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95 One Man Legion! Part 1

 The blue circle had started shrinking as Liu Zilang's team wiped out the squad inside the building. They did not even have the time to loot the crates.

The safe zone was in the northern region of Mylta. This meant that the building, the restaurant's entrance, and the airdrop in the middle of the road were not within the safe zone.

Liu Zilang looked to the north, guessing that the players in the houses beside the road had run away from the blue circle and no one had set their eyes on the airdrop.

Hence, he rushed toward the window and jumped out of the second floor. He landed directly on the road and then sprinted toward the airdrop.

Despite anticipating that no one was no longer around, Liu Zilang moved irregularly nearby the airdrop as he opened it.

He wanted to avoid players that refused to leave from shooting him in the head while he was looting the airdrop...

The loot inside the airdrop was without a doubt worth the risk. There was a ghillie suit, adrenaline syringes, and even a cyan AWM!

Lord Rong and Meng Yeqing were slightly surprised on the commentator's stage.

"Woah! Nice one! Who would've thought that the airdrop was so loaded! If a squad is able to get their hands on the legendary AWM in the qualifier finals, it's very likely that they're on their way to the finals."

"Hehe, that's right. In PlayerUnknown's Battleground, there's no problem that the AWM can't solve with a shot. If there's such a problem, two shots are all it needs. We can see that the blue circle has shrunk to the north and among the four squads in Mylta, the Fantastic Four is the only one that has yet to enter the safe zone."

"The three squads are currently in a situation where they've all occupied a spot near the outskirts north of Mylta. They are positioned so that it would be convenient for them to leave the city when the next safe zone refreshes outside of the city. Frankly speaking, it's going to be very tough for them to leave the city if that were to happen. Especially since everyone is on the same wavelength."

"And yet this is the reality. There are currently 19 players alive, and Mylta alone is housing four squads at the moment. All squads are a few men down except for the Fantastic Four. There are two squads currently in the field and on the north hill of Mylta. Everything will be decided when the next safe zone is refreshed. If the next safe zone is inside the city, then every player who wishes to enter the city will definitely be attacked by those four squads in the city."

"That's right, but I feel like the situation will become more intense if the safe zone refreshes outside of the city. This is because not only will they be attacked by the two squads in front of them, but they will also have to avoid being ambushed by the three squads from behind them as well. This is why we have a saying that it's easy to enter a city but difficult to leave it."


Liu Zilang and his squad had finished looting the items as the two analyzed the entire situation.

They had sustained some damage while they were outside of the blue circle, but they quickly healed themselves after reaching the safe zone.

Liu Zilang's squad who had wiped out five to six teams since the match had started were extremely stacked compared to the other squads. They were not able to finish using their energy drinks, pain killers, first aid kit, and the lots.

If the next safe zone were located inside the city, they would definitely be getting chicken dinner even if they were to hide inside a house and heal themselves endlessly as the last circle refreshed.

The blue circle soon finished shrinking.

The next safe zone swiftly appeared.

It was outside of Mylta.

It was at the furthest point of the circle for them!

"F*cking hell. which unlucky b*stard did not wash his face this morning?" (TN: There's a Chinese expression that states that a person would be unlucky if they do not wash their face.) Chen Zhifei complained.

As he finished speaking, everyone turned their heads toward Pu Taizhuang.

This was because Pu Taizhuang loved overextending his sleep. Since his hairstyle was extremely short and did not require much maintenance, he would often carry his books and go to class the moment he woke up.

"Stop pushing the blame. What does this have to do with me?" Pu Taizhuang was straightforward. "You guys should think of a way to leave the city."

Then, everyone started to be more serious.

This was due to the fact that they heard footsteps in about two to three houses the moment they entered the safe zone.

They had avoided the rest temporarily as they were not in optimal condition when they reached the safe zone.

However, these few squads would definitely become their greatest obstacle when they leave the city to race against the blue circle.

These few squads were aware of each others' existence and all of them understood what kind of situation they were currently in.

As the next safe zone appeared, a squad wanted to take the opportunity to leave Mylta one step ahead before them without being detected.


However, reality had soon proven that they had been overthinking all this while.

The squads in the city stared outside as the three-man squad soon lost a team member when they stepped into the grassy field.

In the grassy field where not a single piece of cover could be found, the remaining two players had no choice but to sacrifice one of their kind and return inside the city to wait it out.

Lord Rong and Meng Yeqing who were on the commentator's stage in the eSports association arena laughed as they witnessed what had just happened.

"Looks like this squad is a little bit too naive. Perhaps it's better to say that they were too optimistic."

"Yes. Would it be better for them to leave when they race against the blue circle? No one would have the time to pay attention to each other when that happens..."

"Hmmm... Perhaps it would be better that way but not by a huge margin. This is because, when those squads enter the safe zone, they will have to fight against each other in such close proximity. As long as a player fails to hold his urge in and fires at the others while they are running toward the safe zone, the other squads will definitely return the favor as well. It's a very common occurrence in the final stages of the PlayerUnknown's Battleground where everyone decides to not race against the blue circle."

"I didn't take that into consideration at all. If so, then the squads that are in Mylta are in a stalemate. Whoever reveals themselves first will be punished and it's impossible for anyone to get a head start."

As Meng Yeqing had just finished speaking.

Inside the game at the northern region of Mylta, smoke grenades were constantly being tossed out into the field from one of the houses.

There was one!



Three smoke grenades were thrown in a line orderly.

As they landed on the grassy field, they screeched and started releasing a large cloud of white smoke.

A region of the grassy field was soon covered in white smoke.

Lord Rong and Meng Yeqing looked at each other in shock as they saw what was happening.

Then, Meng Yeqing covered her mouth as she watched the game. "It's the Fantastic Four!"

"Are they relying on the smoke to race against the blue circle?" Lord Rong frowned as he asked suspiciously. "But the clouds of smoke will reveal their location and direction. Everyone will focus their fire toward this area when they start running. I don't think this is logical at all."

He continued, "Judging from the Fantastic Four's performance thus far, their leader should know very well of this. That's weird! This is really weird.

Then, the entire squad of four people rushed out of the house in the northern outskirts and headed into the smoke.

Then, the entire area was filled with gunshots!