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96 One Man Legion Part 2

 "Da da da..."

"Da da da..."

The coverage area of the smoke grenade was not too big. Countless bullets pierced through the white smokescreen as if a flash flood had fallen upon them.

The next instant, he swiftly revealed himself from the smokescreen as his ears twitched!

He opened up his scope!

He aimed with his gun!


Smoke from gunpowder spread across the grassy field as a suppressor-equipped AWM gave off a deep gunshot sound that reverberated!

Then, the glass on the second floor of one of the houses in the outskirts shattered into millions of pieces and a pool of blood could be seen splashing by the window!

"Vic123 knocked out DJ-Dunker by headshot with an AWM!" (TN: from here on knocked out will be used instead of downed and all past mistakes shall be changed retroactively over time.)

Lord Rong who was on the commentator's stage exclaimed, "It's Vic! His teammates are running toward the safe zone, but he stayed behind!"

Meng Yeqing's eyes widened as she covered her mouth in disbelief. "Is he planning to stay behind so that his teammates can live on?"

The crowd inside the eSports association's arena buzzed into a discussion as they watched the game.

"What the f*ck! Is this guy crazy?"

"Cool! Does anyone know which faculty he's from? Why don't I have such a teammate?"

"F*ck! My teammates run faster than anyone else when it comes to racing against the blue circle."

"He's sacrificing himself so that his squad can win! Salute! I'm touched by his sportsmanship!"


Inside the game, someone screamed out of the blue, "Over there! On the right of the second puff of smokescreen!"

Gunfires started going off again!

Countless bullets were fired toward the right side of the smokescreen as if there was a thunderstorm.

It was much more intense than the first wave!

It was much more focused too!

To the point where one could go deaf from it!

Inside the smokescreen, Liu Zilang who was carrying his sniper after firing his shot put his sniper away. He made a prone jump as he moved swiftly to the left with great dexterity.

He had taken only one shot on his Level Three Military Vest and evaded the rest of the bullets that had rained on him.

As Liu Zilang moved to the left, he took out his AWM and crouched down. He swiftly pulled its bolt to unload a bullet shell out of its receiver and reloaded it with magnum ammo!

Then, on the left side of the smokescreen.

A figure swiftly appeared again!

The moment he looked through his scope, the 8x scope was already aiming dead center on a person's head who was located inside Mylta!


It was another gunshot!

"Vic123 knocked out MenWhoResemblesTheWind by headshot with an AWM!"

Then, Liu Zilang kept changing his position as he pulled the bolt of his AWM within the smokescreen.

A familiar deep gunshot rang as soon as he placed the sniper rifle by his shoulder and revealed himself...

He was like a grim reaper collecting crops as the players inside Mylta were headshotted one after another!




While the squads within the safe zone fired at Chen Zhifei and the rest who were racing against the blue circle, the gunshots from Mylta gradually toned down.

The crowd and the viewers of the live stream widened their eyes as if they had witnessed something that was deemed impossible!

Truthfully, what transpired right before their eyes was rather unbelievable!

The man who was hiding within the smokescreen had managed to oppress three squads in Mylta with just a sniper rifle alone!

He achieved something incredible alone. He was truly a one-man legion!

One could not help but feel shivers going down their spine as they thought of such a scene!

On the commentator's stage, Lord Rong was extremely excited as he saw everything. "Oh my god! The Fantastic Four... No! Vic! He managed to oppress three squads with just an AWM! I wouldn't believe that an AWM could have been so powerful, had I not seen it with my very eyes!"

"That's right. I feel like I'm dreaming right now." Meng Yeqing smiled wryly on the commentator's stage. "I thought Vic was planning to sacrifice himself by buying enough time for his teammates to enter the safe zone. Yet, it was the three squads in Mylta that were all losing their men instead. The three squads are busy reviving their teammates at the moment and dare not reveal themselves."

"Hold up! The blue circle is shrinking away from Mylta! Is Vic not taking this opportunity to leave?" Lord Rong looked confused as he watched the game.

As Lord Rong finished speaking, Liu Zilang who was in a ghillie suit took the opportunity, where everyone had seized their fire, to crawl down and heal himself up to full health with a med kit. He then finished a can energy drink to heal himself further before throwing two smoke grenades to the side.

He swiftly moved into the two puffs of smokescreen before the ones around him dispersed into nothingness.

He then stood inside the smokescreen silently as he watched the blue circle close in on him. He was behaving exactly like a merciless killer!

Lord Rong exclaimed as he realized the situation, "Oh my god! Vic isn't planning to leave yet! He's trying to snipe all the squads in Mylta to death!"

The crowd and the viewers in the live stream were astonished upon hearing Lord Rong's words.

That was very cruel of him!

At the same time, how arrogant could he be?

Then, the crowd stared blankly at the prompts that appeared at the bottom left of the screen.

"Vic123 knocked out DJ-USB by headshot with an AWM!"

"Vic123 knocked out ThisGenerationsChickenKing with an M16A4!"

"ManWhoResemblesTheWind has died outside of the Playzone!"


The squads in Mylta were sandwiched in between the blue circle and Liu Zilang. Ultimately, none of them survived!


The crowd took a deep breath as they watched!

"Amazing! He's invincible! He's the God of War!" Lord Rong did not hold back as he praised.

However, he started to worry as he looked at the safe zone. "The blue circle has gone pass Vic and he has not much health points left. I wonder if he can get out of this situation."

Meng Yeqing watched from one side. "Vic has used another pain killer and a med kit to heal himself to full health! He's started running toward the safe zone!"

One could see a player in a ghillie suit carrying both weapons on his back through the spectator's view. He was sprinting as fast as he could on the grassy field behind Mylta.

His health points were constantly dropping and it was a race against death!

His health points soon dropped below half of its maximum amount.

Liu Zilang immediately crouched down and pulled out a first aid kit before sprinting off again!

He did this repetitively along the way toward the safe zone.

He had stopped a total of three times as he used three first aid kits!

Liu Zilang who had lost half of his health points did not stop this time when the safe zone was just ahead of him. Instead, he continued sprinting as he rushed toward the safe zone.

The distance gradually became shorter!

His health points were getting lower and lower!

The crowd and the viewers from the live stream paid attention to his every action!

"Will he be able to make it?"

Lord Rong took a deep breath as he unconsciously raised his voice.

Then he jumped!

He took a leap of faith!

The figure in the middle of the air...

Then, everyone's eyes widened as they watched tentatively!

"Oh my god! He's made it!"

On the commentator's stage, Lord Rong screamed. "Vic has made it! He's alive! Vic! God of War Vic!"

The eSports Association Arena was sent into an uproar!

Inside Liu Zilang's live stream in Douyu and in the Panda platform's screen, the bullet screens were filled with countless "666" comments.

Then, a stranger posted the word "God of War Vic!"

Only then did the situation of the bullet screens shift!

All of a sudden, the phrase "God of War Vic!" swarmed across the bullet screens from one end to the other similar to a flash flood!