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99 Standing Shoulder To Shoulder With The Sun!

 Those who were capable of accepting news quickly on the internet were stunned as they saw Master Ze checking out the live stream.

Initially, there was Xiaotong-chan from Douyu who was watching Vic's live stream. Now, they had Master Ze from Panda visiting Jiang Xinou's live stream.

Was an intercampus tournament worth that much attention?

However, unlike Xiaotong-chan who had decided to stay, Shen Zeyan left after a while with his swarm of bullet screens.

Lord Rong was amused as he saw everything on the commentator's stage.

He then smiled. "Looks like our tournament in the University of Jianghai has very high competitive standards that even Master Ze came to watch us. Alright, let's cut the chatter, the second match is about to begin."

"Alright, contestants please head back to your seats." Meng Yeqing's soft and gentle voice could be heard. "The next match shall begin in five minutes."

The people who had gathered around Liu Zilang's team, and who were chattering, went back to their seats. They had heard the reminder from the commentator's stage.

Then, Feng Yanzu who was sitting on the opposite side peeked over as he whispered to Liu Zilang, "Brother, did you use any trick that resulted in the chicken dinner earlier?"

A trick?

Liu Zilang looked at Feng Yanzu funnily as he recalled that their squad had been wiped out by Team One of the University of Jianghai. They were not placed on the ranking ladder despite camping for the entire match.

Liu Zilang smiled as he realized Feng Yanzu was waiting eagerly for his response. "If you really want to have a chicken dinner, you first need to prepare a huge wok. Take note that heat is a very important factor..."


Feng Yanzu's face froze as he heard Liu Zilang's words. Feng Yanzu stared at him coldly.

Liu Zilang put on an innocent face as if he had said nothing wrong.

Chen Zhifei held his laughter in at one side as he nudged Liu Zilang and whispered, "Langzi, this is my first time seeing you treating someone else like this. Why did you tease him without any reason at all?"

"There's still five minutes before the match begins and that means we still have time." Liu Zilang shrugged. "Also, I didn't reach out to tease him, he asked for it."

Chen Zhifei did not know what to say as he heard Liu Zilang's words.

It seemed to be the case after putting in some thought into it. All he could do was pity the poor Feng Yanzu.


Five minutes passed and the second match was about to begin.

They waited in the spawn area until the time was up. Then, everyone was teleported above the island as the airplane's engine roared.

This time, the flight route of the match was across the center of the map. It would start from Georgopol and then fly over the School before ending near Lipovka.

The flight route was slightly further away from the Sosnovka Military Base. With that being said, since the Sosnovka Military Base was a tier one hotspot for loot, many people would likely drive a vehicle to the area during the tournament.

Liu Zilang's team did not plan to search for a car and head toward the Sosnovka Military Airport the moment they landed. Instead, they decided to glide toward Severny.

As expected, they were the only squad there.

As they landed, they were in disbelief as they saw where the safe zone was.

They were at the very north.

However, the safe zone had spawned at the Sosnovka Military Best at the very south!

The safe zone was going against their wishes!

Naturally, Chen Zhifei who was responsible for where they landed was heavily criticized!


Then, everything went as planned.

As the first circle appeared in the match, there was a great migration of players from north to south. One could see them moving in waves through the spectator's view.

Liu Zilang and his team had to start racing against the blue circle even before they could finish searching Severny.

Fortunately, vehicles could be easily found in Severny and they soon got themselves a motorcycle and a three-wheeler.

The four of them rode in two vehicles as they drove toward the south.

The equipment they possessed was extremely bad compared to the equipment they had in the first match.

Liu Zilang had a Level Two Police Vest, a Level One Green Motorcycle Helmet, an Uzi, and an AKM.

He was the most loaded among them.

The others were worse as they only had Vectors and shotguns.

Ran Maotong was not wearing anything on his head and his brown-red hair swirled together with the wind. He did not have any helmet at all.

What made it worse was how far the safe zone was. Under such circumstances, they drove anxiously as they were afraid of being ambushed in their current state.


Meanwhile, squads that had driven toward Sosnovka Military Base were incredibly stacked.

Team One of the University of Jianghai was one of those squads who had chosen to head toward the Sosnovka Military Base.

They immediately started scouring for weapons the moment they arrived at the Sosnovka Military Base and cleared a path as they headed toward the boiler room.

At that time, the first blue circle had started shrinking, and they had taken over the Sosnovka Military Base at the cost of one teammate. Since the beginning of the match, they were the ones who had the most screen time.

After taking over the Sosnovka Military Base, they swiftly scoured for resources within the place before staring at Jiang Xinou in unison.

However, Jiang Xinou was looking toward the north as the edge of his lips curled up vaguely.

He only had one target in the match!

If he failed to defeat the person he wanted, any chicken dinner he won would be a tasteless one.


On the commentator's stage.

Lord Rong and Meng Yeqing started to analyze the situation as the first blue circle started to shrink.

"It looks like Team One of the University of Jianghai is repeating what the Fantastic Four had done. Although they've already lost one member, the safe zone has appeared at Sosnovka Military Base. This means that they'll be able to kill a lot of players if they were to ambush the others by the bridge."

"That's right. The flight route of this match has given many squads very little amount of time to search for weapons. The moment they landed, they had to start racing against the blue circle. In comparison to Team One of the University of Jianghai's equipment, their difference is on par with a regular player and a pay to win player.

"Oh! The spectator's view has shifted to the Fantastic Four, who had obtained a chicken dinner in the last match. Let's have a look at them. Oh my god! They're seriously poor!"

"Hehe that's true. I believe this is because Severny isn't that loaded this match. Furthermore, they've landed too far away from the safe zone. This means that they have to run toward the safe zone earlier compared to other squads, giving them less time to search for loot."

Then, the spectator's view moved to the south.

The three players from Team One of the University of Jianghai exited the Sosnovka Military Base. Each of them had a car as they drove toward the West Bridge.

Although this match's safe zone covered the Sosnovka Military Base, it only covered the western region of the said premise.

It was obvious that Team One of the University of Jianghai would be able to kill more players if they were to camp by the West Bridge.

However, the other squads were not stupid as well. There was a squad who tried their luck and was blown up on the bridge.

Why would they dare to cross the bridge if they knew that the squad at the other end of the bridge was Team One of the University of Jianghai?

Some took a detour.

Some crossed with a boat.

Some had even started swimming as they could not find a boat...

However, there was a squad who did not choose to use the previously mentioned cowardly methods.

It was the Fantastic Four who did not get the memo as they reached the bridgehead.

The crowd gasped as they stared at him with admiration as Ran Maotong and Chen Zhifei's three-wheeler exploded at the middle of the bridge...

Pu Taizhuang who was hugging Liu Zilang from the back of the motorcycle screamed like a dolphin as everything went down on them!

Liu Zilang realized that they were in a crisis and he was not able to stop their motorcycle or take a U-turn at their current speed.

Hence, he shifted to another direction as he headed toward a sloping plate at the edge of the bridge!

They charged out of the bridge together with their motorcycle as they escaped from the Earth's gravity...

They were literally flying!