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98 Left Everyone In The Dust!

 The three who were sitting beside Liu Zilang read the sentence that had popped up on their monitors. They were silent for some time before they started to feel excited!

Chen Zhifei and the other two joined the tournament for the sake of playing together!

They did not expect themselves to actually earn a chicken dinner as they fought on!

Pu Taizhuang, the big fellow from the northeast region, could be seen jumping toward Ran Maotong as he gave him a bear hug on the competitor's seat. Meanwhile, Ran Maotong who was sitting on the chair contorted his face in agony as it happened.

Chen Zhifei raised his right hand up excitedly as he spoke to Liu Zilang who was sitting beside him, "Give me five Langzi!"

"Huh?" Liu Zilang was stunned.

He reacted and unconsciously raised his right hand as he noticed Chen Zhifei raise his hand.


Chen Zhifei's palm went straight toward him!

Liu Zilang's palm gradually turned red as the edge of his lips twitched!

Then, many squads nearby left their seats and went toward them to congratulate them on their successful chicken dinner.

Since there were many squads in the tournament, they were not considered as direct rivals. Hence, their interaction with each other was rather casual.

Many people expressed their admiration and respect for Liu Zilang since he had oppressed three squads alone near the end of the game. There were also a few curious ones asking Pu Taizhuang if he was the one that was live streaming with Li Muqiu the other day.

Since they were all acquaintances, he was obligated to give them an answer.

After all, he would look extremely arrogant if he did not.

Pu Taizhuang shook his head respectfully as he turned his gaze toward Liu Zilang.

Then, Team One and Team Two of the University of Jianghai's eSports Association walked over toward them as well.

Liu Zilang was not aware of this and it was already too late by the time he had.

Qin Xuanxuan who was walking behind Jiang Xinou gasped as she saw Liu Zilang from a distance. "You? You're Vic?"

As it was a tournament, everyone had their contestant passes hanging by their neck; their personal information and game ID could be read by anyone.

As Jiang Xinou approached them, his gaze was filled with mixed feelings as he kept his eyes on Pu Taizhuang, who had killed him with a frag grenade. Pu Taizhuang felt uncomfortable and just as he was about to ask what was his problem.

Jiang Xinou frowned as he heard Qin Xuanxuan. He turned around to ask, "Do you guys know each other?"

Qin Xuanxuan blushed as she recalled something. "N... No. I've seen him only once at the start of the semester. He's my junior from the same faculty."

She then gave Liu Zilang a cold stare after she finished speaking.

'Why are you staring at me?'

Liu Zilang could not comprehend her thoughts at all.

However, as he recalled the touch the other day...

He gave a dry cough as he slowly placed his hands in his pockets.

Zhang Qing and Ping Haoyu who were at the back were stunned when they realized it. They stared at each other as both of them felt that Qin Xuanxuan, the female devil, was acting strangely.

Did she just blush?

This is not the time to joke around!

When the two teams of the University of Jianghai trained together, she was the wildest one when it came to driving a vehicle!

The door would be sealed shut the moment she started driving!

Hence, they felt that there was more to it when they realized that Qin Xuanxuan was blushing.

They stared at Liu Zilang suspiciously. Perhaps this junior right in front of their eyes was...

Jiang Xinou who had been asking questions actively was not aware of it since he had always been slow in picking up such cues.

In other words, he was self-centered.

He shifted his gaze back to Pu Taizhuang and then laughed. "Congratulations. Let's fight again next round."

He turned around and left after he finished speaking.

The people who were following Jiang Xinou glanced discreetly at him. As Jiang Xinou went away, they grouped up once more.

Although they listened to his commands during the tournament, they were all still acquaintances from the same university. The reality was totally different from those novels where the lackeys would leave together with their leader.

They did not approach Liu Zilang's team out of respect for Jiang Xinou as they all knew that Jiang Xinou always had a strong desire to win.

They naturally grouped up since Jiang Xinou had left. They were interested in Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit who had played a two-man squad with Li Muqiu the other day.

Some of them had greeted Liu Zilang as well since Liu Zilang's performance during the previous match was much better than Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit.


Everyone was chattering about as they rested after the first match had ended when the results of the first match was released by the eSports Association.

Lord Rong gasped on the commentator's stage as he saw the match's result. "The Fantastic Four is truly the underdog that we had neglected! Not only did they have an overwhelming chicken dinner in the tournament, but they had also killed many people. They had killed 34 players, which is one-third of the total number of players."

Meng Yeqing nodded from one side. "I agree. Vic of the Fantastic Four obtained an overwhelming amount of 23 kills, which is rarely seen in a tournament!"

Students who came to the eSports Association Arena just to watch the tournament cheered as they shifted their gaze toward Liu Zilang's team upon hearing Meng Yeqing's words.

Liu Zilang's classmates cheered "God of War Vic" loudly with pride, filling the eSports Association Arena with energy. Their cheering was so lively that Liu Zilang who was seated in the contestant's seat felt embarrassed about it.

"Let's have a look at the points obtained by the first few squads."

Lord Rong looked at the screen behind him as he continued, "The number one squad is Fantastic Four with a total score of 1010 points. They obtained 510 points from killing other players, which is 10 points more than obtaining a chicken dinner. I must admit that I've never seen anything like this in my whole life as a commentator."

"I agree. The number two squad is the WIC Squad with a total score of 485 points. Since they only killed a total of 8 players, the number of points they earned from kills are lower."

"Coming in third is the Avenger's Alliance, with a total score of 445 points obtained from the first match. As they have killed one more player than the WIC Squad, their current scores are not that far apart."


Then, both Lord Rong and Meng Yeqing went through the top 10 squads' results. Those squads that were not in the top 10 had their results displayed on the huge screen in the eSports Association Arena.

"It looks like the Fantastic Four has left everyone in the dust. The score difference between them and the rest is simply too wide. If they're able to be in the top ten for the remaining matches, I believe they can win by accumulating the points even if they don't kill many players."

"That's right. It's obvious from the current scoreboard that the Fantastic Four is definitely going to be the better squad between the two seeded squads in our University of Jianghai's intercampus tournament. If other squads wish to compete for such a position, they will have to pray that the Fantastic Four will turn into crates in the remaining matches."

The viewers from the Panda live stream burst into laughter upon hearing Meng Yeqing's words.

"Turn into crates? You're not fooling anyone!"

"Exactly! Vic was capable of wiping out an entire squad in the Sosnovka Military Base with just a Kar98K the moment he landed!"

"I always thought that tournaments between high school students were just noobs fighting against each other. I didn't expect that there'd be a great guru such as Vic. What an unexpected surprise!"

"Speaking of which, Improud_whatareyougoingtodoaboutit who played with Guru Qiu previously didn't stand out in the last game. I hope he performs better in the next one."


Then, a bullet screen appeared.

"Master Ze's legion has raided the stream!"

Then, countless bullet screens covered the entire screen in the blink of an eye.