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101 Why Couldnt I Loot It?

 The spectator's view had shifted its focus toward the squad that had taken a detour to the other side of the island.

Lord Rong noticed them on the commentator's stage. "This squad seems to be quite intelligent. If I'm not mistaken, they landed and scoured the area just below Georgopol. Furthermore, they changed two boats along the way as they circled there from the sea. Although it was time-consuming, they managed to perfectly avoid every squad and all possible battle during the great migration earlier."

"Exactly my thoughts." Meng Yeqing nodded only to be shocked moments later. "Huh? This squad's name sounds very familiar. The Seal Assault Squad? Isn't this the squad that was wiped out when they competed for the airdrop against the Fantastic Four in the last match?"

"Eh! You're right... " Lord Rong reacted as well. "But there are two players on land as well. The Seal Assault Squad may be ambushed if they are to land here."

Then, the spectator's view shifted toward Liuzilang's team.

The crowd and the viewers in the live stream were shocked as they saw Liu Zilang and Pu Taizhuang's name.

"Woah! The squad on land is none other than the remaining two members of the Fantastic Four!" Meng Yeqin was slightly surprised as she smiled. "Perhaps this is the so-called you can never avoid your enemies."

"It's really Vic and his teammate!" Lord Rong could not hold in his laughter. "I bet the Seal Assault Squad wouldn't expect to meet their greatest nemesis after taking such a long detour. This is truly fate pulling its strings!"

"I'm excited to see what Vic can do when he's at a disadvantage in terms of numbers. Will he be able to do what he had done in the previous match?"

"Yeah... I think Vic's squad has already heard the boat's engine. Hence, their enemy is in the light while they're lurking in the shadows. They have the upper hand in taking initiation. If they were to ambush them by the cliff, perhaps..."

"Hold up. Why are Vic and his teammate returning to the house?" Are they trying to evade the enemies since they figured out that they are outnumbered?"


Inside the game, at the shore just beside the housing area.

Liu ZIlang and Pu Taizhuang went toward each house to close their doors. They also placed down energy drinks and other Attachments on the floor.

After they had finished setting up everything, they went to the house closest to the beach and found a room to camp in.

They chose a room where its door was not placed by its side. Liu Zilang also placed a first aid kit near the entrance as he entered the room.

Pu Taizhuang sneered as he watched on.

Meanwhile, the boat had just landed by the shore.

The four of them stepped onto the rocks as they attempted to climb up the cliff.

"Why are we climbing up here?" One of them complained. "It's much better to land on even ground."

The one who suggested this explained, "It's safer to land here. If the others had the same idea as us and took a detour here, we'll be in trouble if we're ambushed when we go on land."

One of them agreed. "Liangzi is right. Stop doubting and keep climbing up. There's a housing area just above us. We'll occupy the area before we search the place. I'm still lacking a grip."

The other player continued, "Alright. Pass me an M4 Tactical Stock if you find one."

Then, they began their bumpy journey.

However, the four of them soon climbed up successfully.

One of them took out their M4 as he used his 4x scope to inspect the area. "All the doors are closed. I don't think anyone has been here."

The other person nodded. "Let's go search the place and decide what to do after the next safe zone appears."


Inside the room.

Pu Taizhuang peeked through the window. He was excited and anxious at the same time. "They're coming!"

"Don't move. We'll wait for them." Liu Zilang was very calm.

Soon, they heard footsteps coming from outside.

There were people stepping on the grass just outside of their room.

Then, an airplane could be heard roaring above them.

The sound had muffled every other noise, including their footsteps.

Liu Zilang, who had been crouching behind the door, took out a frag grenade.

He did not pull the pin to warm the frag grenade up. Instead, he rolled the grenade toward the door of the kitchen with his right hand.

The frag grenade rolled and stopped firmly just beside the table.

Soon, the door opened.

The four of them came in unguarded as they saw energy drinks and a first aid kit on the ground.

"Looks like there's no one here."

"Yep. There's a first aid kit over there."

"I found a pain killer here."

"Hey, there's a frag grenade by the side of the table. Liangzi, you should carry more frag grenades. They might be useful when we need to raid a house or during the last circle."

They spread out immediately to loot the items once they entered the house.

Liangzi went toward the frag grenade and pressed F in an attempt to pick it up.

He was stunned and found it strange that he was not able to pick up the frag grenade...

'What the hell?

'Is it bugged?'

Liangzi was trying to figure out what was going on.

Then, there was a flash in front of him as he heard a loud explosion!

He was sent flying in an instant.

The person who was looting the painkiller nearby was sent flying into the kitchen as well...

'What the hell... happened?'

The person who was busy looting the first aid kit turned around confused as he heard a loud explosion coming from behind him.

However, by the time he turned around...

He froze when he saw was two pitch black muzzles aiming at him!

"What the f*ck. Someone's here..."

He, who was in shock, did not even manage to finish speaking before a thud could be heard as he fell to the ground.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye as three of the four players that had entered the room were knocked out!

The last man had entered the toilet to the right the moment he entered the house. He was bewildered as he realized what had happened behind him.

The player who was trying to loot the first aid kit shouted immediately, "F*ck! We've been ambushed!"

The last man standing responded swiftly as his teammate warned him!

However, before he could do anything, two enemies appeared with weapons in their hands in the house that was originally empty!

"Da da da da..."

Pu Taizhuang, who had a Vector in his hands, led the way as he charged in and finished 13 rounds of 0.4mm Ammo in just 0.7 seconds!

The remaining enemy did not even have the time to pull out his weapon before Pu Taizhuang knocked him out.

"Wow! This gun is awesome!"

Pu Taizhuang screamed excitedly!

What came next were system prompts that appeared at the bottom left corner of the screen.

"Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit killed StupidHuman with Vector!"

"Vic123 killed CallMeLiangzi with Frag Grenade!"

"Vic123 killed BullyWithSilverGun with Frag Grenade!"

"Vic123 killed ArrivedWithASlightCold with MicroUzi!"

The squad was flabbergasted as they saw the prompt.

'Why is it him again?'

They were almost traumatized when their entire squad was wiped out by Vic alone in this previous match.

When the previous match ended, the people around them had even asked how they got wiped out by just one person.

'F*cking hell... it was extremely embarrassing.'

The four of them wanted to hide their heads in a hole so badly back then!

They were fired up in this match as they took such a long detour via boat. They obviously wanted to win and obtain chicken dinner to prove their worth.

Never in their minds would they have thought of encountering Liu Zilang here.

Yet, they were met with the same fate as the previous match. They had been wiped out once more.


'We're not as skilled as him!

'We admit it!

'Are you happy now?'

However, this battle...

'Isn't this much worse than being ambushed?'

At that instant, the Seal Assault Squad was extremely furious.