zhifei, and Ran Maotong who were spectating felt curious when they heard those words.

"Do you guys believe in destiny?" Liu Zilang asked in a serious tone.

"Err... Believing and not believing... What's the difference?" Chen Zhifei questioned.

Liu Zilang stretched his hands as he explained, "Look at this, guys. At the start of this round, we were so low on resources when we were up north. We even nearly got wiped out when we crossed the bridge. But once we got to this cluster of buildings, the tides turned in our favor. I've got a feeling that this is a sign."

Ran Maodong questioned on with a confused look, "What sign?"

"A sign is a huge responsibility given by the heavens. First exhausting your every muscle and bone before rewarding you with a chicken dinner!" Liu Zilang concluded.

Listening to those words, the three could not help but roll their eyes.

'Who gave you such a huge responsibility?

'Hell, I don't think anyone in the heavens would even want to look at you, b*tch. Especially, after all the scummy tricks you've pulled, please...'

However, as the next circle appeared, the three were stunned.

The cluster of buildings they were in at that time, was still within the next safe zone.

At that time, it might actually turn out to be the 'chicken dinner location' just as Liu Zilang said.


As the safe zone refreshed, the observer's camera gave some screentime to one of the squads in a car. They were moving down from the hill where the Eastern watchtower of the Sosnovka Military Base was.

"Oh? That's the University of Jianghai Team Two! They're no longer inside the safe zone. From the looks of it, they seem to want to start moving into the safe zone early, in an attempt to seize the initiative."

"Yep, the Team Two's members were camping at the Eastern bridge earlier, seemingly collaborating with Team One as they sealed off a bridge each. Currently, they've obtained nearly ten kill points from it all. They're currently second to the University of Jianghai Team One on the leaderboard."

"That's right, but what's more important is that they're still a full squad, with four fully equipped players. In my opinion, as long as they avoid big guys like the University of Jiaghai Team One and the Fantastic Four, with their current equipment and skills, they shouldn't have much trouble. This would be especially true if they're able to get the next circle early.

"But wait! Look at the direction the University of Jianghai Team Two is moving in... They seem to be heading straight toward the cluster of buildings the Fantastic Four are camping in!"

"Sigh! Speak of the devil and he does appear! However, I feel that the situation the Fantastic Four is in isn't the best. They only have two people left and have no clue that the incoming squad is the University of Jianghai Team Two. If they are to underestimate their opponents, this might end up awry!"

Listening to the commentator's words, instantly, all the attention from the audience and the live stream viewers shifted back to the game.

After all, the Fantastic Four's performance in the first match had been utterly amazing. This was especially true for Vic, he had completely stolen the show!

However, after seeing the two battles earlier, the tactics the Fantastic Four were using seemed underhanded. They had completely betrayed the audience's expectations.

At that point, seeing a strong participant like the University of Jianghai Team Two enter the fray, the audience could not help but excitedly get their hopes up once more!


As all of that was happening in real life, Liu Zilang and Pu Taizhuang remained hidden inside one of the buildings.

"Ehh? I think I hear a car!"

Next to the window on the second floor, Pu Taizhuang said in a suspicious tone.

"Yep, it came from the northeast. From the sounds of it, there's one jeep and one sedan." Liu Zilang nodded.

As a top-tier FPS player, being able to make out the direction of a sound had completely become second nature to him.

"F*ck! Please tell me they're not coming our way."

Pu Taizhuang immediately changed his line of sight. As Liu Zilang had called out, there was one sedan, followed by another jeep, headed straight their way.

Liu Zilang vaulted out of the window and aimed down the 15x scope on his Kar98k. He said, "Don't let them get close, engage immediately! It's time to mark our territory."

"No problem." Pu Taizhuang excitedly rubbed his hands together.

After camping for so long, although it was the safest option at that point, he had become bored to death.


At that time, the observer's camera cut away from the University of Jianghai Team Two's perspective. It was most likely trying to capture Liu ZIlang and Pu Taizhuang's reactions to the sudden development.

Unexpectedly, Liu Zilang and Pu Taizhuang's answer to the incoming intruders was to counter with pure brute force.


The crisp sound of a Kar98k rang through the air, almost symbolizing an alarm!

Following that, Pu Taizhuang who was right beside Liu Zilang used his 4x SCAR-L to rapidly take potshots at the invaders.

He did not change the firing mode of the gun to full-auto as he was afraid that his spray control would be off.

Aiming at the University of Jianghai Team Two's side, Liu Zilang's first shot was targetted at the sedan in the front.

Although he did not manage to knock out the driver, he had still managed to land a body shot. The driver's health was reduced by half.

After the first shot, Liu Zilang did not pull the bolt of his gun to load another shot. Instead, he switched weapons and then took the 15x scope from his Kar98k to replace the Red Dot Sight on his MK14.

At that time, the observer's camera was coincidentally watching from Liu Zilang's perspective.

What followed next caused the jaws of the audience and live stream viewers to drop.

Liu Zilang switched the firing mode to full-auto on his 15x MK14 and started spraying madly at the sedan that was in a distance!


Immediately, countless bullets rained down on his target.

From the observer's camera, Liu Zilang's vision trembled as if he was riding a galloping horse.

However, no matter how much his screen shook, his crosshair was still perfectly locked-in on the general direction the sedan was in.

Within two seconds of firing, the MK14 in Liu Zilang's hands had fully exhausted its 20-bullet clip!

At the same time, the sedan was completely filled with blood splatters everywhere. The two players in the car had been knocked out one after the other!

17 shots in two seconds?

Spray control on an 8x AK?

Compared to this clip of Liu Zilang using the 15x MK14, all those would be considered child's play!

In the commentary booth, the experienced veteran Lord Rong looked at the screen wide-eyed. He unconsciously gulped as his throat tensed up.

There were so many things he could have commented about based on what he had just witnessed, but only one line flashed in his head at that instance.

'Is this guy even f*cking human?'

...A parody of a line taken from Gaozi II from the works of Mencius.