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97 He Did As He Pleased!

 Meanwhile, inside a room located in Jianghai.

Zhang Xiaotong's jaw was half open as she sat in front of her computer. She looked at the countless "God of War Vic" bullet screens flash across her eyes as she felt astonished.

Although she sang most of the time, she would often play the game as well.

It was merely entertainment to her and her viewers.

Naturally, viewers would comment "666" to her as well but they were mostly for these cases.

Died from jumping out of a car.

Died from being in the red zone.

Died while racing against the blue circle.

Being shot dead while crawling on the ground...

Whenever Zhang Xiaotong died, she would exit the game and be greeted by a wall of "666". Although she understood very well that her viewers were merely teasing her, deep down inside, she felt unhappy.

She was just a little girl after all. She wished to perform better so that people would praise her for it.

In order to make up for her lack of talent, Zhang Xiaotong would often play solo alone while she was not streaming.

However, she was still a player who had always ended up as a crate despite pouring in some 200 hours of her time. She would often run away when she encountered another player and the only thing that kept her going was her belief that perseverance would reward her with a chicken dinner.

Hence, her eyes were now wide open. She saw everything through Liu Zilang's perspective as the latter stayed behind alone to oppress three squads with just a sniper rifle...

Perhaps she did not realize it herself but one could see from her gaze that she had started to worship him.


Inside the game, Liu Zilang immediately crouched down and healed himself up after entering the safe zone.

Naturally, he was not aware that his fame rose due to Zhang Xiaotong. After all, there was no notification that would notify him that his fame had increased by 666 due to his sister...

Liu Zilang healed himself to three fourth of his health with a first aid kit and healed himself to full health with an additional pain killer. He then quickly met up with his three team members that were fighting with another squad.

Chen Zhifei and the other two were covering each other in a circle.

They had been sniping and throwing grenades at each other. Miraculously, no one had died from the intense battle and it seemed that they had met a similarly skilled opponent.

They were very close to firing their weapons at him as a person suddenly appeared beside them.

They were shocked as they realized the icon above his head suggested that he was their teammate.

Chen Zhifei's eyes twitched. "What the f*ck! Langzi is still alive!"

Liu Zilang looked rather irritated and did not say a word.

Why would he say that!

They were not to blame for this. This was because when they were racing against the blue circle, they had to evade countless bullets that rained upon them.

They were touched when Liu Zilang told them that he would stay behind to stall the enemies. They had seen him as a sacrifice back then.

They heard gunshots coming from behind the moment they entered the safe zone and they even noticed that Liu Zilang's health points were constantly decreasing. They exchanged fire with one of the squads in front of them when the latter spotted them. They did not have the time to tend to what was behind them at all.

They subconsciously had the mentality that Liu Zilang had sacrificed himself for this battle.

However, not only was this sacrifice still alive, but he had also appeared beside them. It was to be expected to find these people surprised in this situation.

Pu Taizhuang looked behind and asked cautiously, "What happened to the few squads in Mylta?"

As he asked Liu Zilang this question, the latter took out his AWM and landed a headshot at an enemy who was aiming at them while hiding behind a tree.

He pulled the bolt and responded casually upon hearing Pu Taizhuang's question, "They're all dead."

The trio did not say a word.

It was their turn to become speechless.

They had never thought of the possibility that Liu Zilang would lie to them.

After all, there was no need for him to do so.

The take away was the remaining 9 players shown on the upper right corner of their screens. It was the silent proof that Liu Zilang was indeed speaking the truth


Inside the safe zone.

The blue circle had finished shrinking and the next safe zone was at its center.

There were two enemy squads left, one with three players while the other one had two players.

They were shocked as they realized the number of survivors left.

How did it go down to 9 players in the blink of an eye?

Were there not seventeen to eighteen people just a moment ago?

What happened to the players in Mylta?

Since the players that raced against the blue circle from Mylta showed no signs of fighting against each other, this indicated that they were from the same squad.

Perhaps there were only four survivors who managed to leave Mylta and the rest had perished?

How was that possible?

Then, the deep gunshot of an AWM cracked!


It was just like lightning split the sky into half as thunder roared!

All it took was one shot!

A prompt appeared at the bottom left corner of the screen!

"Vic123 knocked out WIC-LaoG by headshot with an AWM!"

The remaining two enemy squads twitched their eyes and started to tremble as they saw the prompt!

This was because Liu Zilang's team had been killing everyone in this match ever since they were inside the Sosnovka Military Base. The ID Vic123 had already been the center of every player's attention in the tournament.

Everyone was thinking of avoiding war and retreating as much as they could in the tournament. However, everyone would naturally be aware of Liu Zilang since Liu Zilang's ID had been constantly appearing in the kill feed.

They were not that worried in the beginning as there were many players.

The game PlayerUknown's Battleground was simply too random. Players would be fine no matter how skilled Liu Zilang was as long as they did not encounter him.

It was entirely possible that he would die when he raced against the blue circle or been bombarded to death inside the red circle.

Furthermore, a wicked person would definitely encounter their own kind someday.

Team One and Team Two of the University of Jianghai's eSports Association were very aggressive in the tournament.

The world was a cruel place as both Team One and Team Two of the University of Jianghai's eSports Association had fallen to the hands of the Fantastic Four.

Yet, they had to face these players in such a small circle...

This had caused the remaining two teams to feel extremely anxious.


Inside the University of Jianghai's eSports Association Arena, on the commentator's stage.

Lord Rong commented as he paid attention to the ongoing match, "The new safe zone has appeared and there are 30 seconds left before the blue circle starts shrinking. The current situation on the battlefield is a 4vs3vs2 where the Fantastic Four has the upper hand!"

Meng Yeqing nodded form one side as she revealed a smile. "That's right. The final circle is in the field north to Mylta. Since the Fantastic Four has two members in ghillie suits, they have the camouflage advantage here."

"In this situation, I think the two squads will have to team up temporarily to fight against the Fantastic Four if they wish to achieve chicken dinner. The Fantastic Four will get an easy chicken dinner in this match if the two-man squad and three-man squad fight each other now."

"Precisely so. Oh, the blue circle has started shrinking and the squads that were outside of the circle have started moving in. WIC squad from the left and the Avenger's Alliance have decided to team up as expected. They have started attacking the Fantastic Four!"

Then, the spectator's view focused on the first person perspective of a man in a ghillie suit who was wielding an AWM.

That man was no other than Liu Zilang.


Liu Zilang had 4 shots left in his AWM.

An assault rifle would be more suitable than a sniper rifle at such a close distance inside the final circle. It was unnecessary to be using a sniper rifle in such a case as the chances of missing a shot would be higher.

Naturally, Liu Zilang was a player who could adapt to any situation.

Hence he had changed the 8x scope on his AWM... to the Red Dot Sight that was on his M16A4.

An AWM with a Red Dot Sight?

The live stream viewers and the crowd were dumbfounded upon seeing this.

Even Lord Rong and Meng Yeqing did not know how to react on the commentator's stage...

It was understandable if he were to switch his weapon...

However, what was his deal in equipping his AWM with a Red Dot Sight?

If PlayerUnknown's Battleground were to have an AWM enthusiast club, the members of the said club would definitely protest and condemn strongly toward Liu Zilang's behavior!

What was he thinking when he paired his AWM with a Red Dot Sight?


Just before he pulled the trigger.



A deep gunshot rang!

Liu Zilang fired a shot with his Red Dot Sight AWM the moment the three-man squad entered the safe zone!

"Vic123 knocked out WIC-Orange by headshot with an AWM!"

The shot had instantly shattered the allied squad's 5vs4 advantage, turning the battle into an equal battle of 4vs4!

Chen Zhifei and the other two's eyes started twitching as they glanced at Liu Zilang's AWM that was equipped with a Red Dot Sight.

They had experienced and seen many things in the match and had started to become insensitive toward Liu Zilang's ridiculous behavior.

'It's just a headshot via an AWM with Red Dot Sight, right?'

'Is this not something extremely basic?'

'Sit down!'

'Everyone sit down!'

Then, intense gunshots rattled.

Countless bullets were exchanged in the compact space!

As the ghillie-suited Liu Zilang fired, he acted rather funnily. He pulled the bolt of his AWM while he jumped around on the grassy field.

However, the two squads, WIC and Avenger's Alliance were not in the mood to laugh at all...

That was because their men were going down one after the other in the blink of an eye.

There was nothing they could do!

Every single person in Liu Zilang's team had Level Three Military Vests. The two squads that had been camping by the grassy field north of Mylta were no match for their equipment.

As the final gunshot was fired, the screen froze.

Winner winner chicken dinner!

On the huge screen, everyone could see the Terminator was no other than Liu Zilang shooting his target.

He did not land a headshot there.

Instead, he had shot his target in the back.

This shot had sent the player flying away since he did not have any armor on him...

The audience was flabbergasted as they saw this...

Everyone understood one thing that day.

When a person was strong enough, he could do whatever he wished if he were to get his hands on an AWM!