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102 Coronation

 In reality, the squad in-game that got trolled by Liu Zilang were not the only ones who were feeling speechless.

The live audience and viewers from the live stream were shocked as well!

That bloody bastard definitely had the skills to take out the entire squad by himself. However, he still decided to use shady schemes to win...

With that being said, people had the urge to point their middle fingers at him!

At that time, the stream chat was flooded with comments. The live stream viewers were reacting to what they had just seen.

"6666, I'm completely impressed by this tactic! It must suck to be those guys who spent all their effort to get there by boat."

"That nade from Vic was so damn dirty. Even I was f*cking shook when I saw that guy picking trying to pick that nade up."

"Hahaha, I wonder if that guy will get PTSD from this. Maybe he won't dare pick up a Frag Grenade ever again."

"23333, I think the unluckiest person coming out of all that must be the guy who went for the meds. Imagine two guns being pointed right at you immediately after you turn a corner. Wouldn't you feel moved?"

"I probably wouldn't even be able to move..."


At that moment in time, in the game, they had just finished looting the already-dead squad's boxes. Finally, Liu Zilang and Pu Taizhuang's equipment looked better.

At the very least, Liu Zilang's signature primary and secondary weapons - the Kar98k and the M16 were know fully modded out. However, unfortunately for them, the squad took a boat there immediately after quickly looting the city area below the hill. Hence, they were not as stacked.

Out of the four players, only one of them had a 4x Scope, much less an 8x.

If the squad that had just died could hear Liu Zilang complaining about how unlooted they were, they might have broken their headsets. They may have even went over to engage in an "irl PK" right then and there!

However, the 4x scope was still decent. At least something came out of the battle.

In these kinds of situations, the long-range scopes should naturally be handed over to the snipers of the squad. Liu Zilang swiftly equipped the 4x scope to his Kar98k.

"Where are we going next?" Pu Taizhuang asked as he brandished his Vector.

Just now, he finally got a taste of how amazing the gun was. He had fully modded it out after looting the crates.

With that being said, he did not even bother to use a shotgun and decided to use a SCAR-L and a Vector instead.

Liu Zilang checked the map.

At that time, the circle had already closed in and the next safe zone had been refreshed. The next circle was southwest of Sosnovka Island, and the land up north had become completely out of the next circle.

However, the cluster of buildings Liu Zilang's squad was in was still within the safe zone.

After thinking momentarily, Liu Zilang finally spoke, "We're already down two members at this point, I don't think we need to move. Let's just camp here and deal with people who come in from the east."

After Liu Zilang finished speaking, immediately, the sound of a car's engine could be heard.

"Someone's already moving in right after the last circle closed?"

He was slightly dubious of the fact, but he immediately raised his guard.

The most probable reason players in this competition would move into the safe zone before the circle even started to close was to get into the next safe zone early. This would get them the initiative.

Furthermore, the cluster of buildings they were in right now was precisely within the next safe zone.


However, when Liu Zilang moved out to scout the situation, he realized that his predictions were wrong.

He realized this because at that point in time, right at the center of the shore below the hill that the earlier squad had landed, there lied a blue and red airdrop crate.

Along with the sea breeze, bright red smoke permeated through the air. It looked extremely tempting.

If Liu Zilang was not wrong, the airdrop must have been dropped from the plane that had flown past their heads just now.

Previously, Liu Zilang and his teammate were too busy trying to kill the enemy squad to loot their crates. They did not notice what was happening outside the building.

With that being said, all doubt was cleared. The cars that were within earshot were not coming in to get the initiative, they were all aiming for that airdrop.


Liu Zilang's hypothesis was quickly proven to be correct.

The cars moving in were no doubt gunning for the airdrop. There was more than one squad going for it.

One squad was coming in from the east with a Jeep, whereas another squad was coming in with a sedan from the west.

As the two teams met face-to-face at the plains on top of the hill, neither dared to exit their vehicles to loot the airdrop. Instead, they just drove past each other, turning around and circling one another once more.

Seeing the situation, Pu Taizhuang became a bit restless. "What should we do?"

"Calm down. What we need now isn't more enemies, but rather the moral support of the audience and their applause," Liu Zilang said with a dead serious face.

Pu Taizhuang was utterly speechless.

This was the first time he had heard playing f*cking dirty, phrased in such an elegant and refined manner.


However, at that time, the two cars on the hill seemed to view each other as mortal enemies. They had completely disregarded Liu Zilang and Pu Taizhuang who were watching them from the cluster of buildings.

With that being said, naturally, the two were not in a hurry to make it a 'three-party conference'. They would rather just watch the situation before doing anything.

After circling around for a few more times, the Jeep seemed to be getting tired of it.

If the situation were to continue on, it would attract the attention of other squads. The airdrop would be even harder to get.

Of course, if only they knew that there was a person casually proned on the ground near the cluster of buildings. That person was watching them closely with a 4x scope...

If they knew, they might have just turned around and left.

However, at that time, ignorance was bliss.

Suddenly, the jeep broke out of the loop and started driving straight toward the airdrop. The squad was obviously trying to gain the initiative.

Seeing the situation, the white sedan followed closely behind the jeep. At the same time, a player popped out from the sedan's window and started spraying wildly at the jeep with a rifle.

The next instance, the two cars slammed into the airdrop crate almost at the same time. They both came to a screeching halt!

Immediately following that, the two squads both swiftly hopped out of their vehicles, preparing to fight.

From the looks of it, both squads had only two players left, and they started spraying down as soon as they could.

Soon, two kill feed prompts popped up on the bottom-left of the screen.

After round one, both squads had one person knocked out.

At that point in time, there was obviously no time to revive the knocked out teammates. The two left standing immediately started firing at each other once more, initiating round two of the duel.

Still perched in the grassy plains at the cluster of buildings nearby, Liu Zilang watched on closely with his 4x scope.

The two players were busy using their own cars and the airdrop as cover. They occasionally tilted their heads out to peek-shoot before going back into cover.

Soon, the tactical battle devolved to a game of 'ring-around-the-rosy' around the airdrop.

The intense tactical battle to the death that the two players were having, seemed to have a weirdly cheerful atmosphere from Liu Zilang's perspective...

As he felt bored by just watching, Liu Zilang started to give a commentary of the battle. "The guy on the left has been using too many bullets. If this continues on, his clip will finish first."

"So you mean... The guy on the right will win?"

Proned on the ground right next to him, Pu Taizhuang was also looking on with his Holo Sight. He tilted his head in confusion.

Unexpectedly, Liu Zilang immediately shook his head. "I'm not sure about that. The guy on the right doesn't seem agile enough. He has already hit the car multiple times in this fight."

As Liu Zilang finished his analysis, his eyes began to flash. Clenching his fists, he exclaimed, "The guy on the left is reloading! Now! Go! C'mon!"

Looking at Liu Zilang's excited expression, the three players on his side became completely speechless...

'Why the f*ck are you watching this like a bloody soccer match?'


On the other side, the guy on the right heard the sound of his opponent reloading. He immediately readied his gun and charged at his opponent.

Hearing his footsteps, the guy who was reloading suddenly remembered that he had a shotgun in the spur of the moment!

The next instance, he canceled the reloading animation and instantly switched to his S686. He fired two shots right at the other guy's face!

In an instant, the tables turned. The guy on the left had miraculously pulled a comeback and turned it into a finisher!


Liu Zilang could not help but whistle in praise. A devilish grin suddenly appeared on his face. "Then, as the prize for winning the fight, let me help coronate you."

Just as he finished speaking, a "bang" shot was heard. One single sniper bullet zipped past the plains at lightning-fast speed!

Just as the winner of the fight finished off his opponent and was helping up his knocked out squad mate whilst bragging about his skills, a blood splatter appeared behind his head!

After that, with a "clunk" sound, he dropped down beside the car. He was completely stunned about what had just happened.

As the sea breeze blew, the area around the airdrop once again fell silent.