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94 Discuss the Multi-functionality of Frag Grenades!

 Looking at the disastrous state of 'The Wild Ones' behind them, Liu Zilang and his friends' eyes twitched.

The two-story Duplex by the side of the road was especially concerning. When they started firing just now, Liu Zilang and company could clearly see that combining the people shooting from both floors, there was at least a total of five people shooting.

In other words, that building had at least two squads!

'What the hell?

'Was this PlayerUnknown's Roommate Grounds?'

Seeing such a sight, Chen Zhifei could not help but exclaim, "Tsk tsk, for two teams to camp peacefully under the same roof, what a loving big family!"

Just as he finished his sentence, gunshots could once again be heard from that building.

The gang glanced each other in the eye as Ran Maotong softly guessed, "Was that... infighting?"

Hearing Ran Maotong's words, Liu Zilang only chuckled and did not utter a single word.

In reality, he had already vaguely guessed what had happened.

At the start, that house was most likely inside the Safe Zone. The squad upstairs and the squad downstairs had held their ground for a long time, not wanting to risk getting their numbers reduced. Hence, in the interest of both sides, they temporarily became "roommates" in that building, both minding their own businesses.

However, now that the next Safe Zone had been revealed to be at the northern part of Mylta, their building that was south of the road was not inside the circle.

When the time came, both sides were not fond of leaving their backs open to each other as they started to run from the circle.

Hence, the only rational option was to start dealing with the other squad first.

Thinking of this, Liu Zilang could not help but get pumped. Opening his mouth, he said, "Let's go, we're going over for a while. Let's help them resolve their friendly dispute, shall we?"

Listening to Liu Zilang's words, the three were initially surprised. However, they all started chuckling devilishly in unison.


In the two-story building south of the road, since both squads had suffered casualties after a heated battle, hence they had a temporary ceasefire to revive their fallen squad mates.

Seeing that there were only 30 seconds left until the circle closed in, one of the members of the squad downstairs could not resist but shout out loud, "Hey, bros on top, let's negotiate! There are still so many people left, we don't need to duke it out to our deaths over here! How about we meet again in the final circle?"

In reality, the squad upstairs was also not too fond of fighting, they would have the shorter end of the stick when running from the circle anyway. The stairway was being camped. If they jumped out of the building, they would still have to sit through the falling animation. By the time they recover they might have already turned into minced meat.

The only thing they could do in their position was to drag someone down with them, they did have the high ground after all.

However, as long as they were still sane, there was no way they would want to give up their chances just to drag someone down with them.

Deliberating this point, once the squad upstairs heard the offer from the squad downstairs, they swiftly replied, "Alright! Looks like we're on the same page here."

"Then it's settled, when the time comes, you guys take the left and we'll take the right. We'll start moving into the next circle behind cover, see you in the final circle."

"No problem! I knew you brothers were rational people!"

As the squad downstairs listened to their reply, they were ecstatic, their representative continued, "Then I'll wish you guys all the best, may the best squad get Chicken Dinner."

"May the best squad get Chicken Dinner!" The representative from the squad upstairs also replied.

Hence, with the two sides in agreement, they bade each other good luck. It was such a heartwarming scene to behold!

However, at that time, a "Bam" sound was suddenly heard!

The window on the second floor suddenly shattered?

'What's happening?

'Did a bear cub break the glass?'

The squad member who just managed to revive his teammate was startled.

A brief moment later, they finally realized that a Frag Grenade had flown in through the window earlier and had been rolling for quite some distance toward them. At that moment, the four players' minds collectively got fried!

At that point in time, the squad member that just got revived was still crouched on the floor, busy injecting a syringe of medicine into his wrist.

Seeing the incoming grenade rolling toward him, he was completely stunned motionless!

Following that, a loud boom could be heard!

Just as the person finished administering his medicine, he was instantly blown up once more.

At that moment, he dropped dead to the ground. He was so flustered that he did not even bother checking the kill feed. Kneeling on the ground, he shouted out in rage, "F*ck! This group of bloody scammers!"

"You dare to scam us? Motherf*cker! Kill those sons of b*tches!" Another squad member shouted, "Even if I don't get to eat my chicken dinner today, I'll bloody make sure they don't even get to see chicken feathers!"

On the other hand, just as the other squad had started to make their preparations to leave, they were surprised by a loud boom they heard coming from the second floor.

'What's going on this time?'

After briefly idling for a moment, a Frag Grenade bounced down from the stairway as two players armed with rifles ran down and sprayed madly at them.

"F*ck you! You bunch of filthy traitors!" The squad members below shouted in frustration.

One of them angrily said, "We're just f*cking giving you a chance, don't think for a second that we're afraid of you! F*ck! Kill these bastards!"

In an instant, the building was filled with the symphony of gunshots once more!

From the sounds of it, the battle this time was much more heated up than the battle that occurred earlier. It seemed like they were only just testing the waters last time!

This time, they were going all-out!


On the other hand, behind a short wall a short distance away from the two-story building, Liu Zilang and company were laughing their hearts out at the interactions and the mutual trash-talking that was exchanged between the two squads!

In the commentary booth, the two commentators were both speechless.

However, due to Lord Rong's plentiful experiences, just based on the movements of the two sides, he quickly deduced the role of the Frag Grenade that Liu Zilang had tossed over.

It was a perfect 'discord nade'!

Thinking about it, Lord Rong unconsciously took a deep breath as he said coldly, "This Fantastic Four, they're truly... truly... well-versed in their stratagems!"

As he said the last four words, Lord Rong's tone of voice gave away the fact that he obviously had something else to say.

Maybe the words he was looking for were "as sly as a fox"!

Meng Yeqing smiled wryly as she heard his words. "Once two peaches killed three at odds, now we have one nade two squads. Looks like strategies are quite important in PUBG!"


In the game, Liu Zilang and company who had made their way outside of the building waited for the gunfire to die down. By the time that happened, it was most likely that the two sides had already suffered major casualties and were healing up.

Liu Zilang laughed maliciously as he said, "Let's go, it's our turn now!"

The next moment, the four had their rifles and shotguns ready as they split up. They stormed the building from the front and side entrance.

"Bam bam!"


Seeing the four players storm in like a pack of hungry wolves, the squads inside the building who were all busy taking meds were taken by surprise.

With the flick of a finger, both squads were completely wiped off the face of the map.

When they were clearing out the building, one of the players who was healing by the balcony felt that something was off. Hence, he canceled his healing and jumped out of the window in an attempt to escape.

However, Liu Zilang nonchalantly walked up to the balcony and set up his M24. After that, he just stood there idly, as if he was hesitating about something.

As the escaping player just managed to hide behind cover, Liu Zilang finally pulled the trigger.


Blood sprayed out from that player's hips. He staggered a few steps before dropping to the ground, turning into a box...

Liu Zilang turned back and then told his squad, "The box downstairs has Level-three armor in it. I aimed for his *rse, so the armor should be unscathed. Somebody go check."

The three were utterly speechless.

Although they were partners-in-crime and active participants in the scheme, they still felt that Liu Zilang had just reached unthinkable levels of brutality!

'However, it does feel quite good...'

Thinking about the successful raid, the three started chuckling once more.


At that point in time, Liu Zilang's Douyu livestream channel was being flooded with messages, causing the chat to scroll at extreme speeds.

With Zhang Xiaotong's 'continuous hosting', a lot of viewers who had the habit of regularly watching Zhang Xiaotong streams in the afternoon were all surprised when they found out that Zhang Xiaotong was watching a PUBG competition stream.

As they started to watch the stream with Zhang Xiaotong, a lot of them started to get hooked...

"GG! I think I understand now!"

"What a Tactical Master, followed!"

"Hey, mister streamer! How do I become as good as you at the game!"

"Wait a minute, isn't this that Vic who carried Xiaotong-chan last time? He feels like a whole different person!"

"You're right, last time Vic gave me the impression that he was some sort of amazingly strong individual, but this time why does he feel a bit..."

"A bit scummy!"

"Exactly! That's exactly the vibe I'm getting"


However, at that point in time, Zhang Xiaotong was looking at the various kinds of stunts Liu Zilang was pulling off in the competition. Her face showed a completely surprised expression as she sat in front of her computer wide-eyed.

It looked like she was saying..."I didn't think you were this kind of person, onii-chan!"

...This is a direct reference to the 33rd of the 36 Strategems of Ancient China, which is to "Let the enemy's own spy sow discord in the enemy camp".The first line was referencing one of the stories in the Annals of Master Yan(Yanzi Chunqiu) called "Two peaches killed three men"(). It told the story of how three generals met their demise because they could not equally share two peaches. The story is used to mean using schemes to let the enemies destroy themselves.